Take A Brim About The Best Spy Phone Software Application!

The availability of umpteen Online Mobile Spy Software entirely leaves you bewildered to select the finest and the perfect monitoring app for your target user. Isn’t? Well, to aid you circlet the best one for yourself we’ve listed some of the sterling spy apps that enlightens you with its functionality, features, reliability and many more aspects. This article will certainly serve you with an appropriate and convenient to use smartphone application as per your requirements.

Hence, flip through the various furtive applications mentioned below to single out the best suited spying software that will help you keep an eye on your red marked person round the clock!

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Spy Software 2015!

All the monitoring applications cataloged below works wholly in the surreptitious and stealthy manner. These apps will cater you the entire information about your target user in the control panel of the website that too without letting your target know about it.

Let’s start reviewing the apps

mSpy SmartPhone monitoring Software


mSpy is known for its admirable Parental control Software available across all the Genx smartphones viz. Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It is corroborated with multiple aspects and different pricing which allows you to easily make a choice in accordance to your needs and requirements. The basic monitoring aspects are finely carried out like tracking the phone call logs, monitoring the Instant Messenger Chats, flipping the multimedia – videos/photos, spying the text messages, locating their real time locations through the GPS tracker, viewing their phonebook contacts and the calendar details.

An access to their Control Panel Demo Session is just a feather on the cap. It cater two subscription packages – Basic and Premium, ranging between $29.99 to $199.99. The distinctive features are also provided by this software which perhaps aren’t included in other spywares.

1. Circumscribe The Incoming Calls – Yes, you can simply restrict the calls and especially protect your child from all the strangers and unknown phone calls.
2. Block The Websites/URL’s and Mobile Apps – Keep your children away from all those age inappropriate websites and apps by viewing their web history.
3. Geofencing – This feature allows you to discover the location of your kids or employees just in case they enter into the restricted area.
4. Keyloggers – Available only on Android, it can track all the messages as well as the login details from your target’s smartphone. The passwords too gets recorded.
5. Ceaseless Customer Support Service – Along with the contact number and email, it also provides the live chat support and a skype id to stay connected with their clients at any hour.

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FlexiSPY Cell Phone Monitoring Software


This is another spy software which has been in the spy league for almost a decade across all the platforms. It works perfectly with the iPhone and iPad and serve its clients with the most advanced features. This app easily gets installed within couple of minutes and thereafter it starts recording all the phone actions of your target user like the SMS/text messages, phone call records, GPS locations, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, iMessages and Skype chats. Check the photos, videos and the browsed websites and more.

If your prior requirement is to eavesdrop the phone calls of your target user and spy on the 13 Different Instant Messenger Chats then this is the right app for you as all the information and data gets uploaded on the control panel of the website. The features mentioned below absolutely sets FlexiSpy apart from all the other spy apps which are included in the Extreme Subscription package of this software. It comes in the range of $68 to $349.

1. Call Intercept Feature – This aspect furtively sanctions you to eavesdrop a live phone call of the marked person.
2. Keep Track Of All The Phone Calls – Check with the detailed incoming and outgoing phone call logs.
3. Know The GPS Locations – Know the whereabouts of your target user with the latest location check-in with the aid of Google maps.
4. Surrounding Recording – Also listen to the surroundings of your target user that gets saved on your website’s account in the mp3 format.
5. Passwords Cracker – This distinct aspect lets you see all the passwords typed by the target person on his/her smartphone to login their emails and social media apps.

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MobiStealth Mobile Phone Spy


A cut price software and the user friendly interface cater its clientele with the effective and adequate monitoring features. With the simple installation process it can bag you with all the required information and data about your red marked person. The spy logs are kept safe in the password protected account of the website which is accessible only by an authorised person who holds the username and password for the same. Spying on the Instant messenger chats like WhatsApp and BBM, reading the Skype, Yahoo, MSN chats and Emails whether read, unread or the deleted ones.

