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cell phone compatibility

Will Monitoring Software Work on My Cell Phone – Compatibility?

This is one of the most common question asked by the user. Will the software run on the Samsung Galaxy X mobile phone? A user tends to get perplexed while getting their hands on the spy application. Well, In this article all your doubts and questions will be answered. Initially it gets little difficult to comprehend the compatibility issue because of the wide range of available software that promises to be the best suited for your needs and requirements.

Hence, It’s crucial to understand that the spy software company that you choose to monitor your target user’s cell phone must be compatible with it, Lest it will work and leave you disappointed.

An iPad or any iDevice needs to be jailbroken before installing the spy app. And an Android tablet/smartphone requires a Rooting process to access the advanced features where the basic features can be tracked without Rooting.

Good Internet Connection Is Obligatory!

good internet connection

If you thought that this application can work without the aid of an Internet connection then it isn’t possible at all. It needs an Internet network to get the spy software in action, Either assisted with WiFi or through data plan. The Network Operator or the Service Provider is of no concern to get the app working on the target user’s smartphone. All you need to check down is the compatibility of the marked person’s cell phone with the spy app.

It will let you accumulate the mobile information like to read the Text messages, Phone Call Logs, GPS locations, Emails, Multimedia folder that includes the images, videos and audios. You can also flip through the Instant Messenger chats like spying WhatsApp messenger chats, Viber, BBM, iMessages, Facebook and Google hangouts etc.. The phonebook contacts can be viewed along with the additional data like Birth dates and emails and house addresses.

Apart from snooping the phone’s data some companies like FlexiSpy and mSpy software also provide the mechanisms for Parental and Employee Monitoring control. So, All you primarily need to cross check is the compatibility of the software with the target user’s device. Keep scrolling to learn more about it!

Cell Phone Compatibility

cell phone compatibility

Despite the fact that these spy software programs majorly cover all the Genx platforms like Android, BBM and iOS, What you actually need to check is the Operating System version of the target user’s smartphone. The popular FlexiSPY and mSPY works well on all the Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone. Where Highster Mobile works greatly with the Android and Apple devices.

Although, The process of installation is little different for various platforms but the mechanism is almost same by all the spy software companies. Primarily, The software needs to be purchased with the Subscription package of either Basic features or Advanced/Pro features. Thereafter, It needs to be downloaded and installed directly onto the target user’s cell phone.

The guide to the installation procedure for different Operating System versions viz. Android 5.x.x or iOS 8.x etc. is mentioned on the spy websites. It’s advisable to check beforehand with the monitored mobile phone’s current Operating System that should be congenial with the spy app’s version. For example – If your target phone is a Samsung Galaxy Y or HTC One running Android Lollipop 5.x then just choose the appropriate download version to start with the spy app.

How To Look For Your OS Version?

  • To locate the Version for Android Devices
    Click on the – Settings option > About Phone. Now, Scroll down to see the OS version of the Android device as shown in the image below.
Find OS in android
Find OS in android


  • To locate the Version for Apple or iDevices
    Click on the – Settings option > General > About. Keep scrolling to see the OS version.
find os in iPhone
Find OS in iPhone


  • To locate the Version for BlackBerry Devices
    Click on the Options >About. Just scroll down to view the OS version.
Find OS in BlackBerry
Find OS in BlackBerry


Now that you know the Operating System version of your red marked person’s device; So go ahead and install the viable app on the device.

Visit The Website – You can also look through the list of the Supported phones page on the spy websites. There you can check the manufacturing details and the model of the smartphone which is enumerated along with the pictures to ensure yourself with the correct installation action. Perhaps, the names and the mobile model can be varied in some part of the countries as it becomes onerous to list each and every model that gets launched at a very fast pace.

Get In Touch – To get assured of the OS Version of the target’s device you could also drop an email regarding your query or chat with the customer support executive which is generally available for 24 hrs.

Spy On Tablets, Desktops and iPads Too!

Not only the smartphones, But spy software are workable on the Desktop and Tablets as well. The Android and Apple tablets which are flaunted by the children can be under your observation with the aid of these monitoring programs.

The mSPY offers a range of all-powerful Computer/Desktop Monitoring features. It includes the following aspects with which you can track the activities of the various monitoring sections like the Employee Monitoring. Equip the device with the Keylogger to know what are they typing and browsing. Also the username and passwords can be known to you with the help of the keyloggers. Take the Screenshots of their desktop, Leaf through the user activity logs and much more can be traced with it.

This is absolutely a proficient way to watchdog the computer system of the Employees or that of your own children. Available with the cost effective prices buying this program is a win-win offer for you. To operate this, Again the requirements remain the same as that of the smartphones. You need an internet connection to install the app onto it and a compatible OS version.

