How To Spy On iPhone Without Access To Target Phone?

If having the Physical access to the target user’s iPhone gives you jitters then thank this wondrous spy software that proves to be a true bliss for you. Yes, The mSpy without jailbreak version empowers you to check your target’s iPhone that too without having access of their cell phone. So, now you do not need to put on your thinking cap for grabbing their cell phone or discovering the screen lock passwords to install any kind of spy software in order to track their information like SMS, phone call logs and many more and you can easily monitor iPhone 3/3GS, 4/4S, 5/5S, 6/6 plus, 6s/6s plus without touching and jailbreaking.

Check out mSpy
Check out mSpy

Well the mSpy application for non-jailbroken iOS devices is very simple in its functionality. This user-friendly application helps you take measures for your target user’s online activities. The application doesn’t require a person to be a computer freak to trace the information with regards to their children or loved ones.

Hence, Help control your lovesome children from getting indulged into the drug abuse or hold back their involvement in the abusive relationships and many more things. Furthermore, it’s imperative to check over if your child is getting bullied or perhaps bullying somebody. The children at their fragile teenage must be rightly instructed to avoid their indulgence into any kind of lousy or bad activities.

Therefore you can use this simple application by performing the minimal steps. All you require to gather is the iCloud credentials. Below mentioned are the steps that you need to carry out for tracking the data of the red marked user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Follow Along The Steps To Begin With Monitoring Your Target User:

Unlike other spy software, mSpy for non-jailbroken devices app doesn’t require any software to be installed onto the target’s device hence refraining the physical access of the monitored smartphone. The process to use this application is simple and uncomplicated. Merely by accumulating the Apple login details you can start with the monitoring process.

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1. Obtain The iCloud Login Details

The foremost step is to get the iCloud credentials of the target user’s non-jailbroken device. It is quintessential to check that the iCloud backup is activated on the monitored device, perhaps the physical access is required or you can in general ask the user to turn it on by mentioning the benefits of the iCloud backup.

2. Single Out The Features

After procuring the iCloud login details of the target user’s iDevice, you require to select the features that you would want to monitor in your target user’s smartphone. Simply turn on the features cited in the mSpy without jailbreak application.

3. Start-Of With Monitoring

You can now begin monitoring by correctly filling the required details in the wizard setup. Once you login thereafter you can view all the information of your target person. Let’s learn about the features that are catered in this non jailbroken application.

Monitor The Following Information With The mSpy Non-Jailbroken Features

Just keep scrolling to learn more about this wondrous application’s features.

1. Contacts

contactsFlip through the target user’s iDevice contact list. The phone number, name of the person and all the other attached information can be traced easily.

2. Call Logs

call logsWith the call logs feature you can effortlessly view all the sent and received calls on an iPhone. So now, you do not need to peep into their smartphone anymore. Check with the call duration, name of the contact person, date and time stamp of all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

3. Text Messages

smsRead each and every text conversation and iMessage done by your target user. Get to know whom are they chatting with all day and all night. Please note for parents of teens it’s of utmost importance to know the chatting subject of their beloved children.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp MessagesYou will be glad to know that even the WhatsApp application on iOS devices can be tracked by you. Along with the iMessages and text messages, monitoring WhatsApp is another imperative factor. As the texting or chatting is one of the favorite ways of communication amongst the teenagers to set their party plans or any kind of mysterious plans. Hence checking their chat history becomes essential to avoid let them go astray.

5. Browser History

browsing historyKeep an eye on their web browser history as well. By checking the iPhone or iPad’s browser history you can come to know what are they surfing when they are persistently online even during their study hours.

6. Events and Notes

saved notesLook into their saved event entries and notes made on the iDevice to ensure the complete transparency.

7. Skype

skype chatsThe chat threads of the Skype messenger can be critiqued or reviewed by entering into the control panel of the website with the provided spy login details.

8. Wi-Fi

wifiLast but not the least you can also be aware of your target user’s real-time locations by checking the each Wi-Fi hotspot that a target smartphone connects with.

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Insight To Additional Information

All these aforementioned features can now be availed with the subscription package starting from $29.99 that goes upto $199.99 with varied validity period of 1, 3 and 12 months. Hence, In this technology driven fast paced world you can now easily spy the monitored person with this quick-witted and snappy application.

The aforementioned teenage issues when neglected by the parents can vastly affect the children’s mental state. If you have been observing an awkward change in your child’s behaviour then it is high time that you check with the problem that S/He is going through. It is because sometimes kids feel embarrassed or ashamed to share their problems with their parents. Hence it becomes the responsibility of the parents to simmer down and calmly look into the matter and solve it amicably.

So, start right away and take the apropos action to guide your loved ones and family right on time.

26 thoughts on “How To Spy On iPhone Without Access To Target Phone?”

  1. Yes they can be viewed even if they are deleted from the target cell phone. Even the WhatsApp and Skype messages can be viewed if they gt deleted from target cell phone. Thanks for the comment. I hope this helps.

    1. Can deleted messages sent before installation still be retrieved from backup or only from the point of spyware install, also is icloud password same as Apple ID and password

      1. You don’t have to install anything on the target iPhone. You just need the iCloud email and password of your target user. Yes iCloud password is same as Apple ID and password. If the backup contains the deleted messages then you can view it if the backup doesn’t have the deleted messages then it is not possible. Hope that helps.

  2. im interested in this, however I was wondering if the target phone would be able to see if they are being spied on?

    1. Hello Rochelle,

      Your target phone will never come to know that they are being spied because you are not installing anything on their cell phone you just need their iCloud username and password and that is it.

  3. Okay so If I have icloud turned on on the target phone, I can download this program on an ipad and view everything on the phone without having to do anything to the phone? Other then just have icloud up and running?

    1. I think you are getting confused. You just need the username and password of the iCloud of your target user and you can use this to view the information about your target iPhone online control panel provided by mSpy.

    1. If your target phone is iPhone then the answer is Yes. You can use this software without having access to your target iPhone. But you should know the iCloud username and password of your target iPhone.

    1. When you login with your target iCloud credentials there will be no notification sent to your target user. Hope that helps.

  4. What happens when I give you the icloud login info and if entered it will automatically send an email to the user telling them there icloud info has been activated??

    1. John, you don’t have to give me your iCloud credentials. You just need the iCloud credentials of your target iPhone user and no email will be sent to the user when you access his/her iCloud telling them that their iCloud account has been accessed. Hope that helps.

  5. If the user your tracking does not use there iPhone for severel days is it just the last 24 hours information you can get ?
    Also can you get emails and deleted emails ?

  6. If the target person is not using the iPhone then there will be no new information that you can see. As your target starts using the iPhone and there is new information you will be able to see it. As far as for the deleted emails you can get it in jailbreak version of mSpy.

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