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MobiStealth Reviews: Should You Buy This Software?

MobiStealth Android spy software is yet another monitoring software that is most prefered by the spy users. Undoubtedly this spy application has bagged great popularity among the users because of its user friendly interface and cost-effective measures. Also the compatibility of this mobile app is across all the extensive smartphone brands like the HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Nexus etc.. Even the high end brands like Apple and BlackBerry are congenial with this app.

So in this following article we will be reviewing all the aspects and workability of this impeccable mobile monitoring software that allow to keep complete track of the red marked person that too without drawing his/her attention of being under surveillance.

MobiStealth Compatibility

Mobistealth spy software

It supports all the platforms like the Android, iOS and Blackberry Operating System. Almost all the spy software are compatible with these popular OS, but MobiStealth here serve its customers with an added mobile platform i.e. Symbian OS designed for Nokia smartphones. Also the desktop version is available for both MAC and Windows computer system.

To use this monitoring system efficaciously it’s suggested that you check with the target device’s software version along with the spy software version. Below listed are the supported software versions, however to get more clarity about the device compatibility, visit the website and click on the supported phones page.

  • iOS 8 for Apple devices;
  • Android OS up to 5.0.x for Android devices;
  • BlackBerry OS up to 7.1 for BlackBerry devices;
  • Symbian OS for Nokia devices;
  • Windows 7/XP for PC.

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Features of MobiStealth

MobiStealth proffers the adequate monitoring features in various packages. They are MobiStealth Basic, MobiStealth Lite and MobiStealth. Unlike other spy applications, this app also cater the standard features like tracking the text messages, emails, phone call records, GPS locations etc.. Let’s take a quick look for the corroborated features.

MobiStealth Basic

It’s one of the economical version that covers all the basic monitoring aspects such as –

  • checking over their phone call logs along with the date and time stamp;
  • reading their entire text messages whether [read/unread] or even the deleted ones;
  • flip through their saved pictures/images;
  • discover their GPS locations with the aid of GPS location tracker;

Therefore, this package holds the above mentioned standard features which is majorly needed by majority of people.

MobiStealth Lite

This package contains all the aspects of the MobiStealth Basic along with the added features which helps you to know about your target user’s surfing history over the internet. By looking into the web browser’s history the internet activity can be revealed to you and their list of phonebook contacts with the adhered information like the marked birth dates, emails, house address etc. can be accessed as well;

The lite version carries more features than the aspects served in the basic version. And it is an appropriate choice for all those users who need little more with the standard monitoring features. And all the queries can be clarified with the aid of live chat support.

MobiStealth Pro

The Pro version is one of the advanced package. It accommodates all the above mentioned features of the Basic and Lite version. There are some extra aspects that it proffers like the SIM change notification, tracing the IM chats, call recording and video recording features. The ability to trace the whereabouts irrespective to the GPS availability or recording the phone surroundings of the target person can all be served to you into your web account.

So these are all the features that are incorporated into these three versions. Now before getting the subscription for any of the mentioned packages, it is recommended that you first analyze your monitoring needs and thereafter peruse the available features and then finally choose the apropos one for yourself.

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MobiStealth Pricing

Now that we have discussed the aspects of the three subscription packages, lets take a look a on its pricing. The cost is formulated under the categorical manner which means that depending upon the platform you choose, it will display the following list of prices with minimum to maximum time validity for Basic, Lite and Pro packages.

  • MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software
    It starts from $19.99 and goes upto 139.99.
  • MobiStealth iPhone Monitoring Software
    It starts from $19.99 and goes upto 119.99.
  • MobiStealth BlackBerry Monitoring Software
    It starts from $19.99 and goes upto 149.99.
  • MobiStealth Computer Monitoring Software
    It starts from $9.99 and goes upto 99.99.
  • MobiStealth Nokia/Symbia Monitoring Software
    It starts from $39.99 and goes upto 149.99.
  • MobiStealth Keystroke Logging Software

It starts from $9.99 and goes upto 99.99. [Windows]
It starts from $39.99 and goes upto 79.99. [MAC]

The packages catering with the two weeks minimum validity are good to use by the beginners. And especially for the ones who are anxious to use the monitoring software but at the same time really want to check its competence to get started with it.

