How To Spy On LINE Messenger For iPhone and Android?

With plentiful chat messaging application present online, Line is another instant messaging platform that is famous amongst the genx. Alike all apps this mobile app too has many features that captivates the teenagers to make most of it. And with the rapid growth of such platforms it has become critical for parents to watchdog their children’s social network and other data and information of their smartphone’s. So let’s know the quintessential measures that need to be taken to protect your kids from falling into any parlous situation.

Run-Through LINE App


This application can be downloaded and installed on any of the popular mobile brands like the iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony etc.. It is compatible with all platforms such as iOS and Android. Apart from text messaging, Line is comprised of many in-app features. Some of the in-apps are free while others are paid. Video calls, innovative emoticons, stickers, group chats and one-to-one chatting are other aspects of this mobile app. All these options urge the teenagers to stay adhered with it as it enhances their experience of sharing pictures and more.

How Do Teens Use LINE?

  • Social Media Melange – Line is one of the favorite applications for all the teenagers because it is a blend of many social media apps. It is one such program that essentially combines all the main features of the popular online media apps. And hence makes it convenient to share the texts, pictures, stickers and high quality videos with the added background and cool music to share it with their friends.
  • Discovering Contacts Is Fun With Line – With the aid of ‘Shake it’ feature, one can add the contacts easily into their smartphones. Just shake the phones together by activating the ‘shake it’ option and there the phone number will be added to the contact book. Additionally one can also use the QR code by scanning it through the phone’s camera or directly using the Line ID.
  • Saving On Their Pocket Money – The core need to use this app is that it provides the free calls and text messages. However the kids are saving their money but in course of doing this they unknowingly share the unrequired data and information with their friends which gets mishandled by the cyber bullies. Thus it becomes little difficult for parents of teen to limit their cell phone usage.

Should Parents Be Concerned About LINE?

Unlike other chat applications, Keeping track of Line chats is critical as it proffers the hidden chat option. Once the chat is hidden then the messages are concealed from getting viewed in the regular window and then gets deleted after some period of time.

With the variety of options like games, posting updates on their timelines, chatting and many more unseen features it becomes onerous to watchdog your children.

Perhaps it leads to the sexting, bullying and stalking on social messenger apps. Especially the group chat aspect can easily permit the bullies to bully their target user. And if you feel that your child is sensitive, emotional then the continuous leg pulling and teasing can lead to their mental suffering and exhaustion.

3 Tips For Parents To Protect Teens On Using LINE

Refraining your children from using any of the instant messaging app is not a correct solution to rectify their inadequate behaviour. So here are few suggestions for the parents that they must follow in order to better comprehend the technology trends and children’s love towards these apps. So let them keep messaging their friends by guiding them with the below mentioned tips.

1. Ensure the User ID is kept private – Ask your kids to turn on the privacy settings and enable their user ID as private. Also they shouldn’t accept the unknown friend requests sent by some stranger. Review their privacy settings and check if the ‘public user ID’ is hidden or not. Tell them to put passwords on their accounts and use the necessary filters to block and avoid the messages received from the unfamiliar person.

2. DO NOT overlook the in-app purchases – Although Line renders many free services but there are some of the in-apps that are paid and this creates a huge credit card statements or bills payable to the network operators. Therefore it is essential to elaborate them for the online built in application purchases.

3. Use of cell phone monitoring apps – With the help of the mobile monitoring apps you can round the clock keep a check on your kids online actions that too without letting them know about it. These programs work completely under the stealth mode. Once you install this app onto your childs mobile phone thereafter you can view their Line messages, check their line call logs and multimedia folder at anytime and anywhere provided you have a strong internet connection.

Obsession with their selfies and photos allow them to post their inept pictures to gain the likes and maximum comments from their friends and in case their privacy settings are disabled then the comments can be received from the strangers as well. To avoid all these situations it is best to use the spying software such as mSpy to get informed about your loved ones smartphone activities.

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It is crucial to understand that every social correspondence have some pros and cons that affect our children positively or negatively. However Line is a combination of many apps that aids the children to stay connected with their social nexus.

Hence the parents of teen all you require to do is just stay well informed about your kids mobile activities. This will automatically minimize the risk that is associated with the use of the social media platforms on their iOS and Android smartphones.

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