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Cell Phone Parental Control – Do You Need Spy Software

The children, Today at a very tender age are getting their hands on all the contemporary gadgets like Smartphones, Tablets etc.. A three-year old kid has also become a geek as S/He knows how to play the games on these smartphone devices. As Parents, We ourself provide a cell phone to our kid who are busy attending their tutorial and extra curricular activity classes, Just for our convenience.

And the given mobile phone is obviously a smartphone and not the one which is only capable of just dialing and taking the calls. Hence, The complete access of the internet is accommodated to the kids without imposing any restrictions. This automatically entails them into the age inappropriate websites, sexting, chatting on social media sites and chat rooms by creating their fake accounts and much more.

Therefore, It’s crucial for all the parent’s to have the parental control system on the cell phones that they handover to their children. It is because you cannot always cast an eye over your kids cell phones and this makes it momentus to get an aid of the monitoring software to keep track of them. Lets go through the various Parental control programs.

What All Can You Do With Parental Control Software?

cell phone parental control

  • Block the Internet Access – These spy applications allow you to block the access of the websites that are inapropos and irrelevant for your children. Getting their hands on such websites can be prohibited. Also you can put stringent time constraints on the Internet usage. Some of the service providers viz. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile offer limited features through which you can let your kids use the Internet for a limited time span. A minimal cost on monthly basis would be charged for availing these services.
  • Using Prevalent Applications – The apps like Text Guard and Mobile Watching category caters with the good monitoring control features but they’re not stealthy. And being unable to get hidden onto your teenager’s mobile phone is the prior reason that they’ll acknowledge that somebody is trying to spy on them. And coming to know that it is their parents who are keeping tabs on them through a spy software will leave you in a worst scenario. So, I suggest that this application could be best suited for 8-10 year old kid who is scared of his/her parent’s warning but the teenagers probably feel offended by this action of yours by saying that their own parents don’t trust them. So, Opting this tip for an adolescent is a Big NO.
  • Using Parental Control Spy Software – Unlike the prevalent applications these spy software works in the incognito mode. They remain hidden once installed in the smartphones of the target user, thereby not giving any suspicious sign to your kids that they being watchdog by someone. These below mentioned apps will show you, Your children’s true actions. Learn more about the same.

Flick Through the Below Mentioned Monitoring Programs

With the numerous online spy software on fingertips, We hereby suggest you the best ones to truly aid you in monitoring your children’s activities round the clock that too without them knowing about it.

Yes, These software works in complete hidden and covert manner without giving any clue to your lovely children that they’re being monitored by their own parents. If you thought that asking questions about their day plans and whereabouts is a better idea than you’re absolutely wrong because half of them will cook up stories and the other half will question you for their privacy instead of answering to your queries. Therefore, Silently watching their entire actions with the monitoring app is a foolproof option to be aware of your kids well being.

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To do this all you require is to, Equip the cell phone of your child with a best spy app that will hide itself on the device and will collect all that you required, To the website’s dashboard for your references. These applications are as under –

The aforementioned applications are the first-rated and finest apps that track entire information from his/her smartphones. If you feel exasperated and annoyed to see your children glued to their cell phones then you have the privilege to block such applications which you think aren’t appropriate for them to access.

Keep scrolling to know the multiple aspects with which you can help them stay protected and safe.

Highster Mobile for Parental Controls

This spy software company is working hard to make their product better not only for the categories of spouse and employees but also for monitoring the kids. Talking about the basic features then it have the aspects like reviewing the text messages, phone call logs, Phone book contacts, GPS location tracker, Emails and visiting the website links or URLs of the browsed web history.

Now, To discuss about the advanced features of this software then both of them has the potential to monitor the Instant Messenger chats like WhatsApp messenger chats, Viber, Snapchat, BBM, Facebook messenger chats, Google Hangouts, Instagram etc. of the target user. Available across all the major devices like Android, Apple and BlackBerry. It is an economical and an apt application to buy for monitoring your target user.

Click here to view Highster Mobile parental control software

mSPY Parental Controls

It serves some of the unique features for the extra parental control practices over your kids.

  • App blocking – This aids in blocking the offensive and age inappropriate content for the kids. The social media platform like Facebook and other messenger applications and Media players like Youtube can be blocked from your child’s smartphone. This all can be done easily by configuring in the control panel of the website.
  • Remotely Lock and Unlock the Phone – You can easily restrict the use of the cell phone through the control panel, Either entirely lock the cell phone or lock it for the wee hours or during their study time.
  • View the installed applications – This aspect will allow you to view the apps that they download onto their mobile phone.
  • Sending Instant Alerts – You can set up the settings in your mSPY account. You get an alert whenever your child calls on a specific authorized number or they text or mail through a predefined trigger word/phrase. It is a simple and easy way to set up the settings in the Control Panel. It immediately notifies you when your child is in danger situation either through a text message or e-mail or both directly to the registered phone number.
  • Review their Activities on the Social Networks – Monitor their activities on the famous and popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to view mSpy parental control software

Apart from blocking the store apps, It supports all the basic features and also mSpy is an excellent software to be acknowledged for the child monitoring software. It proffers a wide range of contemporary features to help control your kids activities. One of the best features is their Phone Surround Recording and the Call Recording. With this feature you can eavesdrop their phone calls at any time and anywhere.

Hence, Both of these programs serve pretty incredible monitoring aspects. They offer so much more than the prevalent apps and other stated options for the Parental control systems. All you require to do is to download and install either of the spy softwares directly onto your child’s smartphone and there it will start accumulating all the data in the control panel of the password protected account of the website. Just login with the unique credentials to view all the stored spy logs. Also, You can download the recorded spy logs in the excel sheets for future reference.

Its Vital To Safeguard Your Child?

An outright way to ensure that your child is safe and sound is to let them know that you all as parents are concerned for them. It’s crucial to make them aware of the different menace and hazards they can confront with the excess use of the cell phones. Yet if you feel that it’s essential your lovely children should stay under your supervision then, Then and there, Install any of the recommended parental control software directly onto their smartphones.

By planting this app onto your kid’s Android or iPhone device you will be closely able to observe their each and every activity. This helps you release your tension as you’re no more unaware of their good or bad deeds. You can control them in a smarter way without any unnecessary conflicts just with the help of this program. As mentioned above that it stay clandestine which means you can easily monitor your loved one without infringing their privacy zone.

Therefore, With the multiple features of these spy apps you can ensure that your child is not being dragged to any of the nasty situations by any stranger or perhaps by their own friends. Ensure they’re not the victim of the Cyber Bullying, Sexting or indulged into the drug abuse.

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