cell phone spy complete guide

Cell Phone Spy Software – The Complete Guide To Novice And Experienced

If you’re still perplexed that how does a cell phone spy software works then, Here we get a complete guide to help you serve better. Browsing on internet you must have read something or the other about the cell phone spy software on How, Which and Why you should use a monitoring software for your kids, spouse and employees.

Well, You will get something productive from this insightful article. Give yourself a substantial knowledge on these cell phone monitoring software before you invest your hard earned money and precious time.

A Milestone To Novice And An Experienced!

You’ve landed to a perfect website to learn about the cell phone spy software from the scratch. A spy app will let you know about all the activities taking place in your targets cellphone. If you’re suspicious about your beloved spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend or a good friend who might be cheating on you then you can clarify all your doubts with this easy to use Mobile Monitoring Application.

What Is The Need For This Guide?

To use the app more effectively you precisely need to comprehend about the software. You will get to understand the jargons and technicalities that are used along with the cell phone monitoring app and it will also help you discover the authentic and genuine product in the spyware market. Just ripe yourself with the power of these apps and software. Choose a best spy app so that you don’t get trapped by some non-authentic websites.

Though various companies are marketing a spy software with a very user friendly interface yet some people face the issues while downloading and installing it onto their target’s cell phone. Checking the compatibility of the mobile spy software across various platforms and devices is another major problem. To avoid all these issues and get a better understanding to the software core, it's imperative to have the complete know-how about the program.

What Is Cell Phone Spy Software?

cell phone spy complete guide

A cell phone spy software acts like a secret informer to you for your target's cell phone activities.

For all the neophytes, Worry not! These spy software has the undercover approach which means your target user will never get an inkling of being monitored through his/her own smartphone. It aids you in monitoring the phone messages, incoming and outgoing phone calls, emails and many more things can be tracked. There are various companies that proffers to monitor the complete phone actions of the target user with their proficient cell phone spy software. Therefore, Below mentioned are the top notch spy software companies that will help you better understand the working of the software.

These companies have the software comprised into two categories with different tariff/price plans.

The Basic Category includes the aspects to track the red marked person’s –

  • Text Messages;
  • Phone call logs;
  • Emails;
  • GPS Location;
  • Photos, Videos, Audio clips;
  • URL links and the browsed web history.

Whereas in the Pro or Advanced Category, You will be catered with the advanced features along with the basic aspects like –

  • Eavesdropping the phone calls or listening to the live calls;
  • Getting the calls recorded for later reference;
  • Tracking the popular Instant Messenger chats viz. WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Facebook messages;
  • Surround listener lets you listen to their surroundings;
  • Phonebook tracker allows you to access the contacts and all the related information attached with it.

All these information is extracted from the target’s cell phone and uploaded to the spy server account. To view all the records or information as and when required, You’re just required to login to the account with an authorized username and password. The stored spy logs can be downloaded in the excel sheets for concrete evidence.

Compatibility Of The Monitoring Software With Your Target’s Smartphone

Although these spy software are compatible with various devices but still it’s advisable that you should check the feasibility once with your device’s Operating System. Every website holds a complete analysis on the compatible cell phone spy software versions along with the platforms of the mobile phones. Just in case you’re confused about the software supportability then, Do ask about it by writing a comment in the comment section or by dropping an email to the customer care executive that is provided by the websites. This action of yours will help you guide better in buying the correct and compatible version of the software for your target’s cell phone.

Note: If you want to spy on the Android or iPhone users then go through the mandatory technical details.

# iPhone Device:

Jailbreak! This term won’t be jargon for you anymore! As here you will understand why an iPhone needs to be jailbroken. As these cell phone monitoring software are not available in the iPhone store hence to install it or any third party application you need to jailbreak the Apple product.

Must Read: How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking simply means that you’re liberating your iDevice from all the limitations that Apple has otherwise put on the iOS to forbid it from getting modified. Once these limitations have been removed you’re enable to download any app on your iPhone, including an iPhone spy software.

# Android Device:

For Android devices the process is called Rooting. Unlike iPhone’s jailbreak process, Rooting in Android phones is not mandatory in case you want to spy with the basic features provided by the software that include the tracking of the phone calls, text messages, emails, images and GPS locations. Whereas if the phone is rooted you’re then, Enable to access the advanced features offered by the spy app like the WhatsApp and other messenger chats can be tracked. Also the call recording features aid you in listening to their call conversations.

Limitations Of Mobile Phone Spy Software!

These best spy apps are capable enough with the Smartphones, Which means the phones enabled with an internet connection either with WiFi or the data plan.

  • These apps don’t work on cellular phones, So this is the foremost thing to look for your target’s mobile device.
  • Secondly, Check for the supported software which is congenial with the target users mobile OS version.

These spywares are good enough to work with all the network providers across any country.

Real Time Working Of The Software!

By now, You must be curious to understand how these spy apps work? Know the necessary things required for better workability of the software.

how spy software works

Get started with the spy software

  • Firstly, You require to purchase the cell phone spy software, Thereafter you download and install the software directly on the target’s smartphone.
  • Once the software is planted onto the mobile phone thereupon it starts uploading the Text messages(sent/received/deleted), Phone call logs(incoming/outgoing/missed), Emails(sent/received), GPS locations, Phonebook contacts and many more things on the servers repository account.
  • Now the information stored on server account is viewable to you with the provided unique credentials. All you have to do is to login to the website with the username and the password to view all the records at any time and place. [Of Course, Without internet connection you won’t be able to access anything!]
  • The logs of the information can also be downloaded for your solid evidence.

Can Spy Software Remotely Get Installed?

