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How to Spy Viber Messages and Calls?

Viber is the most faddish app that is majorly installed on all the youngster’s smartphones. This app is tremendously gaining popularity among the teenagers as it is free to download and install. Perhaps, parents of teens who aren’t very tech savvy, probably not be acquainted with this wondrous Instant Messaging app. Well, what makes it crowd-pleasing is the free calling feature that it cater which is viable with the good internet connection.

It is available across many platforms viz. Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows. This application aid you with an in-use text messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) features for smartphones that has been created by the Viber Media. Along with the instant messenger chat, one can also share the multimedia like images, videos and the audio files.

Parent’s do get apprehensive about their children simply because they’re always clunged on their cell phones. Therefore this article will walk you through the essential steps that you need to take in order to keep tabs on your children. Follow along to know the countermeasures!

Reasons for Monitoring Viber Text Messages and Calls

Viber Spy

Firstly, it’s crucial to know whom are your kids communicating with either through text messages or calls. Ensure they’re treading on right path. And do keep them away from sexting, cyber bullying, alcoholic and drug abuse and from other nasty scenarios with the aid and abet of the monitoring software. Below listed are the features served by a spy software through which you can track all the phone actions of the marked person.

  • Read all the text messages along with the date and time stamp.
  • Get to know whom are they talking to by viewing their entire phone call log that displays the phone number, date and time of the calls.
  • View all emoticons and stickers
  • View all photos shared
  • View Shared contacts
  • View Shared Locations
  • View participants in group chats
  • View all participant contact names

The viber calls cannot be eavesdrop as this feature is in the pipeline to get implemented soon.

Pre-Conditions To Follow!

The Android users need to undergo the Rooting process to get served with the Viber Spying feature. And the Apple lovers require to Jailbreak their iPhones. After you liberate your respective smartphones from the clutches of the manufacturer, now its time to hand pick the spy software to monitor your target user.

With the multiple available software in the online market it becomes burdensome to select the one for yourself. So, here we recommend the best ones for your needs and requirements.

How It Works?

To start with these applications you require to purchase the spy app and then download and install it directly on the target user’s smartphone. All these three monitoring software can track the viber chats and phone call logs in the textual format. And along with this IM chat you can also get benefited with the other features like viewing their text messages, locating their real time whereabouts, tracking the Facebook, BBM, Snapchat and many more aspects formulated with different subscription packages which is broadly divided into two categories like Basic and Premium/Pro/Advanced subscription packages.

The accumulated spy log gets uploaded on the control panel of the website. Login to the password protected account and view all the saved information of your lovely children. Hence, in this way you can smartly keep an eye on them while not intruding their privacy by asking too many questions about their whereabouts and friends. Yes, these apps work in complete stealth mode which means the target user will never come to know that they’re being spied.

Review All And Pick One!

Lastly, I would recommend to read about these spy apps and get clear with your basic requirements to spy on your target user. For example – if you essentially need to listen the phone calls and flip through the chats of multiple Instant messenger then, FlexiSPY is the best one for you.

Spy on Viber Calls and Messages By Downloading

Wherein if you just need to monitor their text messages, call records, GPS locations then you can choose any one of the aforementioned spy apps by keeping the economic measures in your mind. Check for the time span in accordance with the features and price these monitoring apps are proffering. And thereafter, Select the best suited spy software to keep your young ones protected and safe!

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