Where the other packages that are available for 6 and 12 months are good for secretly monitoring your loved ones to help them stay protected and safe.

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How Does MobiStealth Work?

This cell phone monitoring software is very manageable in its spying operation with the proviso that the set of instructions in the provided mail are properly followed along with the below mentioned steps.

So, primarily you require to get hold of the target user’s cell phone for sometime i.e. 10-15 mins approximately. Thereafter you need to set up your spy account for the selected monitoring software which is followed by the installation of the software directly on the target user’s mobile phone.

The monitoring aspects of the selected package will shortly get activated followed by uploading the results on the secure web account. Wherein the details will be displayed to you in the control panel of your authorized online account.

Remember that a good internet connection is mandatory at both the ends i.e. at target’s end which can either be WiFi or a mobile data plan. And the other one will be the device that you will be using to check the spylog of the red marked person. Only with the good internet connection you can easily evaluate your target’s actions at anytime and anywhere.

Other Sundry Details You Need To Know

Refund Policy – It offer two types of money back guarantee plans.

  • 15 Day Refund Policy – This is known as the post installation refund policy and it is applicable in case you install the software and thereafter if you encounter any kind of issue in its functionality. For instance if the said issue is unable to get resolved by the customer support then the money will be refunded after analyzing the specified terms and conditions mentioned in the policy.
  • 30 Days Refund Policy – It is applicable only in pre-installation case. If a user fail to get the desired results from the software that S/He bought, then you can always ask for the money back.

* Hence, I would recommend you to read the terms and conditions on the Refund policy beforehand.

Customer Care Support – It is advisable that you clarify all your doubts before buying an application. Using the support service is very easy and simple. Just raise or submit the ticket by visiting the support tab. And thereafter you will shortly be served by the customer care service.

Leaf Through The Demo tour – The demo option will be exhibiting the complete view of the control panel like the way the spylog will get stored in your online account. The different tabs of SMS, Calls, Browsing, Contacts, Pictures and Videos etc. will be shown to you for better clarity of the monitoring records.

Please note that it doesn’t provide you any kind of free trial. Only the static view of the spy records will be shown to you.

If you plan to monitor an Android user then it’s obligatory to root his/her smartphone before installing the spy software onto it. And in case you’re monitoring an iPhone user then you need to undergo the jailbreak process.

These aforementioned methods are used to set your smartphone free from all the set of limitations imposed by the manufacturer. So that you can easily download any kind of third party applications such as games or spy software.


As all the corroborated features and other miscellaneous details are made known to you in this article which I’m sure must have given you adequate and bellyful information about this spy application.

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Hence I conclude it by saying that it’s an apropos software to select for your loved ones for monitoring purposes. It’s a pocket-friendly mobile monitoring software which is also beneficial for employers. As this program is entirely justified to monitor employees to escalate their work rate or productivity at work front.

So readers stop baffling with your thoughts and start monitoring with this remarkable spy software program!

10 thoughts on “MobiStealth Reviews: Should You Buy This Software?”

  1. Mobistealth App is completely hidden in the target phone and it doesn’t make any noise when active in the target phone. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Hello Amir,

      Yes you can use this software in any part of the world the condition is that your target cell phone must have working internet connection. Hope that helps.

  2. Is Mobistealth app work on target phone connected thru wifi router.
    Is it supports touch key logging in android phone.

    1. Yes it works with target phone connected through wifi router and also supports touch key logging in Android phone.

  3. I asked their support and they say smartphone does “not” need to root the phone in order to get voice recorded calls?

    Your review says it does need to be root? Can u be more clear. I have the samsung duos S5, their support told me I do NOT need to root the phone

    1. Hello James,

      First I want to clear that if your target phone is Samsung duos S5 then you have to root the phone in order to record cell phone calls or to listen to cell phone calls. It is not possible to record calls or to listen them live without rooting. I would suggest you if you need the call recording feature then you should go for FlexiSpy. They are master in this, You can check their website here

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