Detectd if your phone is monitored

Is There Spy Software on My Cell Phone – How to Detect If You are Being Monitored?

Are you surprised that suddenly your spouse or parents are well aware of all your secret deeds and plans in advance. How can they know about your plans when you haven’t discussed anything with them. Sometimes they directly strike on the particular location where you’ve just been from. You are left wondering all day about the same!

Detectd if your phone is monitored

Don’t be clouded you are on the right port. No, its not a PI (Private Investigator) or any of your friend who's working as a secret agent but its your own smartphone that is doing so! Yes, You read it correct! The smartphone is capable enough to unveil all your actions to the person who wants to monitor you. Now, Let’s check how can your smartphone be a spy agent.

What Can A Cell Phone Spy Software Do?

Mobile spy software is a powerful way to monitor all your phones activity in no time! Just when the software gets downloaded and installed onto the target’s device it starts tracking all the stored information from the phone and stores it on the server. An authorized user can view the content at anytime by just logging into the web account which is password protected. Even the data which is trashed can be viewed by the user.

Lets talk about the content that can be spied.

  • Read the Text Messages and Emails.
  • Phone Call logs in textual format.
  • Record the phone calls and listen to it later.
  • Real time GPS locations.
  • Phone Contacts and the other information attached with it.
  • Browsed Web History.
  • Instant Messenger Chats – WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM and Viber chats.
  • Multimedia – images/pictures, videos and audio files.

So you see, All your phone actions can be tracked along with the date and time print, With the help of a spy app which sits on your phone in an incog mode without giving you any signs that you’re being monitored. The famous ones are FlexiSpy, mSpy and Highster Mobile which proffers the Child monitoring, Employee monitoring and cheating Spouse apps with reasonable price and various versions to best suit the consumer.

Paradigms To Detect The Presence Of Spyware On Your Device:

Although, It is very tough to detect these best android spy apps running on your device as the aforementioned popular spy software has improvised to a great extent; To not let the user know about the spy app by any means. But still there are some signs with which you can detect its existence in the space. Check out how?

Device Reboots Unanticipatedly! – This often happens when your phone is affected with some virus program but check if your phone's home screen gets lightened up automatically and it is restarting every now and then, There’s a possibility that a spy software is present in the phone. Of Course, the good spy apps has lowered the frequency of this weak feature yet you can find it happen sometimes.

Depleted Phones Battery! – If your device’s battery is draining faster than normal then its a substantial clue for you to understand that there is some perpetual process running at the background which is using your phone’s battery life. Although all the powerful spy software has revamped this weak point in their software but the phones which are installed with the older versions can better relate with this sign to detect it.

Low Battery

Constant Cacophony In The Device! – The call record and listening feature available in the monitoring app leads to some disturbance when you make or take the phone call. Sometime this happens because of a poor connection but be careful if you hear some background noises every time during the phone calls, Perhaps the constant dissonance in the phone means that someone must be eavesdropping.

Overblown Internet Usage! – All the monitoring apps are required to have a strong internet/WiFi connection to track the information in the form of log files. Hence the massive files can maximize the data usage of the monitored person’s cell phone. Although with the advanced and improved monitoring apps the data consumption is lowered and is only observable if large videos are getting transferred on the server.

Messages From Unknowns! – Although, This glitch exists only in the indigent and poor quality spy software but sometimes the flash messages in the finest software can stand out to ensure you the monitoring apps existence in your mobile phone. The content in these text messages can just be a regular informatory text message or a message containing some rare symbols and numbers. There exist some programs that use the SMS to remotely execute the commands on the target user’s smartphone.

How To Check Spy Software in iPhone?

iPhone is very easy and quick to check for any spyware installation. Yes! You read it right. How? Perhaps is your next question. Keep scrolling to learn about the simplest way to discover the same.

  1. In case you find your Apple device is jailbroken without your knowledge then definitely it’s plausible that the spy software is installed in it to keep a check on you. Remember, The Spy apps installation needs the iPhone to be jailbroken first. Infact, any third party application that needs to be installed on the iDevice [iPhone, iPad] needs to be jailbroken.
  2. Second, best option is to look for the Cydia app onto the device. Sometimes, the app is hidden to dodge the user that the device is not jailbroken. But not finding the Cydia app on the mobile phone doesn’t means that it is not set free from the limitations. Try another technique.
  3. In case Cydia app is hidden, then you can again initiate with the Jailbreak process to get ensured. Just when you will run the program, it will alert you with a message that it has already been jailbroken.

Hence, with all these simple and uncomplicated ways you can check whether your iDevice is monitoring on you or not.

How To Check Spy Software For Android and BlackBerry?

To detect the spy software other than iDevices, You need to click on the Settings option in the mobile phone. Thereafter, Go to Applications > Manage Applications or Running Services. Here, Perhaps you’ll be able to find the spy files. Although, With the advanced and hi-tech measures, It’s not a piece of cake to detect any of the spy or monitoring files in the phone’s managing application but if you find any file with some awkward name or in alphanumeric style then it might be a log file of the cell phone monitoring application.

I suggest that DO NOT delete these suspicious looking files in haste, As you might delete some important directory or index file of your phone’s Operating System. And this may lead your cell phone to soft brick state. Hence, Examine about the file first and then remove it from your smartphone.

Bottom Line!

So, Look for the aforementioned signs carefully to smoke out the presence of any spyware in your device. You can easily uninstall the bugging app from your cell phone and protect it from getting invaded by someone. To learn more about how to get rid of these spywares please refer to my article “How to Remove Cell Phone Spy Software and Protect Your Phone?

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