Learn More About The New OS Versions

Whenever a new operating system is launched in the market for either Android or Apple devices, Then it generally takes a little while for the monitoring software companies to release their supported spy version. Also, Remember that when a newer version comes up, You shouldn’t immediately let the target user upgrade its device’s OS as the spy app gets erased or cut out through that smartphone. It is recommended to wait for couple of days to upgrade or enhance your device with the newer version, Else you won’t be able to plant the spy app on it.

Finally, if you feel the urge to know the true colors of your loved ones, Then hit the nail on the head with any of the above mentioned wondrous Spy program.

Cell Phone Spy Working

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Works?

With the advent of technology, it has become very easy to monitor your kids with spy software and other family members and that of the company employees. The Monitoring/Spy apps have made the life simple and uncomplicated. Sitting in your air conditioned room or workplace in a scorching heat and without following your target everywhere S/He goes, You can effortlessly know what they’re doing and what are they upto!

In fact, Keeping tabs on your loved ones has now become a cake! But have you ever taken a minute to think that how these cell phone spy apps actually work? Well, In this article I’m going to tell you about the overall working of these spy applications. Majorly, All the spy software work in a similar manner but they differ on their user interface and setting up procedure. So lets take a look on the entire spy program.

The Overall View

Cell Phone Spy Working

Subsequent to your adequate selection of the Monitoring Software which is compatible with the target’s mobile phone OS and that also entirely cover all your requirements, then you should download and install the best purchased spy app directly onto your marked person’s smartphone by following the simple instructions given in the registration mail.

Please Note that for installing the software you require to have the physical access of your target person’s cell phone. Without holding the phone, it cannot be installed remotely by any means, hence you need to grab the mobile phone of the target user for couple of minutes to complete the installation process to get benefitted with the various aspects of this program.

Now, Once you equip the software in the target’s device, Thereafter it will start showing you all the data logs of your target person’s mobile phone. Depending upon the subscription package that you chose for, It will record all the data and information in the control panel of the website.

Subscription Packages!

The aspects offered by the spy companies are generally categorised with two subscription packages viz. Basic and Advanced packages along with the different time span and cost price. There are some companies that cater the deals for both the categories with the lifetime subscription and others with the monthly package of one(1), three(3), six(6) and twelve(12) months. These spy kits are especially designed with different price list by the companies to best suit their valuable clients.

Spy Companies Control Panel/Dashboard

mspy dashboard
mSpy Control Panel/Dashboard

Now, to view all the information you’re required to log into the password protected account of the company’s website from any web browser and by using any device that supports the internet connection. Sign in with the Username and Password that is provided at the time of the registration mail. One can view the data by logging into their spy account and can also download the records in the excel sheets for concrete evidences against their target user.

What All Can Be Viewed in the Online Dashboard?

Dashboard, a place where a person without the unique credentials cannot enter!

It’s because all the important logs of the marked person gets stored here. And it’s ensured that only the accredited person can view the generated reports. The account settings can be managed all by yourself which includes the payment plan as well.

Also, It allows you to take charge of the target’s smartphone with some of the aspects like – recording the surroundings, deleting some absurd software that you feel should be accessed by your target user or locking and unlocking the phone itself.

Let’s Check What All Can You View In It With The Catered Aspects By This Program –

  • Read the Text messages and Emails – Read, Unread and Deleted;
  • Flip through the Multimedia gallery to see the images, videos and audio files exchanged by them amongst their loved and dear ones;
  • Read the entire Instant Messenger chat conversations done on the popular WhatsApp chat, Viber, BBM, Facebook, iMessages, Snapchat and many more along with the date and time specifications;
  • View their phone call logs along with the call duration, date and time;
  • Few companies offer to eavesdrop and record the calls of the target user;
  • Track the GPS locations of the target user with the aid of Google maps;
  • Revisit the browsed websites/URLs as the complete web history gets recorded with the date and time print;
  • Know about the red marked person’s nexus by going through their phone book contacts.
  • Also the additional information attached with it can be traced by you.
  • All these data logs can be downloaded to your device for authentic proofs against your target user.


It’s one of the crucial step while you select a spy app against your target user. Check the compatibility with the target user’s mobile phone Operating System and with that of the spy app. It is suggested that you visit the supported phones page on the company’s official website.

Also, remember that if a user is an iPhone user then you need to jailbreak the device and in case of Android user you can easily access the basic features catered by these companies but in order to get the benefits of the advanced features, it is required to Root the device.

The good sustainable Internet connectivity is another crucial point to be kept in mind to get the maximum benefit of the spy app as all the logs can be accurately recorded with the aid of good internet connectivity.

