How To Spy On Someone’s iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak?

The term ‘Jailbreaking’ is no more a jargon or mumbo jumbo for majority of internet surfers. Well, it’s a simple and an efficient mechanism which aid in liberating all the limitations and restrictions imposed by the manufacturer on the Apple products like iPhone or iPad. Once you jailbreak the device then you allow your device to access the third party applications on it like cell phone spy software and many games etc.. Although the process is untroublesome if the given set of instructions in the registration mail are followed properly but still there are many users who find it difficult to jailbreak an iDevice.

Hence here in this article we will walk you through the procedure that doesn’t require you to jailbreak the device for spying your target user’s iPhone text messages. Apparently it will cater with less number of monitoring aspects in comparison to the process that requires jailbreak. So keep scrolling to learn more about it.

How To Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak?

With the aid of the online application that uses the user’s iCloud account information simply allows you to read their entire chat conversations of text messages and WhatsApp messages. All you require to know is the Apple ID and password of the target user’s iDevice and thereafter you can divulge all their conversations done through the text messages. Unlike the desktop apps or other spy applications the non-jailbroken procedure doesn’t stand in need of any software installation on either the monitored person device or on your own system. Therefore even if you’re not techie enough still the process can be easily operated by you and you can easily monitor iPhone 3/3GS, 4/4S, 5/5S, 6/6 plus, 6s/6s plus without touching and jailbreaking.

Follow along the steps that you need to perform to get started with the app –

  • Register yourself with the mSpy for Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices.
Check out mSpy
Check out mSpy
  • Now, login with the registered email and password.


  • Once you login you will be prompted for the Non-Jailbreak iOS device procedure wherein you will have to click on the features that you need to access.

ios no jailbreak

  • Lastly, enter the Apple ID and password of the target user and within couple of minutes you will be catered with all the required information in the control panel of your spy account.

apple id and password

Subsequent to these aforementioned steps you will be able to know with whom your target user is busy chatting all the time. Apart from tracking their texting logs and IM chats there are many more secrets that can be known to you.

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The aforementioned steps are applicable only if the iCloud backup is turned on by the monitored person in his/her Apple device.

Consider An Alternate Option If iCloud Backup Is Turned Off

Getting hold of your target user’s smartphone was not required in the previously mentioned procedure but in case you find the iCloud storage to be switched off then you can perform the below listed points to activate it by having the physical access of the target’s iPhone.

  • Go To Settings and then keep scrolling till you find the iCloud option.
  • Click on the iCloud option and turn the slide button – On.
  • Also click on all the applications that you wish to monitor.
  • Now to turn on the Instant Messenger backup you need to click on the iCloud Drive.
  • Tap on the slider button to start the backup of the chat messengers like WhatsApp, BBM etc.

Flip Through The Additional Monitoring Features

Once you get subscribed with the service then there are many more monitoring aspects that can be accessed by you that too without letting your red marked person know about it.

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Get to know their Contacts

contactsBrowse through all the contacts and additional information attached to it like house/company address, marked birthdays etc..

Get Track Of Their Call Logs

call logsScan the phone call logs of your monitored user’s iPhone that gets uploaded on the control panel of your spy account along with the call duration, date and time stamp for all the incoming and outgoing calls.

Discover What Are They Browsing Online

browsing historyThis aspect is especially useful for the parent of teens. You can easily check the entire web history of the iDevice and control your kids if they’re browsing the objectionable content.

Read Their Saved Notes

saved notesThe stowed notes made on an iPhone or tablet can be reviewed by you at anytime and anywhere through your internet enabled system.

Skype Chats

skype chatsYou can even monitor the chat done through Skype messenger on iOS device and came to know to whom they are talking to.

WhatsApp Chat Messages

WhatsApp MessagesRead the all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages on iPhone without jailbreaking the iOS device with date and time stamp and know with whom they are chatting on WhatsApp.

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Please remember that the chats on the Whatsapp messenger can only be accumulated if the target user has enabled the Chat Backup in their WhatsApp settings. In case it is turned off, then you can switch it on by performing the following steps –

  • Click on the WhatsApp;
  • Go to Settings followed by Chat Settings and Chat backup;
  • Now slide the button for the Auto Backup option to get activated.

However this Non-jailbreak procedure cannot fetch you as many monitoring features as the jailbreak process can. Yet it is effective for all the features that it proffers. Also it covers all the major and essential features that one require to monitor against their target user.

So you can right away start with this user-friendly iCloud storage program that doesn’t demand the device to be jailbroken before you start monitoring your marked person.

8 thoughts on “How To Spy On Someone’s iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak?”

  1. Sarah if the target phone is iPhone than you don’t need to install any spy software on the target phone. You just need physical access to the target phone to turn on the iCloud backup if it’s not turned on. After that mSpy without Jailbreak will allow you to monitor text messages on iPhone along with other features also. You check mSpy without Jailbreak here.

  2. Will the target get the notification that their iCloud has been accessed? I have the id and password, I just don’t want her to know that I accessed her iCloud.

    1. Bill, your target iPhone user will never get any notification that their iCloud is getting used by someone. So you can relax. Cheers!

  3. On target phone, when icloud is on, i don’t know the password. Does mspy need me to log in target phone icloud account. I know the email, but i don’t know the password..will is still work??

    1. You need the iCloud username and password of your target iPhone user to view the information remotely. You don’t need to login to the target iPhone. If you don’t need the iCloud password of your target iPhone user then it will not work for you.

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