Know their real time locations and look through their pictures and videos saved in the gallery or shared amongst their friends. This app is available in multiple subscription packages starting from 2 Weeks with $19.99 and goes upto $139.99 for 12 months. Read more to know the key features of Mobistealth!

1. Keylogging & ScreenShots – You can get the records of the keystrokes and also the screenshots of the employees and children’s desktop remotely to know their online activities.

2. View their Pictures/Videos and Web History – All the gross pictures and filmed videos can be checked by you. Refrain them from sharing and watching the obscene images and content on the websites.

3. Monitor Their Emails and Text Messages – Read all the sent, received and also the deleted Mails and SMS of the target person along with the date and time stamp.

4. Know their Phone Contacts and also Track Their Locations – All the saved contacts along with the additional information can be known to you and it allows you to discover the location of the marked person with or without the aid of GPS tracker.

5. Monitor Chat Messengers – Spy on their BBM, WhatsApp, Yahoo, MSN and Skype chats with the detailed specifications that gets stored on your online spy account.

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Highster Mobile Spy Software (One Time Fee Only)


The Highster Mobile Pro Edition is the new, easy on pocket and markdown application. This  preeminent spy application which is accessible on the Android and Apple devices is well packed with features that benefits you in monitoring the integral aspects of a smartphone. Unlike other software it doesn’t hold the multiple features but the existing ones ensure the glitch free ride to its clients. If your target user is more of  a text person then this mobile monitoring app is the perfect purchase to get hold of your target person. An economical priced app gives the lifetime license and free updates once installed into your targets cell phone with NO additional charges, worth for $69. Lets leaf through the features served by this app.

1. Multimedia(Photo/video) & Social Media Spying – Read the WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, BBM chats, Twitter, Skype, Viber, Instagram, and Email as well. The deleted ones can also be viewed easily.
2. Know their Real-time Locations – Keep tabs on your loved ones with this aspect of GPS tracker. All the data is recorded in the control panel of the website.
3. Phone Call Monitoring and Phonebook Contacts: Get the specifications of the call logs in the textual format along with the date and time stamp.
4. Browser History –  View all the browsed websites and URL’s that your kids are browsing in the wee hours.
5. The Text Message – Read/View all the text messages of your target person with the date and time specifications saved on the websites control panel.

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Things You Need To Know!

1. Get an access to the target user’s smartphone for at least 15 minutes to download and install the software onto it.
2. Without Internet you cannot use this software so ensure the good internet connectivity on the target user’s device as well as on our desktop or laptop to read the spy logs.
3. Although these are workable across all the platforms but it’s advisable that you check with the feasibility and compatibility of the software with the marked person’s cell phone by visiting the supported phones page on the official website.
4. Look for the contact numbers, emails and live chat options to get the customer support when you’re stuck somewhere.

How It Works?

You need to buy an application with the mentioned subscription packages. Thereafter you will be provided with a registration email from the merchant which will be comprised of the login details and necessary instructions to follow along.

On performing the installation steps successfully, you’ll be able to track all the messages, phone call logs etc. of your marked user’s smartphone.

Note: To use the advanced features on the Android devices you require to Root it. And for the iPhone user’s it’s mandatory to jailbreak the device to install and get using the spy software.

Which One To Choose!

So, with the detailed description of the monitoring software and its multifarious features, all you require to do is just analyse your needs and requirements to hand pick any of the aforementioned spy applications. It’s true that suspicions about your spouse, children and employees will certainly be cleared with these monitoring apps. So, get yourself absolutely clear and know the urge of Why and for What you require these spy apps.

If live call listening is all you want then FlexiSPY is the right choice for you as it is the only app which possess this feature. Whereas for texting, IM messenger etc. can all be done with any of the above listed products hence take the economical computation into the consideration and read about the software to help yourself select one out of these five enumerated Spy applications. Check out my comparison of mSpy Vs FlexiSpy Vs Highster Mobile to view all the features.

Hope this article has given you enough insight for the various monitoring operations. For any further queries please free to write us the comments to serve you better.

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