Problems Encountered!

Just in case your spy program is facing any problem or is not working properly perhaps the most likely reasons could be any one from the below mentioned problems.

  • Installation errors occur if the instructions are not followed properly;
  • Tracking the advanced features of spy app without Rooting the Android device;
  • Trying to install this program on an iPhone without jailbreaking it;
  • The software version is incompatible with the target’s cell phone;
  • Poor quality Internet connection.

Finally, Check all these points beforehand to get the fruitful results of installing the app onto the marked person’s iDevice or Android device without facing any problem. The core of this article is to review the two essential things before getting started with the monitoring app is the Software compatibility and the superior Internet connectivity.

What is Cydia

How to Hide the Cydia App Icon After Jailbreaking an iPhone?

How do I hide the Cydia icon? How can I remove the Cydia icon from my home screen?
These are the most frequently asked questions once a user let an iPhone/iPad undergo the  Jailbreak process.

What is Cydia?

What is Cydia

Cydia is an app store where all the third party software applications are served. The device is emancipated from all the limitations to get benefitted with the apps which aren’t provided by the Apple. Well this icon appears on the springboard or home screen of the smartphone after the iDevice is jailbroken.

The reason behind hiding the Cydia app is either people don’t want others to know that there iPhone is jailbroken which is advantageous if you lose your phone or they want to install the spy software on the target user’s device. So, lets learn the way to conceal the application from your mobile phone.

Urge To Hide Cydia!

Hiding Cydia will uninstall the application or it would violate the jailbreak procedure, an another misconception. Nothing of such sort is going to happen. Covering up the Cydia app will keep the jailbreak process entirely intact. There are varied apps that offer the options to disguise the app from the device. Let me enumerate some of the finest and the popular programs that aid you with the aforementioned process with the different Operating System version updates of iOS 7 and iOS 8.

  • SBSettings
  • Poof

How To Do It?

Here we will be discussing about both the above mentioned applications.

1. SBSettings

Open the Cydia application and look for the SBSettings option in the app store. Click on the app to download and install it on the device. It provides many options along with concealing the apps.

Go to the SBSettings control panel just by swiping the topmost area of your iPhone screen. From the displayed menu tap on the ‘More…’ for more options and then look for the ‘Hide icons’. Now, from the enumerated list select the Cydia app and tick mark the check box or tap the toggle button to switch the app into the hidden mode.

Apart from concealing the Cydia app you can even hide the SBSettings just to stay safe in case your main concern is to equip the device with the spy software. With this the most apparent symbols that shows the gadget has got jailbroken will completely be disguised. Therefore, the user will not easily be able to trace the same.


This is another famous application which aid in masking the app from the springboard of the device. Alike SBSettings, it also require to get downloaded from the Cydia app store. After you install the app it generates a list of applications and gives you the option to hide them. You require a BigBoss repo app to get the Poof working. Unlike SBSettings it doesn’t offer any extra features which makes it easier to use it particularly for hiding the applications that appears on the home screen of the smartphones.

Steps To Follow Along –

To Download and Install BigBoss Repo –

  • Click on the Cydia app and then tap on ‘More Package Sources’.
  • Look for the BigBoss repo and press OK on the dialog box to get it installed on the device.
  • Once done, then click return on the Cydia option.

To Download and Install POOF app from the BigBoss Repo –

  • After you add the Repo URL then move ahead to install the POOF app.
  • Type POOF on the search bar which is at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Now close the Cydia application.

You’ve successfully installed the app and now you can easily hide the apps that you wish to.

Hope this article has given you enough insight to cover up the applications that you don’t want to appear on your home screen. For any further details please write in the below comment section.

Want to know the easiest way to Jailbreak an iPhone?


Take A Brim About The Best Spy Phone Software Application!

The availability of umpteen Online Mobile Spy Software entirely leaves you bewildered to select the finest and the perfect monitoring app for your target user. Isn’t? Well, to aid you circlet the best one for yourself we’ve listed some of the sterling spy apps that enlightens you with its functionality, features, reliability and many more aspects. This article will certainly serve you with an appropriate and convenient to use smartphone application as per your requirements.

Hence, flip through the various furtive applications mentioned below to single out the best suited spying software that will help you keep an eye on your red marked person round the clock!

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Spy Software 2015!

All the monitoring applications cataloged below works wholly in the surreptitious and stealthy manner. These apps will cater you the entire information about your target user in the control panel of the website that too without letting your target know about it.

