Top 5 Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviewed

Hello, my name is Kerrie Mccune and I welcome you to SpyEngage, a website which bestows the Best Cell Phone Spy Reviews. This website will traverse you through multiple par excellence and best spy apps to help you better understand all their mandatory features and objectives in detail. So just keep scrolling down to learn more about the true effectiveness of these spy software that will certainly aid you to rightly monitor your children, spouse and employees.

As previously I wanted to keep a check on my children and hence being a tech freak is how I got involved with these cell phone monitoring programs. Since then I have been testing several monitoring applications and hence concluded the various spy apps in different categorical manner, which I believe must prove helpful to all my readers.

Therefore to start with the reviewing details of these cell phone spy apps, All I suggest you is to analyze your core needs and requirements of monitoring your target user. Depending upon your essentials you will be able to help circlet a best application for yourself within the marked economic measures.

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Spy Software 2020

The data below for the spy software is categorised under the following parameters like the monitoring features, software performance, customer support, program credibility and extent of validity periods in addition to their price listing.

Things Majorly Computed Common For All Spy Applications

1.Untraceable and Hidden – The spy applications are undetectable and works entirely in the concealed manner. This means that the applications when installed in the cell phone of the target user will have no idea of being monitored. The application is executed in the background thus providing no spying evidence. Despite the installation of the software on the mobile phone there will be no icon showing up on the home screen of the target’s phone.

2. Perform Rooting On Android Devices – For all the Android devices, you will have to carry out a process called rooting which is compulsory in order to use the advanced features of the spy app.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is an incomplex process that needs to be performed on the Android devices [Mobile phones, Tablet, Phablet] to liberate it from all the constraints set by the mobile company or manufacturer. Once the device is rooted thereafter you allow the device to install and have an access for all the third party applications such as games, monitoring or spying programs and many more.

3. Perform Jailbreak On Apple Products – Like Android the iDevices like iPhone, iPad, iPod needs to undergo the jailbreak process. However for Android the rooting is required only if you need to access the advanced spying features such as WhatsApp, Facebook chats etc., but for apple products it is mandatory to jailbreak the device to have installed any kind of third party application like the spying apps etc..

Please note that there are few spying programs that offer without Jailbreak applications as well which are little different from these installing spy software. We will later discuss about these programs.

4. Physical Access Is Mandatory – No matter whichever spy software you choose to monitor the red marked user, it is compulsory to get your hands on his/her cell phone. Without grabbing their cell phone you will not be able to install the software onto it. Beware of the applications who claims – ‘NO Physical Access Required!’ Apart from the without jailbreak app, you would be required to have the phone in your hands for couple of minutes to make the spy software into action by downloading and installing the monitoring software on it.

5. Require Network Connection – The strong internet network either through WiFi or mobile data on both the ends is of utmost importance. Ensure the good internet connectivity in order to rightly keep receiving the monitored person’s entire information into your respective spy software’s online account. Also to read the stored information you require to activate the data network in the device that you are operating i.e. Desktop or mobile phone. Similarly the internet should be turned on onto the target user’s Android or Apple device to help uploading the information onto the spy servers.

#1 – mSpy(Ideal Parental Control Software for iPhone and Android Devices)

mspy homemSpy is an acclaimed spy software accommodated with the parental control features. It enables its valuable clients to get benefitted with the best monitoring solutions for the computer and mobile technology. This app simply lets you have the knowledge of your child’s online social groups by looking over their WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Facebook email etc.. However, the fundamental features are no different and it majorly remains the same for most of the top spy apps where the advanced aspects is what makes the difference in the specific spy program.

Hence, mSpy can very well locate the vicinities through the GPS locator, restrict the boundaries or routes with the geofencing feature, block the apps, view the stored media content in the phone gallery, check the phonebook details along with the notes, calendar details and many more monitoring traits can be carried out in a snap of a minute. It is congenial with all the popular smartphone brands like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, iPhone, Blackberry, Sony etc. that runs on the Android and iOS platform.

Learn more about its spying characteristics sectioned below to rightly and smartly control your children especially teenagers.

