How To Spy On WeChat Messages For iPhone and Android?

WeChat is the famous chinese social media application that has rapidly gained the popularity amongst the teens all over the globe. With the subscribers database of 200 million, the users of this applications are majorly under 25. It has many more features to offer other than exchanging the text messages. Along with the chatting conversation it also tender the voice messages, funny and romantic emoticons, snapshots, stickers etc.. The users of WeChat often use the stickers to express their moods and feelings to their friends and loved ones.

Unlike Facebook which has recently grabbed the attention by the older demographics, WeChat is welcomed by youngsters only. Infact the Global Web Index has observed that the young couples end their fights easily by just reciprocating through the various sorry stickers. This application is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhone.

Following Aspects Compel You to Monitor Their WeChat


A distinctive feature called shake your smartphone that can connect various users with each other. And apparently this is the sole reason to get worried about. As the teens impulsively correspond to the stranger's friend request that ultimately poses the safety risks. Therefore it is crucial to watchdog your children’s social media site’s and be informed of their social nexus and activities that might befell them. Keep scrolling to know the aspects that are provided by the WeChat messenger.

WeChat Features

This mobile messaging app has many features that keep the genx tapping their fingers over their smartphones 24/7.

1. Group Messaging – The chats done in a group that can add up to 40 members might be a reason for your child’s ill behaviour or mental suffering. Because sometimes unknowingly children get targeted by their peers which leads to bullying or mentally stressing themselves;

2. Aspects that abet sexting

a. One to one or private chat threads – The chats done in secret can permit them to sexting and hence turns out to be subversive;

b. Upload the Profile picture – In order to fetch comments from their friends, girlfriends or boyfriends they unconsciously upload the indecent pictures or selfies;

c. Flag the regular chats with the multiple stickers and emoticons;

d. WeChat video calling – Just connect the smartphone with WiFi or mobile data and do the video calling.

e. Voice messages – Simply record the message and send it to the user;

f. Moments – Sharing the picture worldwide with a feature called Moments. It is similar to FB’s public option;

g. Look around feature – It helps you get in touch with any of the active WeChat user apart from the users present in contact list;

Other Features

1. Drift a Bottle – This is a fun feature which is when activated, allows you to drop a bottle into a sea with the voice or text message. Then anyone in the world can pick that bottle and thereafter you can also pick other bottles.

drift bottle wechat

2. Shake the phone – If you activate this feature and shake your phone then anyone shaking his/her mobile at the same time can be connected with you. A name will pop up and if you wish to talk with them then just connect and start chatting.

wechat shake

3. Web WeChat – This feature is considered to be the coolest one for all the teens. Because if you’re a parent who doesn’t allow the kid to use his/her smartphone in their study hours then please note that they’re still chatting even without their phone in hand. Yes, with the web WeChat option they simply login their WeChat profile on their PC and pretend to be studying or researching about their project work.

4. Integration with Social media apps like Facebook – This aids in linking the WeChat profiles with the Facebook account.

Why you need to spy on their WeChat messages?

With all the aforementioned features it is significant to keep a check on your children’s smartphone activities. Asking for their cell phones and looking over their screens will get you no relevant information. So, to eye their social media apps you need to use the cell phone monitoring application.

One of the best spying software to track the messages and other related information about WeChat is FlexiSPY. From checking their text messages to profile pictures, relationship status, phone call logs and many more elements, you simply need to install this software on your child’s smartphone. Once you plant this app thereafter it will monitor each and every activity that is taking place when they’re online. The spy reports get uploaded on your authorized web account. You just have to login with the given credential details and subsequently you will be able to see the entire required data and information of your target user.

Get Into Action!

Smartphone is the cardinal need of every individual thus we cannot abandon the use of it but the correct measures can always be taken that can help protect your children from indulging into any amateurish or bad scenario. Hence to impede the social dangers like cyber bullying, sexting etc. it’s pivotal to monitor your children’s smartphone well right in time.

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