Let’s start reviewing the apps

mSpy SmartPhone monitoring Software


mSpy is known for its admirable Parental control Software available across all the Genx smartphones viz. Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It is corroborated with multiple aspects and different pricing which allows you to easily make a choice in accordance to your needs and requirements. The basic monitoring aspects are finely carried out like tracking the phone call logs, monitoring the Instant Messenger Chats, flipping the multimedia – videos/photos, spying the text messages, locating their real time locations through the GPS tracker, viewing their phonebook contacts and the calendar details.

An access to their Control Panel Demo Session is just a feather on the cap. It cater two subscription packages – Basic and Premium, ranging between $29.99 to $199.99. The distinctive features are also provided by this software which perhaps aren’t included in other spywares.

1. Circumscribe The Incoming Calls – Yes, you can simply restrict the calls and especially protect your child from all the strangers and unknown phone calls.
2. Block The Websites/URL’s and Mobile Apps – Keep your children away from all those age inappropriate websites and apps by viewing their web history.
3. Geofencing – This feature allows you to discover the location of your kids or employees just in case they enter into the restricted area.
4. Keyloggers – Available only on Android, it can track all the messages as well as the login details from your target’s smartphone. The passwords too gets recorded.
5. Ceaseless Customer Support Service – Along with the contact number and email, it also provides the live chat support and a skype id to stay connected with their clients at any hour.

Download Now button

FlexiSPY Cell Phone Monitoring Software


This is another spy software which has been in the spy league for almost a decade across all the platforms. It works perfectly with the iPhone and iPad and serve its clients with the most advanced features. This app easily gets installed within couple of minutes and thereafter it starts recording all the phone actions of your target user like the SMS/text messages, phone call records, GPS locations, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, iMessages and Skype chats. Check the photos, videos and the browsed websites and more.

If your prior requirement is to eavesdrop the phone calls of your target user and spy on the 13 Different Instant Messenger Chats then this is the right app for you as all the information and data gets uploaded on the control panel of the website. The features mentioned below absolutely sets FlexiSpy apart from all the other spy apps which are included in the Extreme Subscription package of this software. It comes in the range of $68 to $349.

1. Call Intercept Feature – This aspect furtively sanctions you to eavesdrop a live phone call of the marked person.
2. Keep Track Of All The Phone Calls – Check with the detailed incoming and outgoing phone call logs.
3. Know The GPS Locations – Know the whereabouts of your target user with the latest location check-in with the aid of Google maps.
4. Surrounding Recording – Also listen to the surroundings of your target user that gets saved on your website’s account in the mp3 format.
5. Passwords Cracker – This distinct aspect lets you see all the passwords typed by the target person on his/her smartphone to login their emails and social media apps.

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MobiStealth Mobile Phone Spy


A cut price software and the user friendly interface cater its clientele with the effective and adequate monitoring features. With the simple installation process it can bag you with all the required information and data about your red marked person. The spy logs are kept safe in the password protected account of the website which is accessible only by an authorised person who holds the username and password for the same. Spying on the Instant messenger chats like WhatsApp and BBM, reading the Skype, Yahoo, MSN chats and Emails whether read, unread or the deleted ones.

Know their real time locations and look through their pictures and videos saved in the gallery or shared amongst their friends. This app is available in multiple subscription packages starting from 2 Weeks with $19.99 and goes upto $139.99 for 12 months. Read more to know the key features of Mobistealth!

1. Keylogging & ScreenShots – You can get the records of the keystrokes and also the screenshots of the employees and children’s desktop remotely to know their online activities.

2. View their Pictures/Videos and Web History – All the gross pictures and filmed videos can be checked by you. Refrain them from sharing and watching the obscene images and content on the websites.

3. Monitor Their Emails and Text Messages – Read all the sent, received and also the deleted Mails and SMS of the target person along with the date and time stamp.

4. Know their Phone Contacts and also Track Their Locations – All the saved contacts along with the additional information can be known to you and it allows you to discover the location of the marked person with or without the aid of GPS tracker.

5. Monitor Chat Messengers – Spy on their BBM, WhatsApp, Yahoo, MSN and Skype chats with the detailed specifications that gets stored on your online spy account.

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Highster Mobile Spy Software (One Time Fee Only)


The Highster Mobile Pro Edition is the new, easy on pocket and markdown application. This  preeminent spy application which is accessible on the Android and Apple devices is well packed with features that benefits you in monitoring the integral aspects of a smartphone. Unlike other software it doesn’t hold the multiple features but the existing ones ensure the glitch free ride to its clients. If your target user is more of  a text person then this mobile monitoring app is the perfect purchase to get hold of your target person. An economical priced app gives the lifetime license and free updates once installed into your targets cell phone with NO additional charges, worth for $69. Lets leaf through the features served by this app.