Spying Aspects

1. Limit The Channel-Surfing, Applications and Incoming Calls – The website hopping of their interest or what they love is one of the favorite pass time for all the teenagers. And in the course of doing this activity they land into the age inappropriate websites or gaming applications. So simply observe the URL and mark it in the blocked list.

Along with this you can also bar the incoming calls from the unwanted numbers or the ones that you think are unconsciously harming your child. Although you cannot completely confine your children from doing all these things but still keep the things under correct limits.

2. Proficient Keylogger – This is an amazing feature that supports you in reading their text messages done from the various instant messaging applications that aren’t compatible with mSpy. As it lets you read each and every key typed from the keyboard therefore you can get your hands on their passwords and personal email and text conversations. It is available only with Android devices.

3. Wi-Fi Networks Aid In Knowing The Accurate Locations – Yes, the list of connected WiFi networks supported with the specific coordinates lets you uncover the exact location of the target user.

4. Computer Monitoring – In addition to the monitoring of the mobile phone mSpy lets you scan the desktop of the target user as well. This feature is useful for employee monitoring especially in the IT [Information Technology] domain. Following are the features that are corroborated in this spy version.

  • User Activity – To check the user’s session logged time.
  • Keylogger – Despite the deletion of the text messages etc., keylogger reveals each and every keystroke of the target user.
  • Keylogger word search – All the phrases and words can be known to you.
  • Screenshots – The screenshot of the desktop can be taken so that you can have a precise overview of the target’s worklist.
  • Web Mailer – All mails opened in different browsers like firefox, Internet explorer, Safari and Google chrome can easily be read by you.
  • Application use – Keep an eye on the frequently and most used applications by the target user.
  • Installed Applications – Check the Installed Applications.
  • Automatic Software Updates – mSpy offers you free updates to help you serve better.

Apart from these features many more are in there in the store that will soon be introduced.

  • 24/7 E-Mail & Chat Support
  • Web searches monitoring
  • Copy/Paste tracker
  • Keyword search
  • Browser History & Bookmarks

5. Best Customer Support – mSpy provides the incomparable customer support service to their clients at anytime and anywhere. It serves their customers in multiple ways – Helpline numbers, Live chats, Skype and Support via emails. They even render the in-person support for installing the software on the target user’s device.

6. mSpy Without Jailbreak: As aforementioned, it is one of the spy program that needs no downloading or installation of the software on the red marked person’s Apple product. It is a best deal for the ones who are petrified to make any kind of changes to their iPhone. And if jailbreaking an iPhone is what you are afraid of and yet wants to monitor your iPhone user then you should simply choose mSpy without jailbreak program.

To get started with this all you need is the iCloud login details of the target user i.e. Apple ID [username and password]. Just when you will enter the login details in the required field thereafter within couple of minutes you can view their entire iMessages, WhatsApp conversations done in groups or individually and text conversations. The saved notes, phone call logs and much more can be inspected by you through their iCloud account. The spy reports will be displayed on your authorized web based control panel.

How To Use mSpy?

Primarily, you need to clutch the target user’s smartphone into your hands. Then quickly download and install the software by following the listed instructions carefully. Now, after performing the prerequisites you will be popped with the successfully installed message on the target’s cell phone. Simply login with the provided details to the control panel and you will be able to view the reports in sometime. It takes few minutes to get the information uploaded on the spy server. So stay patient to view the monitoring logs.

Available under two categories, mSpy has got umpteen spying features in comparison to the mSpy without jailbreak. Hence it is advisable to first analyse your monitoring needs and then select the best subscription package for yourself.

It is available for mobile and desktop version in three packages which are Basic, Premium, and Family kit. These packages are divided from the monthly to annual subscriptions which starts from $29.99 to $199.99.

#2 – FlexiSPY(Pro Spy Software for Apple Products – iPhone and iPad)

flexispy homeFlexiSPY is an aced spy product that provides the most advanced and cutting edge monitoring features to its users. This surveillance software is compatible across all the popular platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry etc.. FlexiSPY is very user friendly along with its unique and promising spying aspects. The installation process of the software is also quick and quiet simple to implement. It provides complete customer support to all the amateurs. The call recording and listening feature is one of the component that is genuinely available with FlexiSPY.

