cell phone spy buying guide

Buy Cell Phone Spy Software Safely – Don’t Get Ripped Off!

We always look for the finest and the bestest online applications. And one tends to get flummoxed while researching online for it. This is because of the presence of multifarious Spy software which makes it difficult for a user to select the best and appropriate app for monitoring their marked person.

cell phone spy buying guide

Well, Primarily it’s crucial to understand your needs and requirements to spy on your target user. Check what exactly do you need to monitor through your children’s or significant other’s smartphone. Also you need to consider the compatibility factor before selecting the spy software with multiple competent aspects.

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Inside Wire To Help You Select The Best Spy App

These Monitoring Applications are operative across all the platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian with the good Internet connectivity either from WiFi or the data plan. So, what all do you need to Examine?

  • Check with your Needs and Requirements to Spy on the Target User – i.e. Monitor on Text messages, Phone calls or WhatsApp etc.;
  • Compatibility Check – It is crucial to check, is the spy app congenial with the marked person’s cell phone OS version or not;
  • Check with the Reliability and the Authenticity of the Spy App – Beware of the fake applications.

How To Do It?

Analysing the Core Needs to Monitor the Target User – Is S/He always texting through text messages or they’re always talking on phone round the clock? Is it the Instant Messenger chats like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, BBM, Snapchat etc. that are making them sit aloof in the corner? Or their Real time locations are unknown to you? Do you feel like checking their Browsed History and Emails?

Well, all these things can be monitored with the aid of a Cell Phone Monitoring apps which cater the multitude features broadly with two subscription packages viz. Basic and Advanced subscription packages with different time span and price. The Basic pack is corroborated with the basic features like-

  • Tracking the SMS/Text messages whether read/unread or deleted ones;
  • Tracking the Phone call logs along with the call duration, date and time stamp;
  • Locating the GPS location with the help of Google maps;
  • Flip through their Emails and Browsed web history;
  • Accessing their Phone book contacts along with the additional information attached with it like the Birth dates, emals, house address etc.

Advanced/Pro Features

This includes all the basic features along with these below listed aspects.

  • Tracking their Instant Messenger chats viz. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat account hack, BBM,Google hangouts etc.;
  • Cracking the passwords of the smartphones;
  • Listening to the calls and recording them on the control panel;
  • And many more.

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Reviewing the Compatibility

To examine it you’re suggested to visit the Supported phones page on the official website of the various Monitoring apps. You require to review the Operating System version with the Spy software. Check out my compatibility article here.

For all the Apple device holders it’s mandatory to Jailbreak an iDevice before downloading a spy program onto it. The program supports all the versions up to iOS 8.x.

And for Android users, the Rooting is only required if you want to get catered with the advanced features of the app else for basic features rooting is not required. And here the supported versions are up to 5.0.1(inclusive).

Physical Access Required

Also, Remember the company which promises that you can remotely use the software is not true. Until and unless these software comes under the physical access of the target’s smartphone for downloading and installing the software directly onto it. It is only after the software gets equipped in the cell phone then a user can check all the spy logs in the websites control panel which is password protected and can be viewed only by the authorized user.

Retrospect The Spy App’s Genuinity

It is important that you don’t get scammed with the fake promising spy apps. Proffering the app in less price for Premium/Advanced package wherein when you install the program on the target’s device then only the basic features are working. So, to avoid these type of crooked deals it is advisable that you –

  • Visit the official website and there you can get the plentiful information about the software and also check how frequently the website gets updated;
  • Check out for the contact numbers and addresses on the company’s website;
  • Try to chat or speak to the customer support executive perhaps available 24×7 for clientele help;
  • If Live customer support is not available then do drop a mail about your queries and wait until they revert with a satisfied answer;
  • Read the reviews and blogs for the specific software. Flip through the various blogs and reviews to get the clear picture of an app but be cautious from the false and counterfeit ones;
  • Go through their demo and free trial versions;
  • Look for it on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to know the spy company’s authenticity;
  • Go through their pre-monitoring installation process. Inspect are they guiding well to get using the software;
  • Always check for the FAQ section on the website to get an appropriate answer to all your questions.

Check out Some Genuine Spy Apps:

So the bottom line is you have got the comprehensive knowledge for crowning the adequate Monitoring software for your target person without getting swindled, So without wasting anymore time, dive in!

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