1. Multimedia(Photo/video) & Social Media Spying – Read the WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, BBM chats, Twitter, Skype, Viber, Instagram, and Email as well. The deleted ones can also be viewed easily.
2. Know their Real-time Locations – Keep tabs on your loved ones with this aspect of GPS tracker. All the data is recorded in the control panel of the website.
3. Phone Call Monitoring and Phonebook Contacts: Get the specifications of the call logs in the textual format along with the date and time stamp.
4. Browser History –  View all the browsed websites and URL’s that your kids are browsing in the wee hours.
5. The Text Message – Read/View all the text messages of your target person with the date and time specifications saved on the websites control panel.

Download Now button

Things You Need To Know!

1. Get an access to the target user’s smartphone for at least 15 minutes to download and install the software onto it.
2. Without Internet you cannot use this software so ensure the good internet connectivity on the target user’s device as well as on our desktop or laptop to read the spy logs.
3. Although these are workable across all the platforms but it’s advisable that you check with the feasibility and compatibility of the software with the marked person’s cell phone by visiting the supported phones page on the official website.
4. Look for the contact numbers, emails and live chat options to get the customer support when you’re stuck somewhere.

How It Works?

You need to buy an application with the mentioned subscription packages. Thereafter you will be provided with a registration email from the merchant which will be comprised of the login details and necessary instructions to follow along.

On performing the installation steps successfully, you’ll be able to track all the messages, phone call logs etc. of your marked user’s smartphone.

Note: To use the advanced features on the Android devices you require to Root it. And for the iPhone user’s it’s mandatory to jailbreak the device to install and get using the spy software.

Which One To Choose!

So, with the detailed description of the monitoring software and its multifarious features, all you require to do is just analyse your needs and requirements to hand pick any of the aforementioned spy applications. It’s true that suspicions about your spouse, children and employees will certainly be cleared with these monitoring apps. So, get yourself absolutely clear and know the urge of Why and for What you require these spy apps.

If live call listening is all you want then FlexiSPY is the right choice for you as it is the only app which possess this feature. Whereas for texting, IM messenger etc. can all be done with any of the above listed products hence take the economical computation into the consideration and read about the software to help yourself select one out of these five enumerated Spy applications. Check out my comparison of mSpy Vs FlexiSpy Vs Highster Mobile to view all the features.

Hope this article has given you enough insight for the various monitoring operations. For any further queries please free to write us the comments to serve you better.

android rooting

A Simple Guide On How To Root Your Android Phone!

Although your Android device gives you the multitude features, software and apps to let you do whatever you desire yet you’re required to set it free from all the constraints which are laid down by the Google apps. The process with which you can customize your device is called Rooting. Just when you run this activity on your smartphone, it will let you access the third party apps or some particular apps like the monitoring applications that are not provided by the Google store.

Why To Root Your Android?

android rooting

Rooting an Android device is a very simple process. To let your device download and install the software from the third party applications you need to get the device rooted before. Although if you particularly want to use the Basic version of the spyware like mSpy and HighsterMobile then you needn't have to bother about rooting your device but to use the Advanced version of these spy software, you are required to root the device. So, it’s fairly depends upon the third party apps that you are going to use the device to go for rooting or not. With this process you can also have the apps which can automatically backup all your apps and its data, restrict the advertisements and many more things can be done.

Just in case you’re thinking that rooting your device may lead to some problems then get your doubts clear!

It will void the device’s warranty – then let me clarify that the act of rooting can be reversed and the device’s warranty could be retained.

Another fear factor is bricking of your cell phone – don’t worry about this factor and avoid getting the soft brick (mobile hangs when vendors logo appear on the screen) or hard brick (mobile doesn’t get switch on and acts like a dummy phone, no vendor logo appears) by simply following the instructions mentioned in the guide/mail. Also the feedbacks you read could be beneficial for you to stay from bricking.

How To Root Your Android?

Lets walk through the mandatory steps to root your phone. This activity can be carried out in couple of minutes by carefully following the instructions.

Get The Backup Of The Data –

This step should not be skipped as it saves you from the worst possibility of losing your precious data if in case you are unsuccessful in rooting your Android device. The settings of the OS(operating system) can be retrieved easily.

Get Your Phone’s Battery Fully Charged –

It’s important that your cell phone is fully charged so that the process doesn’t get stop in between due to the weak battery backup.

Enable USB debugging –

Go to Settings — Applications — Development — and ensure you Enable the USB Debugging on your device. This will help you to build a connection between an Android device and a computer with Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

Unlock your bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader will allow you to customize the device.

Now, lets talk about some of the rooting programs with which you can effectively root your device.

The stated rooting programs may not be compatible with all the Android devices so, do check the compatibility list of the devices before getting your hands on the program. You can refer to the XDA Developer Forum for the supported devices to select the right program for yourself.