After thorough software testing I found this application to be very competent in performing its monitoring aspects. The software is apt to track the target user’s SMS or text messages, iMessages, emails, phone call records, web browser history, phone’s gallery(photos, videos). The tracking of famous fourteen chat messenger apps for example WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, BBM, Google Hangouts and many more is another feature that is provided by this spy software.

Spying Aspects

Other than the common features described above this spyware is reinforced with the following features that rightly defines it unconventional from all the other spy programs. However the spy elements are bifurcated into two versions which are as follows

FlexiSpy Premium Version and FlexiSpy Extreme Version

The premium version includes the fundamental features like tracking of call logs, text messages, phone gallery etc. Whereas the Extreme version includes the spy elements that are specified under.

1. Phone Recording Features – It is comprised of many different call recording features which are mentioned as below.

  • a) Phone Call Listening And Recording – The call intercept feature empowers you to surreptitiously listen to the live calls of the target user. Beyond the call intercept feature it also permits you to record the call of the target user for your later reference. This feature proves to be very beneficial in a scenario when one cannot listen to the calls in the real time.
  • b) Ambient Recording and listening – Unlike the live call listening and recording feature this feature lets you tap the surroundings of the red marked person with the aid of the microphone set in the mobile phone of the target user.

2. Get To Know Their Passwords – If you feel that your children are too protective for their smartphones and have also set the password lock for various IM applications then this aspect called password cracker will allow you to reveal their secret codes to you in no time. It is imperative to know your child’s social circle and with whom your children are talking and chatting all day long.

3. Track Their Whereabouts – With this feature you can easily snap your target user at any time and anywhere. Along with having the knowledge of their GPS locations you can also restrict the places or set boundaries which you feel shouldn’t be visited by your target user through a feature called Geo Fencing. You will be notified through an email or SMS whenever the target user is approaching towards the area marked by you.

4. Remotely Customise The Phone Settings – You can either unlock or lock the phone remotely through the online control panel. The target user’s smartphone settings can easily be modified by you without touching his/her cell phone.

5. Restrict The Cell Phone Settings – Put down the alerts and keywords for all the undesirable or unwelcomed text messages, calls or emails received by your target user. All you require to do is set an SMS alert or an email alert, which will simply notify you when the circled person will try to communicate with the person that is registered in the blocked list by you.

6. Keylogger – Keep track of each and everything that the target person is doing on his/her mobile phone. The login details and passwords to various apps can be known to you. The keylogger is a feature that lets you trace whatever they are typing on the keyboard. Yes, their every keystroke can be known to you.

7. Impede Them From Objectionable Content – There are numerous apps present in the Android and Apple app store which are inappropriate to be viewed by your children. Watch over the installed apps or games on their smartphones. To refrain them from viewing the obscene content you can remotely uninstall the apps from their cell phones.

How To Use FlexiSPY?

After gathering all the information with regards to the software functions, I’m sure now you would be keen to know its functionality. So to start with FlexiSPY primarily you need to install it onto the target user’s smartphone. Thereafter you must follow the instructions and perform the changes to render the execution of the application. Within few minutes the reports will be uploaded to the spy server.

And to view the detailed reports of the target person you will have to login your FlexiSPY account with the provided details like username and password. Please remember that to use it on the iDevices [iPad, iPhone, iPod], the device must be jailbroken. However for Android if you have opt for extreme version then you need to perform the rooting process else for Premium version you needn’t root the device.

You can possess the FlexiSPY Premium version in $68 – $149 and the FlexiSPY Extreme version in $199 – $349. The validity period is varied.

#3 – Highster Mobile(One Time Fee Only)

highster homeHighster Mobile Pro Edition is just an optimum possession for all those whose target user’s are Android smartphone users. Although it supports the Apple products as well i.e. iPhone or iPad but it claims to be effectuate for Android platform.

One positive point of using the spy apps on Android devices is that the rooting process can be surpassed if the core monitoring requirement is just for the basic features like tracking the text messages, checking the phone call logs, tracing the GPS locations etc..

