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avoid getting scammed when buying cell phone spy

Try to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Cell Phone Spy Software

The online market boasts with an abundance of spy software. Perhaps making it onerous for consumers or users to select the best one out of all. Some are genuinely the leading brands which provide the promised information of the target user to you, but with this growing industry people are also not leaving any stone unturned of fooling around the layman by selling the fake spy products. Beware of shelling out your hard earned money on a spurious product. You should be smart enough to purchase a  best cell phone spy software and avoid getting into any scams. Closely review the product on the website and ensure it is reliable and safe.

avoid getting scammed when buying cell phone spy

Do The Product Analysis!

It is a good job done if you yourself review and evaluate the product on certain parameters to make a best suitable choice to monitor your target user. Look for the top companies who have the dynamic performance of the program and yet cost-effective. We all know the capabilities of a mobile spy app. Still I would again state all the actions that can be captured from the circled persons mobile device. Below listed are the basic and advanced features available in the two packages viz Basic and Primitive/Pro package;


  • Track the incoming and outgoing call logs with date and time stamps;
  • Read/view the SMS/text messages and mails which are unread, read or even deleted;
  • Know the real time geo locations via the Geo Location Tracker.
  • Check the phone contacts and other data attached to it.
  • View the graphics gallery which contains all the stored and shared images, audios and videos.
  • Chat messenger’s group and individual conversation threads can also be read.
  • Visit the URL’s and the web history browsed by the target user.
  • Record the Phone calls and also listen to the surroundings which are stored in the online repository for later reference.

Important Points To Keep In Mind:

Now, it’s imperative that you should understand your requirements that what all you need to monitor about your target user and thereafter choose the package accordingly. Also, get clear with the fact that these apps cannot be remotely installed. You need to have the physical access of your target’s mobile phone for few minutes to directly download and install the software onto it. Once the software is installed by following all the instructions stated in the mail provided to you, then you can check the information remotely by accessing your authorized web account.

All the companies who state that the software can be remotely installed are just faking to sell their product. There’s no such possibility of installing an app without grabbing the cellphone of the target user. Do check the working of the mentioned features.

Consider The Compatible Ones!

It is important to consider the factor of compatibility before buying the software. If you don’t check this factor before buying and later request for the exchange policy then you would be disheartened because broadly companies don’t entertain this reason. So, be careful and don’t take the decision in haste. Review the supported cell phones and the operating systems that are listed in the company’s official website. Just in case the device you wish to spy is not mentioned then you should verify with the customer support either via mail or leaving a comment in the comment section.

Buy From Trustworthy Companies!

Look for the website who offers the customer care support and all the assistance in basic installation process. Although there might be many reliable software companies in the market but I would like to recommend some of the trustworthy spy companies which offer the good quality features to trap your target user’s cell phone activities. These are – FlexiSpy, HighsterMobile and mSpy.

So guys, better don’t get bamboozled with the false marketing antics of the spy companies!