1. SuperOneClick

The app is largely compatible with many devices and its OS’s(operating system). All you’ve to do is the following:

  • download a zip file.
  • unzip the file.
  • if you posses a SD card then unmount or remove it.
  • close all the running programs.
  • connect the phone with PC via USB cable.
  • execute the SuperOneClick .exe.
  • now click on the Root button; it will take little time to complete the process.
  • a message box will pop up saying your Android is Rooted.
  • Now, restart your cellphone and your device will show the icon of SuperUser. If at anytime you wish to unroot your device then click on the Unroot button available on the app.

2. Kingo Android Root

This is another method of rooting your device which is easy and free of cost. Although the steps are the same as discussed in SuperOneClick but still I will mention the procedure again for more clarity.


  • download and install Kingo Android Root file.
  • check for the version of the OS.
  • go to settings — about phone, developer options.
  • enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone.
  • now click the root button and relax for a while.

Hence, you’re free to customize your device as you wish to. I would like to suggest more measures for rooting your device.

Below mentioned are many other Rooting programs available which are good and viable.

  • One Click Root
  • Universal Androot
  • SRSRoot
  • SRS Easy Root
  • CF-Auto-Root
  • Rescue Root
  • UnlockRoot
  • Towelroot
  • SuperSU
how to jailbreak an iphone

A Complete Insight On How To Jailbreak An iPhone!

Most often you have heard your folks and friends asking the iPhone users about their phone’s Jailbreak status, Isn’t? And you probably not being so technical give a deaf ears to it. Although the process of jailbreaking is no rocket science but is a simple measure which gives the user an ability to install the third party applications. Whether you’re a iPhone possessor or not it’s good to be aware of all the technicalities happening around in your surroundings.

Let’s just learn more about the method with which you can set the phone free from all the constraints.

Jailbreaking an iPhone means letting the device free from all the limitations. As the Apple products don’t grant the access on any of the third party apps hence with this easy activity you get enabled to download the apps other than the iPhone store’s applications. It lets you customize your device with numerous additional features and games.

So, it’s clear that if you want to use a cell phone spy app on an iPhone you’re required to perform the activity. You cannot proceed by omitting the process.

Steps To Jailbreak An iPhone?

how to jailbreak an iphone

Cydia is a software which helps in jailbreaking an iPhone and you needn’t buy this application; it is available for free. Check for the device’s model and its operating system version and follow the instructions to go ahead with the process. Once you complete the process, visit the home screen and better hide the Cydia software’s icon with any of the two ways – Poof or SBSettings. Both these apps are really useful for concealing the apps on the home screen and are available for free on Cydia. Thereafter you’re enable to download the third party software and applications. The iPhone Monitoring App is also a third party app which can be quickly downloaded and installed onto the iPhone. It doesn’t physically appear anywhere on the device hence your target user can never have an idea about any spy software planted in his/her cell phone. This app works in clandestine manner and gets you all the information about the marked person’s mobile activities.

Why To Jailbreak An iPhone?

Although if you’re content with the features, software and apps that are available to you in the Apple’s docket then there is no need to go for it but if you’ve the urge to get your device free from all the limitations then it leads to the action of jailbreaking. To get using the apps other than the Apple store apps, you’re required to undergo through it. And in case you wish to spy on someone you will definitely have to perform this to get using the monitoring software for your teenage kids, cheating spouse or employee monitoring.

I would like my readers to know about the “mSpy No-Jailbreak Solution” which is the only one software currently in the market that proffers to monitor an iPhone without undergoing any such act. To use this software all you need to know is the target person’s Apple ID and password. You don’t need to have the physical access of the targets cell phone. Although it doesn’t provide the facility to use the advanced features like call recording or tracing the WhatsApp chats but it does provide you with the basic features of tracking the SMS/text messages and many more of the marked person’s mobile. So you can now spy on iPhone text messages without Jailbreaking the iPhone.

Jailbreaking And Unlocking Are Certainly Different!

Jailbreaking an iPhone as described earlier is a way which lets you download and install all the applications that are not available on Apple store whereas unlocking an iPhone is an action where you set the device free to use any mobile carrier service. These two processes are not inter dependent at all. So, without unlocking, one can simply jailbreak an iPhone. A phone is locked only when you buy the mobile in contract with a particular network provider.

How to Check If The Phone is Jailbroken?

A spanking new iPhone would not be Jailbroken. And if you acquire a second hand device and wish to check its status then you can do it by checking for cydia app although it is hidden from the home screen but when you attempt to perform the jailbreak process, it will indicate you if it has already been installed on it.