Therefore these elementary characteristics can be exercised without complying any extra procedure. However as described previously that to monitor the instant messenger or social networking applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line etc. then rooting the device becomes an obligation. Hence first root the device and thereafter install the spy app onto it.

Let’s flick through its profuse features which are majorly required and have proved to be useful for the parents who intent to spy their children and employers who wish to monitor their employees or mobile workforce.

Spying Aspects

The pro edition of the Highster Mobile is procured of all the necessary aspects that helps in grabbing the entire mobile information of the target user. In point of fact the kids of 21st century easily gets swayed for uploading their obscene photographs and display pictures[DPs] or entangling themselves into the alcohol and drug abuse is another common practice to prove themselves cool and faddish.

So scroll down to learn about the features that will aid you in knowing their secret texts/ SMS, phone call records, photos and many more facts and figures by logging your online Highster Mobile spy account.

1. Scan Their Text Messages – You can monitor their complete text messages or SMS. The text threads that are sent, received and even deleted can be read by you at anytime and anywhere with the aid of an accessible internet connection.

2. Check Their Phone Call Records And Multimedia Folder – Stop worrying and assuming about the phone calls that are being received by the red marked person. Just see all their incoming and outgoing call logs along with the specified date and time details. Also the saved pictures or photos can be checked by you as it all gets uploaded on your authorized online account.

3. Flip Through Their Social Messengers – Check out the popular chat messengers like WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, BBM, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and Emails. This feature is especially essential for the parents of teens to keep an eye over their children’s Instant messaging applications and mailbox.

4. Locate Their Real-time GPS Locations – Tracing the footsteps of the monitored person was never this easy. You needn’t follow them in person, simply discover the whereabouts of your target user in the google maps to have the knowledge of their real time locations.

5. Behold Through Their Mobile Camera: Apart from viewing their photos and videos stored in the gallery, you can also get the pictures of your target user along with their surroundings. To get activated with this unique feature you need to click on the option mentioned in the control panel. Thereafter you will be entitled to have the pictures in your spy account which will covertly be snapped through the smartphones camera.

6. Perceive Web Browser History, Contacts And Calendar
– Be watchful for what your kids are surfing on the internet. Check the frequently visited websites and block if needed. Keep an eye on their phone contacts and other adhered information with it. Review the calendar entries marked by the monitored user.

7. Additional Monitoring Essentials – Blocking of multifarious applications, Setting an alerts for notifications of restricted areas etc., check the installed apps. Remotely control the target user’s mobile phone.

How To Use Highster Mobile?

More or less the processes to download and install the software is almost similar. There has been tremendous improvement in the operational elements of this spy software. Like FlexiSPY this spyware first needs to be planted on the target user’s smartphone and thereafter following the indicated guidelines you will be ready to use the software for your required monitoring purpose.

Lifetime licence is one of the best component catered by Highster mobile to their esteemed clients. Unlike other spy apps that are available for different subscription packages and validity periods, this app has set an economical price range as compared to other spy apps.

It carries just one price tag which is for $69 and is compatible with both the Android and iPhone users and doesn’t have any concealed or extra charges. Therefore it is an apt app to let your kids stay away from any kind of vulnerable situations.

#4 – MobiStealth(Extensive Spy App For Cell Phones and Computers)

mobistealth homeMobistealth is an adequate spy software for child monitoring and employee monitoring. It is compatible with all the leading mobile brands that upholds the Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian operating systems. Veritably all the prominent spywares assist the Android and iOS, but Symbian OS [Operating System] that supports Nokia smartphones has been neglected by many hence MobiStealth spy software has very well taken it into consideration.

So all the Nokia users can now avail this extended benefit by this app. And besides the cell phone monitoring software it is an essential spy app that backs the desktop editions as well. Unlike other software this doesn’t have the whopping price range, therefore it is affordable by all the users who have fixed their economic measures for monitoring purposes. Let's elaborate the fostered monitoring aspects of this spy software.

Flipping through their text messages and perusing their other communication channels like phone call records, WhatsApp chats, Facebook chats, emails etc.. can be accomplished with it. Apart from this you can be well versed with their stored multimedia content such as pictures, selfies, phone book contacts, calendar markings, reminders and many more components.

