Installing spy software

Installing Cell Phone Spy Software – Step by Step

Installing a cell phone spy software onto the smartphone of any popular platform like Android or iOS is just a piece of cake, If you follow along this article with all your patience and concentration. Keep on scrolling and lean the mandatory steps that you need to take before installing the software on the monitored device. It’s suggested that you hold your horses! DON’T panic, Lest you will make a mistake.

Installing spy software

Just grab the cellphone of the marked person for few minutes to install the mobile phone spy software onto it. Now, if you’re thinking – That can’t the installation be done remotely? Then the answer to it is simply – NO. You got to have the physical access of the target’s cell phone to aid yourself to know the truth through his/her mobile phone actions.

All Spy Software Are Little Diversified!

Thinking that you must be a tech savvy and getting the smartphone equipped with a spy software is equivalent to a rocket science then, There’s nothing of this sort. In fact, Performing the installation process is a very easy task to do, Provided you follow the instructions carefully. Lets know the nitty gritty of these procedures.

The installation process is slightly different as that of the various monitoring software but the basic rules remain the same. Therefore, It’s crucial to follow along the software company’s instructions that have been mentioned in the registration mail.

Figure Out The Purpose To Monitor!

Analyse your needs and requirements to monitor. Is it just their phone call logs and textual messages that you want to spy or you wish to snoop their calls and flip through their IM chats? After concluding your purpose choose the Subscription package with the Basic or advanced features. Check the cell phone compatibility and hand pick the best spy app to monitor your target user.

As of now, FlexiSPY is the only application that lets you listen the call conversations of your target user.

Considering the economic measures simply get yourself subscribed with an application which is available with different price list and time span. Remember to choose the correct downloaded version for your platform. For example – An iPhone spy download wouldn’t get activated on the Android mobile phone. So be cautious! Another mandatory points to note down are as follows –

1. To install the third party application like spy program on an iPhone or iPad, It’s mandatory to jailbreak the iDevice.

2. And if you wish to access the WhatsApp or any Instant Messenger of your target person who is using an Android smartphone then, You need to Root the android phone where the basic data like Text messages and phone call logs can be monitored without Rooting the smartphone.

Get aided with the detailed descriptions of Installation procedures mentioned on the website that you must have chosen from anyone of these – mSPY, FlexiSPY or Highster Mobile.

All Provide a Helping Hand!

Once you buy a spy app then these proficient companies try their best to support you all through the installation program. So, Flexispy is a step ahead in catering its valuable customers. They’ve an interesting installation wizard that guides you throughout the procedure of installing an app onto the target user’s smartphone.

Now, mSPY also assists its clients with mAssistance program to install the app onto the target user’s mobile phone. Its available to you on your dashboard with a minimal price of $37.

mAssistance form mSpy

The Highster Mobile is also not left behind to aid their customers in installing the app on the target’s phone. They provide you the detailed description in an Email. For any difficulty encountered they let you get in touch with them through an Email or Toll free number.

How To Get Started With It?

Foremostly, Purchase the spy app from any of the finest aforementioned companies. Thereafter, You are required to set up your account on the respective website. Within few minutes you will receive some mails regarding the confirmation of the bought product which is followed by the Download Link and a detail login mail.

The download link includes a link from where the software can be downloaded with the couple of instructions mentioned. And the login mail includes the Username and Password for the spy account. Just keep the mail safe with you as the tagged information is important, To get logged on the Website to view the spy logs.

It’s crucial that you follow the instructions in succession. Read the mail thoroughly and then keep it handy when you start to perform the installation program. Open the browser and enter the download link. After the download it will prompt for an activation code, That is provided in the mail. Type the code and perhaps the smartphone will restart to successfully complete the installation process.

Now, Move a step ahead and show your smartness by removing the history from the web browsers history log.

Configuring The Settings

Some of the spy programs require to set up the configuration settings right at the time of installation and some of them let you to do it later from the online dashboard, That require to set up the intervals of reports, notifications.

Now, After this step you are all set to start monitoring your target user. Initially it takes about 15-20 minutes to get the data uploaded on the server. Remember a good Internet connection is vital to carry out the spying program. The information is fetched from the target’s smartphone and stored on the company’s web server, And then you log into the website to view the complete spy logs with the unique credentials provided in the mail.

Just try the spy app, By sending few messages on your number from the target’s cell phone and also make few calls to your mutual friends. Browse some websites and then check on the Online dashboard of the website. It will show you the logs of the activities you currently performed.

How To Use the Online Dashboard?

mspy dashboard
mspy dashboard

Once you plant the software onto your red marked person’s cell phone, There comes a time when you want to see the logs of all his/her text messages, IM chats viz. Facebook chats, Viber, BBM and WhatsApp messages etc., Emails, Browsed web history, GPS location and many more actions performed through their mobile phone.

Just wait for a couple of minutes, As we’ve already mentioned that it takes some time for data to get uploaded on the spy companies server. In the mean time, You just Login and have some patience. The moment the data gets saved on the server, It will start showing up all the mobile actions on the dashboard along with the date and time prints. So, Now slowly go through all the aspects that you wanted to monitor. Check whether they’re being able to fetch all that what you need or not! The user interface of the dashboards may differ but it’s ensured that the designed interface of the mentioned spy companies are very user friendly.

The online dashboard allows you to control the applications as well. If you want to block some installed apps or the users who call or text your target person that you feel are objectionable can be restricted. Apart from this the details of your activated subscription pack can be viewed from here.


Lastly, I would say that perhaps the steps vary in its order but every software company performs these set of steps to get the software equip on the target’s smartphone. Hence, Follow the instructions carefully and get started to monitor your loved and dear ones.

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