Cell Phone Spy Working

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Works?

With the advent of technology, it has become very easy to monitor your kids with spy software and other family members and that of the company employees. The Monitoring/Spy apps have made the life simple and uncomplicated. Sitting in your air conditioned room or workplace in a scorching heat and without following your target everywhere S/He goes, You can effortlessly know what they’re doing and what are they upto!

In fact, Keeping tabs on your loved ones has now become a cake! But have you ever taken a minute to think that how these cell phone spy apps actually work? Well, In this article I’m going to tell you about the overall working of these spy applications. Majorly, All the spy software work in a similar manner but they differ on their user interface and setting up procedure. So lets take a look on the entire spy program.

The Overall View

Cell Phone Spy Working

Subsequent to your adequate selection of the Monitoring Software which is compatible with the target’s mobile phone OS and that also entirely cover all your requirements, then you should download and install the best purchased spy app directly onto your marked person’s smartphone by following the simple instructions given in the registration mail.

Please Note that for installing the software you require to have the physical access of your target person’s cell phone. Without holding the phone, it cannot be installed remotely by any means, hence you need to grab the mobile phone of the target user for couple of minutes to complete the installation process to get benefitted with the various aspects of this program.

Now, Once you equip the software in the target’s device, Thereafter it will start showing you all the data logs of your target person’s mobile phone. Depending upon the subscription package that you chose for, It will record all the data and information in the control panel of the website.

Subscription Packages!

The aspects offered by the spy companies are generally categorised with two subscription packages viz. Basic and Advanced packages along with the different time span and cost price. There are some companies that cater the deals for both the categories with the lifetime subscription and others with the monthly package of one(1), three(3), six(6) and twelve(12) months. These spy kits are especially designed with different price list by the companies to best suit their valuable clients.

Spy Companies Control Panel/Dashboard

mspy dashboard
mSpy Control Panel/Dashboard

Now, to view all the information you’re required to log into the password protected account of the company’s website from any web browser and by using any device that supports the internet connection. Sign in with the Username and Password that is provided at the time of the registration mail. One can view the data by logging into their spy account and can also download the records in the excel sheets for concrete evidences against their target user.

What All Can Be Viewed in the Online Dashboard?

Dashboard, a place where a person without the unique credentials cannot enter!

It’s because all the important logs of the marked person gets stored here. And it’s ensured that only the accredited person can view the generated reports. The account settings can be managed all by yourself which includes the payment plan as well.

Also, It allows you to take charge of the target’s smartphone with some of the aspects like – recording the surroundings, deleting some absurd software that you feel should be accessed by your target user or locking and unlocking the phone itself.

Let’s Check What All Can You View In It With The Catered Aspects By This Program –

  • Read the Text messages and Emails – Read, Unread and Deleted;
  • Flip through the Multimedia gallery to see the images, videos and audio files exchanged by them amongst their loved and dear ones;
  • Read the entire Instant Messenger chat conversations done on the popular WhatsApp chat, Viber, BBM, Facebook, iMessages, Snapchat and many more along with the date and time specifications;
  • View their phone call logs along with the call duration, date and time;
  • Few companies offer to eavesdrop and record the calls of the target user;
  • Track the GPS locations of the target user with the aid of Google maps;
  • Revisit the browsed websites/URLs as the complete web history gets recorded with the date and time print;
  • Know about the red marked person’s nexus by going through their phone book contacts.
  • Also the additional information attached with it can be traced by you.
  • All these data logs can be downloaded to your device for authentic proofs against your target user.


It’s one of the crucial step while you select a spy app against your target user. Check the compatibility with the target user’s mobile phone Operating System and with that of the spy app. It is suggested that you visit the supported phones page on the company’s official website.

Also, remember that if a user is an iPhone user then you need to jailbreak the device and in case of Android user you can easily access the basic features catered by these companies but in order to get the benefits of the advanced features, it is required to Root the device.

The good sustainable Internet connectivity is another crucial point to be kept in mind to get the maximum benefit of the spy app as all the logs can be accurately recorded with the aid of good internet connectivity.

Problems Encountered!

Just in case your spy program is facing any problem or is not working properly perhaps the most likely reasons could be any one from the below mentioned problems.

  • Installation errors occur if the instructions are not followed properly;
  • Tracking the advanced features of spy app without Rooting the Android device;
  • Trying to install this program on an iPhone without jailbreaking it;
  • The software version is incompatible with the target’s cell phone;
  • Poor quality Internet connection.

Finally, Check all these points beforehand to get the fruitful results of installing the app onto the marked person’s iDevice or Android device without facing any problem. The core of this article is to review the two essential things before getting started with the monitoring app is the Software compatibility and the superior Internet connectivity.

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