Spying Aspects

Check for the list of spying elements that are accommodated with this spyware that acts as a finest and true informant for all the parents and employers.

1. Monitor Instant Chat Messengers – However the list is not that long if compared with the mSPy and FlexiSPY, yet it can snap the widely used Instant Messengers [IM] by every individual. Here is the list of the chat applications that can easily be read by you.

Chat Logging of Blackberry messenger, WhatsApp messenger, Yahoo chat messenger, Skype chat messenger, MSN chat messenger.

2. Uncover Their GPS locations – With the help of two different techniques the whereabouts of your loved ones, spouse, children, mobile workforce or field workers can be revealed to you. The first way is locating through the location tracking with GPS and the other manner is the location tracking without GPS. Hence you can accurately blot the target’s locations through an online map that gets displayed on your dashboard at the regular interval of 8 minutes.

As it is mandatory to turn on the GPS location tracker button on their respective smartphones hence the other option is feasible when you find that the target has turned off the location button. The without GPS feature works with the help of the signals received from the satellite towers or through the open wifi networks. The location coordinates gets displayed on the map displayed on the dashboard.

3. Scan Their Emails – The emails done, received or deleted through the MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail and GMail Logging can be tracked by you at anytime and anywhere. Additionally you can view the complete Yahoo and MSN chat threads, Keystroke logging and screen shots, Skype Chat and entire web history of the target user.

4. Watchdog iPhone Users – To excavate the data and information of any iDevice primarily you need to jailbreak the device. And then install the software onto it to get the complete information of their mobile activities.

5. Protect The Phone’s Data – This aspect is known the phone wiping which helps the personal information and identity to be kept safe in case the cell phone gets lost somewhere and hence the information cannot be infiltrated by anyone.

6. SIM Change Notification – Just in case the target user changes his/her SIM then the notification for the same will be send to you through the registered mail ID or registered number via SMS.

How To Use MobiStealth?

It is an user friendly application that gets installed on the target’s smartphone and thereafter it competently starts fetching the required information into your web control panel’s account.

Surveillance of the employee staff can be achieved through their proffered aspect called desktop monitoring software. We all know it well that monitoring the white collar staff is little difficult because you will have no ounce of hint that whether they’re really working for your organisation, killing time or they might be doing their personal work in office hours. Therefore all these things can be controlled and kept under observance with the aid of the spy app. And the mobile workforce can be tracked with the cell phone monitoring software equipped in their office smartphones.

Mobistealth holds the three categories which are mobile, PC and MAC which are further divided into three subscription packages i.e. Lite, Basic and Pro with varied validity period. The price starts from $49.99 and goes upto $139.99.


#5 – XNSPY(Comprehensive Monitoring for Android and iPhone)

XNSPYXNSPY is another trusted choice of thousands of parents, employers and partners around the world. It brings together almost all the required spying features in a single package. You can spot the crafting perfection and richness of quality in both its Android and iOS versions. Unlike most of its competitors, XNSPY features have been crafted in a purpose-oriented manner. Be it employee-tracking or parental control, the features would be onto the point.

It’s pretty amazing that XNSPY fulfils almost every surveillance need of yours. Its features can be classified into two — Basic and Advanced. In the Basic set, you have options for tracking call logs, messages and even some IM messages. At the same time, XNSPY has managed to include various options like Surrounding, Call Recording etc. in the advanced section. All these information is available through the simple yet effective UI of XNSPY Dashboard. You’re never going to be confused about accessing what you’ve spied.

XNSPY also offers perfection when it comes to reliability. The target will never have the slightest idea about being spied on. Be it your children, employee or spouse — everyone believes that they’re being private. On the other hand, you actually have an awesome level of control over the device. In case if you did not notice, XNSPY features include Remote Access to device and Instant Alerts 24*7. When compared to others, it’s lot more affordable and you can choose from the Basic and Premium plans.

Spying Aspects

Wondering about the features you’d get? Well, these are some noteworthy features from XNSPY. Not every feature is available in Android and iOS. You may have to check the official page before purchasing.