The monitoring software cannot be installed remotely. This is of the prior importance that to get the app installed on your target’s phone you need to access his/her device for a couple of minutes. People usually confuse themselves when they read that the – Stored information can be remotely viewed by the authorized user at any time and place.

So readers, Rectify yourself that when you need to equip the software in the target’s phone you will have to physically access the phone for few minutes and once the program is installed successfully thereafter the uploaded information on the server is available to you remotely.

Don’t get fooled if you read somewhere that remote installation is possible because these are all the shady deals to sell the software.

Be Smart While Purchasing A Cell Phone Spy Software!

So now, You know a bit about – How these software work, What all can it do and the Type of phones we can monitor? Now you need to find the right cell phone spy app for your needs but most importantly, you need to find the one which works and won’t leave you feeling ripped off!

If you are starting from scratch, With no knowledge, Then this surely is the most difficult part – But relax! You have this guide to help you!

The key to be safe while purchasing the app, Is to do some due diligence, This way you can avoid the scams and poor quality programs. You need to thoroughly evaluate the spy company by reading the spy software reviews. Consider the review websites to better comprehend.

Pick the Best Software As Per Your Requirement!

By now you must have read and understood the features and characteristics of the monitoring software. So, Now it’s time you recognize your needs to spy your target user. Check what is S/He using the maximum on the cellphone. If it’s more of the Instant Messenger Apps than normal Text Messages then you should go for Pro/Advanced version of the monitoring tool. Else check if the basic version can render the needs of spying your target. As already mentioned above the quintessential points that should be kept in mind while choosing an app, Here again I’m providing you the requirements in nutshell.

  • It should be compatible with your target cell phone;
  • It should screen all the features that you need to monitor on your spotted person’s smartphone;
  • Lastly, it should be affordable by you.

Read more reviews about these applications to get a clear picture about the software efficacy and genuineness. Don’t hesitate while asking about your doubts from the customer executives. Get clear about the features, compatibility and installation process before investing your valuable hard earned money.

Recommended Spy Software Products

Though there are plethora of spy apps available in the market but this article bring the upright and the best ones for you. These recommended apps are tried-and-true! So go ahead and try any one of these.

An Advancement In The Spyware Store!

If the idea of Jailbreaking an iPhone is sounding tough to you then, We suggest you with another option to spy your target’s iDevice that too without jailbreaking it. Yes, You can monitor their iMessages and other Text messages, Phone call logs, GPS locations and multimedia like pictures, videos and audios with the new version of mSPY for non-jailbroken Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, etc..

Unlike other cell phone spy software the mSPY for Non jailbroken devices needn’t have to be installed on the target’s smartphone. This is a desktop application which is executable on Windows Operating System. To get started with this app all you need to know is the target user’s unique Apple ID and Password. Although this application is not capable of monitoring the advanced features like call listening/recording and reading the messages of chat messengers but the Basic aspects can be well tracked with this application.

Click Here To View mSpy for iOS devices without jailbreak

How to Install Spy Software On A Cell Phone?

Once you wisely decide the brand of the software you want to pursue with, Thereafter you’re just left with three simple steps. You have already read the prerequisites of the software so now carefully follow these steps to get started with the monitoring app. Any carelessness in installing the  spy software will lead you in further problems. Be cautious while getting it equipped in your target’s cell phone.

3 Simple Steps:

One can easily carry out the mechanism by simply following the rules as mentioned in this guide and the email provided by the spy company.

  • Purchase the software

From the desired website look out for the features you want to spy. Almost every company have at least two versions (Basic and Pro) that caters various feature along with the different subscription packages. Check for the features you want to spy the maximum and choose the package accordingly.

  • Download the Software

After you purchase a software, You will get a link for downloading the software in your authorized email id. Click on the link and start downloading the app.

  • Install the Software

Once the download is complete then quickly install the app onto the mobile. Check for the configuration and settings option as specified in the mail. The installation process will take a couple of minutes to get planted and thereafter you’ll be allowed to access the activities of your target user on the online dashboard.

Note: The software should be Downloaded and Installed on the target’s cell phone and must be Reboot after the completion of Installation Program.

Obstacles Of The Spy Software!

Spy software is a high-tech product and sometimes these products can be amiss. Although these products assure that there shouldn’t be any problems while using it but it could occur because of some below mentioned points.

  • Picking Up An Incompatible Product!

This is of the utmost importance else you won’t be able to execute the program. Ensure the OS’s (Operating System) compatibility with the spy software.

  • Erroneous Installation

We often mess up things while in haste, So if the installation is done in a hurry then there are chances of wrong installation which would halt the process.

  • Bad Internet Connection

If the internet you’re using doesn’t have the good network strength then you won’t be able to get an access to the information.

So, with the above points described you can overcome the problems by first setting up a good internet connection, then choosing a compatible version software against your target’s smartphone and lastly installing it secretly and correctly into the mobile.

Look For Customer Support

Apart from the aforementioned problems, make sure the product you choose has a good quality and service to guide you with the spy process. The company should have the customer care executives to cater their clientele. The official mailbox where a user can drop their queries, Should be answered within the time span of 24 hours. The long stories should not be mentioned while stating your queries/problems or doubts.

Be crisp while mentioning your problems. Also, Check for the various time zones when you’re seeking help from an executive. There may be times when a site is under construction for more updates and at that time you may not get the support but then for that I advise you to stay calm and wait for at least 48 hours. A good reputed website will get back to you as soon as possible.

Make It Lucrative!

This technology is rapidly growing in the market and hope with this complete detailed guide, I must have covered all the major points for the beginners as well as for the experienced users.

Please feel free to enquire about your doubts if left any! Your answered questions can help the real time users as well. So, Write in the comment section. Your identity will be kept safe with us.

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