how to jailbreak an iphone

A Complete Insight On How To Jailbreak An iPhone!

Most often you have heard your folks and friends asking the iPhone users about their phone’s Jailbreak status, Isn’t? And you probably not being so technical give a deaf ears to it. Although the process of jailbreaking is no rocket science but is a simple measure which gives the user an ability to install the third party applications. Whether you’re a iPhone possessor or not it’s good to be aware of all the technicalities happening around in your surroundings.

Let’s just learn more about the method with which you can set the phone free from all the constraints.

Jailbreaking an iPhone means letting the device free from all the limitations. As the Apple products don’t grant the access on any of the third party apps hence with this easy activity you get enabled to download the apps other than the iPhone store’s applications. It lets you customize your device with numerous additional features and games.

So, it’s clear that if you want to use a cell phone spy app on an iPhone you’re required to perform the activity. You cannot proceed by omitting the process.

Steps To Jailbreak An iPhone?

how to jailbreak an iphone

Cydia is a software which helps in jailbreaking an iPhone and you needn’t buy this application; it is available for free. Check for the device’s model and its operating system version and follow the instructions to go ahead with the process. Once you complete the process, visit the home screen and better hide the Cydia software’s icon with any of the two ways – Poof or SBSettings. Both these apps are really useful for concealing the apps on the home screen and are available for free on Cydia. Thereafter you’re enable to download the third party software and applications. The iPhone Monitoring App is also a third party app which can be quickly downloaded and installed onto the iPhone. It doesn’t physically appear anywhere on the device hence your target user can never have an idea about any spy software planted in his/her cell phone. This app works in clandestine manner and gets you all the information about the marked person’s mobile activities.

Why To Jailbreak An iPhone?

Although if you’re content with the features, software and apps that are available to you in the Apple’s docket then there is no need to go for it but if you’ve the urge to get your device free from all the limitations then it leads to the action of jailbreaking. To get using the apps other than the Apple store apps, you’re required to undergo through it. And in case you wish to spy on someone you will definitely have to perform this to get using the monitoring software for your teenage kids, cheating spouse or employee monitoring.

I would like my readers to know about the “mSpy No-Jailbreak Solution” which is the only one software currently in the market that proffers to monitor an iPhone without undergoing any such act. To use this software all you need to know is the target person’s Apple ID and password. You don’t need to have the physical access of the targets cell phone. Although it doesn’t provide the facility to use the advanced features like call recording or tracing the WhatsApp chats but it does provide you with the basic features of tracking the SMS/text messages and many more of the marked person’s mobile. So you can now spy on iPhone text messages without Jailbreaking the iPhone.

Jailbreaking And Unlocking Are Certainly Different!

Jailbreaking an iPhone as described earlier is a way which lets you download and install all the applications that are not available on Apple store whereas unlocking an iPhone is an action where you set the device free to use any mobile carrier service. These two processes are not inter dependent at all. So, without unlocking, one can simply jailbreak an iPhone. A phone is locked only when you buy the mobile in contract with a particular network provider.

How to Check If The Phone is Jailbroken?

A spanking new iPhone would not be Jailbroken. And if you acquire a second hand device and wish to check its status then you can do it by checking for cydia app although it is hidden from the home screen but when you attempt to perform the jailbreak process, it will indicate you if it has already been installed on it.

FAQs on Jailbreaking!

Q. Is Jailbreaking an iPhone is legal?
A. Yes it’s entirely legal.

Q. Will this process void the warranty?
A. This program is completely reversible hence you can easily bring back your phone or update the software from Apple’s store, the jailbreak will be eliminated.

Q. Is this program expensive?
A. You’ll be happy to know that this activity is entirely free. Although few companies does charge for the same but it doesn’t make sense to shell out your money on something which is available for free.

Q. How safe is it?
A. This is entirely safe to perform. All you should do to be on a safer is side is that take the backup of your iPhone device. Just in case you face any problem while doing the process you can simply restore to get back to the original settings.

Q. Can I update the jailbroken iPhone?
A. Yes, you can do it. No doubts in that but remember when you update your device then the process will get removed from it. This is because every version has its own jailbreak code. So, it’s better that you wait for the newer versions jailbreak program and then update your device.

Q. Does this take too long to install?
A. No! It just requires 5-10 minutes from your valuable time.

Q. Can a Non-Technical Person or Layman perform this process?
A. Yes, anybody can do it. It’s not difficult at all, only if you follow along the simple instructions illustrated to you.

Well with this article, I hope I have provided you the sufficient knowledge of the iPhone’s jailbreak method and the yearning to perform it.

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