1. Remotely Control the Target Phone – XNSPY does not only allow you to see what’s happening with the device. It also lets you make changes to the device, in a quite extensive manner. If you think the device is being misused or has been stolen, you can Lock the device or remotely wipe all data from storage. Similarly, there are options to see the list of installed apps and to block certain apps if you need. Last but not least, you can trigger live screenshots from dashboard of XNSPY and view them instantly.

2. 24*7 Instant Alerts – You cannot always keep an eye on the dashboard. Well, understanding this, XNSPY lets you configure special alerts for different needs. You can get alerts on different scenarios. For instance, you’ll be notified if target is trying to contact a particular person or if he/she enters a particular term. Other alerts include location-based ones and SIM-card change alerts. These are instant and can be accessed via XNSPY Control app, which is available for Android.

3. Record Calls and Surroundings– You can record sound from not only the device surroundings but also current calls as they happen. All these recordings will be saved on cloud, and you can listen to them later. It’s all done by accessing the microphone of the target device, without a single hint given to the targeted user.

4. Complete IM Spying – XNSPY offers support for almost all the IM clients out there, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Kik and Instagram etc. It’s easy to access the text-based messages and multimedia content from the same window. You can know, quite exactly, what your children/employees are doing using these messaging platforms.

How To Use XNSPY?

The answer is simpler than you think. It involves just a few steps. Before you purchase, however, make sure that XNSPY is compatible with the target phone. Then, you can purchase the convenient version of XNSPY. The installation method is so simple, and does not require rooting/jailbreaking. Once you have installed the apps, you don’t have to worry about anything. Head to the XNSPY Dashboard and start spying.

As you can see, XNSPY is completely invisible and comes with a minimal installation procedure. As we said earlier, the pricing is also reasonable. Its Basic plan is available for $8.33 per month while the Premium plan is priced at $12.49 per month. Of course, you have options to pay Quarterly or Yearly.

Need Of The Spy Software!

Indeed in the recent survey it has majorly been remarked that the cases of the cyber-bullying have intensely increased because of the social networking apps engagement amongst the teenagers. Posting or sharing inappropriate pictures and many more content might drag your loved ones into the terrible situation. Hence eyeing your innocent kids is critical to help them stay safe from all the lousy cyber crimes.

Other Measures To Be Checked Upon

  • Review The Spy Software Compatibility – Although all the spy applications are majorly compatible with the enhanced operating systems – Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS, yet it is suggested that one should thoroughly check the compatible version of the operating system. Please note that any new version takes little time to be updated with the spy software companies. As the process of rooting or jailbreaking the newer version of the OS is not easy to crack. Hence, probe the compatibility before using it.
  • Seek For The Good Customer Support – Having a good customer support is must to assist you in the problematic situations which can occur while software installation or using the software’s dashboard etc.. Look for the live chat, skype, live call or email support to revert all your general and technical queries.
  • Abstain From Deceptive Deals – One should be careful while getting lost in the fanciful advertisements modeled by these various spy companies. To avoid this you should read more reviews to get assured of the spy apps certainty and efficacy. Also seek your core needs and requirements for the selected spy app and look for the features that a specific company offers to you.

Therefore, I concede the aforementioned best cell phone spy software and also would like to recommend these apps for your monitoring purposes. Without giving any second thoughts you can choose any one of them to spy your target user through their smartphones or desktop’s. All five of them works flawlessly and truly as explained.

Note: DO NOT forget that to access the software on an iPhone, you will have to jailbreak the device. If you wish to use the without jailbreak app then mSpy without jailbreak is the true-blue solution for you.

Summing Up

Hence the upshot is that if you are exploring a customer friendly, 24/7 client support and an application that is accumulated with multiple enhanced spying features then FlexiSpy and mSpy are the two best options for you.

However these are little expensive as compared to the Highster Mobile, MobiStealth and Spyera but the money's worth with the features that are extended by these applications. Therefore, I would again like to mention that look for your monitoring needs and then select an appropriate application for yourself.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope the article must have inferred you with the ample knowledge on cell phone spy apps. Please feel free to contact me for any more details or questions.