FAQs on Jailbreaking!

Q. Is Jailbreaking an iPhone is legal?
A. Yes it’s entirely legal.

Q. Will this process void the warranty?
A. This program is completely reversible hence you can easily bring back your phone or update the software from Apple’s store, the jailbreak will be eliminated.

Q. Is this program expensive?
A. You’ll be happy to know that this activity is entirely free. Although few companies does charge for the same but it doesn’t make sense to shell out your money on something which is available for free.

Q. How safe is it?
A. This is entirely safe to perform. All you should do to be on a safer is side is that take the backup of your iPhone device. Just in case you face any problem while doing the process you can simply restore to get back to the original settings.

Q. Can I update the jailbroken iPhone?
A. Yes, you can do it. No doubts in that but remember when you update your device then the process will get removed from it. This is because every version has its own jailbreak code. So, it’s better that you wait for the newer versions jailbreak program and then update your device.

Q. Does this take too long to install?
A. No! It just requires 5-10 minutes from your valuable time.

Q. Can a Non-Technical Person or Layman perform this process?
A. Yes, anybody can do it. It’s not difficult at all, only if you follow along the simple instructions illustrated to you.

Well with this article, I hope I have provided you the sufficient knowledge of the iPhone’s jailbreak method and the yearning to perform it.

avoid getting scammed when buying cell phone spy

Try to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Cell Phone Spy Software

The online market boasts with an abundance of spy software. Perhaps making it onerous for consumers or users to select the best one out of all. Some are genuinely the leading brands which provide the promised information of the target user to you, but with this growing industry people are also not leaving any stone unturned of fooling around the layman by selling the fake spy products. Beware of shelling out your hard earned money on a spurious product. You should be smart enough to purchase a  best cell phone spy software and avoid getting into any scams. Closely review the product on the website and ensure it is reliable and safe.

avoid getting scammed when buying cell phone spy

Do The Product Analysis!

It is a good job done if you yourself review and evaluate the product on certain parameters to make a best suitable choice to monitor your target user. Look for the top companies who have the dynamic performance of the program and yet cost-effective. We all know the capabilities of a mobile spy app. Still I would again state all the actions that can be captured from the circled persons mobile device. Below listed are the basic and advanced features available in the two packages viz Basic and Primitive/Pro package;


  • Track the incoming and outgoing call logs with date and time stamps;
  • Read/view the SMS/text messages and mails which are unread, read or even deleted;
  • Know the real time geo locations via the Geo Location Tracker.
  • Check the phone contacts and other data attached to it.
  • View the graphics gallery which contains all the stored and shared images, audios and videos.
  • Chat messenger’s group and individual conversation threads can also be read.
  • Visit the URL’s and the web history browsed by the target user.
  • Record the Phone calls and also listen to the surroundings which are stored in the online repository for later reference.

Important Points To Keep In Mind:

Now, it’s imperative that you should understand your requirements that what all you need to monitor about your target user and thereafter choose the package accordingly. Also, get clear with the fact that these apps cannot be remotely installed. You need to have the physical access of your target’s mobile phone for few minutes to directly download and install the software onto it. Once the software is installed by following all the instructions stated in the mail provided to you, then you can check the information remotely by accessing your authorized web account.

All the companies who state that the software can be remotely installed are just faking to sell their product. There’s no such possibility of installing an app without grabbing the cellphone of the target user. Do check the working of the mentioned features.

Consider The Compatible Ones!

It is important to consider the factor of compatibility before buying the software. If you don’t check this factor before buying and later request for the exchange policy then you would be disheartened because broadly companies don’t entertain this reason. So, be careful and don’t take the decision in haste. Review the supported cell phones and the operating systems that are listed in the company’s official website. Just in case the device you wish to spy is not mentioned then you should verify with the customer support either via mail or leaving a comment in the comment section.

Buy From Trustworthy Companies!

Look for the website who offers the customer care support and all the assistance in basic installation process. Although there might be many reliable software companies in the market but I would like to recommend some of the trustworthy spy companies which offer the good quality features to trap your target user’s cell phone activities. These are – FlexiSpy, HighsterMobile and mSpy.

So guys, better don’t get bamboozled with the false marketing antics of the spy companies!

spy software legal use

Is Cell Phone Spy Software Legal to Use Where You Live?

spy software legal useIt is but obvious to question on the authenticity of using a spy software in the place where you reside. This is among the frequently asked questions that how legal and viable is it to use a cell phone spy software or to inspect someone.Well the intention behind monitoring someone is the actual problem. If it's intended to stalk or harass someone then of course the legal action can be taken against the user. Although all these companies put the disclaimer on their websites which states to abide by rules, laws and legal formalities but I think it is difficult to seek the permission from the target user and then monitor them.

