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How To Spy On Phone Calls For iPhone and Android?

You make every possible endeavour to mischievously spy on phone calls for iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Symbian phone of your loved one's, children or spouse. Eavesdropping their secret calls is another best way to know whom are they talking with. But all your efforts go in vain as you do not get any accurate information with regards to their social nexus. And hence you tend to get worried and distressed. Well, there are many spy software available online that can help you through this nerve-racking scenario.

The cell phone monitoring software will facilitate you to know each and every detail about your target user through his/her own smartphone. For example Reading your target’s text messages, emails, iMessages, IM chat apps [WhatsApp, Viber, Line, BBM, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat etc.] or flipping through their multimedia folder that includes the pictures, videos can all be done once you plant this monitoring app on their phones. Also the GPS location can be tracked without them knowing. Spy on phone calls is one of the most efficient and demanding aspect that’s maajorly required by everyone.

So, to use all these remarkable spying features all you require to do is install this spy software onto their smartphones and thereafter you will get a doorway to all their mobile data and information uploaded into your own spy web account.

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How To Intercept Live Phone Calls?


However as previously mentioned there are many software available online but FlexiSPY is a reliable and authenticate spy app that provides you the quality promised features. It is compatible across all the platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian. With this app you can spy on the incoming or outgoing phone calls of your target user. Hear them live at anytime and anywhere. Performing this activity is very simple and it completely works in the stealth mode. This means that the target user will never come to know that you are intercepting their phone calls. You can either flip a switch in the provided online dashboard or just send a secret SMS to activate the live call interception feature for listening the entire conversations of the marked suspicious user. Moreover you can also spy on VOIP calls made through Skype, Viber and WhatsApp.

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Difference Between Live Call Interception And Call Recording

Many people get confused with the call recording and live call interception. Both of them are different as the call recording feature is functional when you’re unable to listen to the live calls but it is irresolute as sometimes the calls aren’t properly recorded because of the hardware or software constraints or the recorded info might be unclear. Additionally you would always have to wait for the recordings to be synced into your online spy account. Wherein the live call interception enables you to directly hear the conversations taking place between the target user and the other person.

To get notified for the every call or the specific marked calls that is made or received by your target user you will get an SMS alert or an Email alert (whichever is registered with the spy app) on your mobile phone.

Need of Live Call Interception and How It Works?

listen to live calls with flexispy

As soon as you get the alert from the ‘Watchlist’ option corroborated in your online account then just discreetly call the user using the ‘Monitor Number’ that is primarily entered by you in your FlexiSPY dashboard under the ‘Bugging Controls menu’.

The settings can be modified under the section called ‘Live Call Controls > Manage Watchlist’. It has various options to select for intercepting the calls of the target user’s contact book or unknown numbers. The ‘Monitor Number’ will also be used for listening the phone surroundings or receiving the SIM change notifications. Please note it is mandatory to click on the Sync Now button to save the required changes. Apart from call listening you can also enable the option for call recording.

Functionality Of The Live Call Interception Feature

To eavesdrop the conversation made by your target user in real time you will have to make a regular spy call on the target’s phone. No internet call will work. Once you make the call thereafter the software installed on the red marked person’s smartphone will identify the ‘Monitor Number’ and hence build a conference call to secretly patch you into the call done by the target user and the second person. The intercept call when made on the monitored user’s smartphone will not ring or display any caller ID thereby avoiding the records in the list of call logs. Similarly the SMS alerts also doesn’t hold any entry in the SMS history.

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Things To Remember

While you are using this incredible feature offered by FlexiSPY there are few things you must follow before activating the same. It is essential to put your mic on the mute mode so that the target may not hear any sound at his end. It is advisable to not loose your patience and intrude when you are listening to the live conversation of the target and the other person. Calmly accumulate all the valid evidences and then confront your spouse or children probably for their wrongdoings.


  • Target user's smartphone must have a compatible OS version along with a SIM card that has a GSM network.
  • Ensure that the target’s mobile device is equipped with the Call waiting and the 3-Way calling services.

So if you feel you are unsure and perplexed about your children and significant other then you can get benefitted by using this live call interception feature rendered by the top-notch mobile monitoring software – FlexiSPY.

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