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How to Remove Cell Phone Spy Software and Protect Your Phone?

In reference to my previous article “Is There Spy Software on My Cell Phone – How to Detect I‘m Being Monitored?” By now you must have figured out the existence of the software in your cell phone with the signs of depleted phone battery, constant noise in the background, overblown Internet usage etc.. Now learn how can you safely remove the cell phone spy app from your device and help protect your cell phone from getting breached by someone.

Keep scrolling to learn the easiest and popular ways to remove the Spy Software completely from your cell phone and also follow along the crucial countermeasures to protect your smartphone from getting trapped by the various monitoring applications available online.

How to Remove Cell Phone Spy Software from iPhone and Android Devices?


remove spy software android

Ensure yourself that there is no hidden application residing in your smartphone by simply opting for any of these methods to completely put an end to the spy software.

Update Your Phone's Operating System!

As you must have read that the spy software should be compatible with the device’s OS version and the spy software for the latest Operating System takes little time to get updated. Hence, If you keep your smartphone’s OS updated then it will keep you safe from getting into the clutch of the monitoring apps. So by upgrading the OS version, You can automatically remove the spy app from it. This updation will also get your phone’s status from rooted android device to unrooted and jailbroken iPhone to unjailbreak state.

Reset Your Device’s Factory Settings!

Whether Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, If you perform a factory reset on any of these devices then it will help you remove the cell phone monitoring app from your device very easily. It can be done all by yourself but if you are hesitant or scared that you might not perform it then you can ask the local vendor to do it for you in free of cost.

Better Get The Backup And Easily Restore!

Remember after the factory reset your phone will be back to the state when you purchased it. This means that along with the hidden app it will also uninstall all the third party and the online play store’s applications and software that you installed. So, better get the backup of all the data before you carry out the factory reset operation like phone contacts, images, music files etc. This will help you in easily getting it restored.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Although this technique of manually removing the spy files is not suggested to everyone. People with good technical knowledge and who are aware of the software files they’re going to delete can perform it. This is because it is very complex and troublesome to get the concealed files probably known to and recognized by you on the docket of the phone. So, why to take a risk of deleting a wrong file and damaging your device.

Take Some Measures To Protect Your Cell Phone!

Now with all the efforts you’ve successfully removed the cell spy software so now you should stay cautious and make sure that this doesn’t happen again. You know that it takes no time to plant a monitoring software in your smartphone, Once the target’s phone is grabbed for couple of minutes. Hence you should at least use the quintessential security steps to keep your cell phone safe from all the spywares.

  • Lock Your Smartphone! – You should have an unlocking password on your mobile phone which should be kept secret. A pattern lock or lock with numerals or alphanumeric passcodes could be used to safeguard your cell phone from all the strangers. This also helps you in not calling mistakenly on the random phone numbers or sending the blank/typo text messages.
  • Use The Automatic Password Lock Apps! – If you’re not in habit of locking your phone every time you unlock it then you should better use this app so it does it on your behalf. Or the second method exists in the phone itself. In the settings and privacy section of the smartphone there is an option that lets you set the time limit to lock your phone when not in use.
  • Look For The Various App Lockers! – Search for the security apps that can safeguard your instant messenger chats and various other apps in your smartphone from unveiling your secret and personal conversations and media.

So guys, take the step forward and free your phone from the detective programs and then follow the simple safety measures to help protect your cellphone from all the damage and intrusion to private data and information.

If you’ve better ideas of cell phone security measures then you’re all welcome to chip in your ideas in the below comment section!

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