Suppose you doubt your spouse and wish to spy on them, that too by letting them know about it — Do you think your cheating partner will approve your permission? Certainly No!

But on the other hand it is imperative for you to salvage your marriage which can be done in two ways, either by talking to them clearly about the ongoing situation – if it works then you’re probably the luckiest one on the earth or the other option is simply watchdog them with this software and without them knowing. Now, the intention to save your marriage relationship is not harming anyone hence to know about your life partner more closely is completely justifiable.

The Law Where You Reside

The rules and regulations differ from place to place. The laws of privacy can be checked in the local legislation which states the protection of an individual’s privacy. Although the individual privacy is not of much importance in the law by the government enforcement agencies but yet it is advisable to follow the major instructions stated in the respective spy company’s disclaimer policy.

Use Spy Software Legally!

This app can be completely reasonable in times when you want to check the measures of safety zone for your kids or teenagers. Being a parent it is acceptable that you safeguard your child from getting indulged into any raunchy and nasty situations like getting bullied or involved in drugs and watching some obscene content over the internet. Know with whom are they connected on their social networking sites or circles. Whom are they talking to and texting on their smartphones. Give them freedom to roam around with friends yet smartly keep tabs on their whereabouts especially if they’re partying late at night.

Teenagers often don’t like their parents intruding into their privacy as they ask various questions to them hence this program solves this big time problem of yours by covertly gathering all the information to your online web account which is only accessible by an authorized user. So parents of teens stop worrying and start monitoring you kids with a simple yet powerful monitoring application.

Another reasonable use is for the employees monitoring, check whether your most trusted employees are actually loyal in real. Ensure that no significant data and information is getting revealed to any of your competitor and also the provided resources are not being misused by the company staff. Using this app will definitely help you increase the efficiency of your employees as well.

So, guys use the software in the dutiful way and aegis your personal and professional affairs!

Spy Phone

What Exactly Is A Spy Phone and What it Can Do?

Spying on someone is not a new thing in today’s date but doing it through a smartphone is definitely an innovative affair. It is an inspection gadget which speaks only the truth, no matter how bitter it is – it reveals all of them!

Spy Phone

A software is equipped in the phone of the target user which collects all the information and stores it on the online server. The stored information can be viewed by logging into the web account with the provided username and password. Before installing the spyware you need to check for its operating system’s compatibility along with the device like Android, iPhone etc. Once the software is installed it starts working for you against your target user.

Spy Smartphones or Ordinary Handsets?

In today’s era everybody is using the smartphones due to the extensive features proffered like free chat messenger apps – WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and BBM, video calling facilities and many more things. Hence spying via a smartphone is an easiest way to monitor a person as it does not require any third person’s interference or assistance to get the process started. Whereas the ordinary handsets can also be tapped but it of course needs a help and approval of the network provider and includes a complicated process with the involvement of too many people.

Software Apps Available For Spying!

There are spy software available in the market such as mSpy, FlexiSpy, HighSter Mobile which can make the smartphone act as a secret informer of all the actions taking place through his/her cellphone. These are compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows device and works in a clandestine manner which means it stays in complete hidden mode while gathering the information of the target user. Multitude spy software are present on the web and most of them offers the similar features and price range. Although it’s difficult to mention the best out of the three stated software below but I assure you these are the first rated software which will best suite your requirements to spy on a spotted person.

These software will allow you to view/read all the SMS/text messages, phone call logs, messenger chats, emails, photos, videos, audios, phone contacts, geo locations and many more things. It’s mandatory that a target’s device should have WiFi or data plan to get the data recorded for you in the online control panel of the website.

A Spy Phone – Technical Speck!

A spy mobile device can also let you bend an ear to the target user’s surrounding. This action is possible through a microphone installed in the mobile which lets you hear every conversation taking place around him. The voices get recorded in your web account for later reference and you can anytime listen to it as per your convenience or requirement just by logging into the account. But better be careful before using this bug device and don’t forget to consider the legal terms in your state.

Know The Exact Location Via Spy Phone!

A cellphone is a cardinal source which is always carried by everybody wherever they go and hence when a spy software is planted in the device it gets capable enough to let you know the absolute geo locations of the targeted person. So, no need to hire any private detective or chase your target user anymore. Simply download and directly install the spy application onto the smartphone and you can know their real time whereabouts. The map can show you the exact location of the user, therefore you can catch your target the moment S/He lies to you.

This is an effective tool to monitor kids and protect them from heading towards any wrong paths in life. Also it saves your marriage before it gets too late. You can sort out all the problems by knowing the real truth of your beloved life partner.