What is Cydia

How to Hide the Cydia App Icon After Jailbreaking an iPhone?

How do I hide the Cydia icon? How can I remove the Cydia icon from my home screen?
These are the most frequently asked questions once a user let an iPhone/iPad undergo the  Jailbreak process.

What is Cydia?

What is Cydia

Cydia is an app store where all the third party software applications are served. The device is emancipated from all the limitations to get benefitted with the apps which aren’t provided by the Apple. Well this icon appears on the springboard or home screen of the smartphone after the iDevice is jailbroken.

The reason behind hiding the Cydia app is either people don’t want others to know that there iPhone is jailbroken which is advantageous if you lose your phone or they want to install the spy software on the target user’s device. So, lets learn the way to conceal the application from your mobile phone.

Urge To Hide Cydia!

Hiding Cydia will uninstall the application or it would violate the jailbreak procedure, an another misconception. Nothing of such sort is going to happen. Covering up the Cydia app will keep the jailbreak process entirely intact. There are varied apps that offer the options to disguise the app from the device. Let me enumerate some of the finest and the popular programs that aid you with the aforementioned process with the different Operating System version updates of iOS 7 and iOS 8.

  • SBSettings
  • Poof

How To Do It?

Here we will be discussing about both the above mentioned applications.

1. SBSettings

Open the Cydia application and look for the SBSettings option in the app store. Click on the app to download and install it on the device. It provides many options along with concealing the apps.

Go to the SBSettings control panel just by swiping the topmost area of your iPhone screen. From the displayed menu tap on the ‘More…’ for more options and then look for the ‘Hide icons’. Now, from the enumerated list select the Cydia app and tick mark the check box or tap the toggle button to switch the app into the hidden mode.

Apart from concealing the Cydia app you can even hide the SBSettings just to stay safe in case your main concern is to equip the device with the spy software. With this the most apparent symbols that shows the gadget has got jailbroken will completely be disguised. Therefore, the user will not easily be able to trace the same.


This is another famous application which aid in masking the app from the springboard of the device. Alike SBSettings, it also require to get downloaded from the Cydia app store. After you install the app it generates a list of applications and gives you the option to hide them. You require a BigBoss repo app to get the Poof working. Unlike SBSettings it doesn’t offer any extra features which makes it easier to use it particularly for hiding the applications that appears on the home screen of the smartphones.

Steps To Follow Along –

To Download and Install BigBoss Repo –

  • Click on the Cydia app and then tap on ‘More Package Sources’.
  • Look for the BigBoss repo and press OK on the dialog box to get it installed on the device.
  • Once done, then click return on the Cydia option.

To Download and Install POOF app from the BigBoss Repo –

  • After you add the Repo URL then move ahead to install the POOF app.
  • Type POOF on the search bar which is at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Now close the Cydia application.

You’ve successfully installed the app and now you can easily hide the apps that you wish to.

Hope this article has given you enough insight to cover up the applications that you don’t want to appear on your home screen. For any further details please write in the below comment section.

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