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cell phone compatibility

Will Monitoring Software Work on My Cell Phone – Compatibility?

This is one of the most common question asked by the user. Will the software run on the Samsung Galaxy X mobile phone? A user tends to get perplexed while getting their hands on the spy application. Well, In this article all your doubts and questions will be answered. Initially it gets little difficult to comprehend the compatibility issue because of the wide range of available software that promises to be the best suited for your needs and requirements.

Hence, It’s crucial to understand that the spy software company that you choose to monitor your target user’s cell phone must be compatible with it, Lest it will work and leave you disappointed.

An iPad or any iDevice needs to be jailbroken before installing the spy app. And an Android tablet/smartphone requires a Rooting process to access the advanced features where the basic features can be tracked without Rooting.

Good Internet Connection Is Obligatory!

good internet connection

If you thought that this application can work without the aid of an Internet connection then it isn’t possible at all. It needs an Internet network to get the spy software in action, Either assisted with WiFi or through data plan. The Network Operator or the Service Provider is of no concern to get the app working on the target user’s smartphone. All you need to check down is the compatibility of the marked person’s cell phone with the spy app.

It will let you accumulate the mobile information like to read the Text messages, Phone Call Logs, GPS locations, Emails, Multimedia folder that includes the images, videos and audios. You can also flip through the Instant Messenger chats like spying WhatsApp messenger chats, Viber, BBM, iMessages, Facebook and Google hangouts etc.. The phonebook contacts can be viewed along with the additional data like Birth dates and emails and house addresses.

Apart from snooping the phone’s data some companies like FlexiSpy and mSpy software also provide the mechanisms for Parental and Employee Monitoring control. So, All you primarily need to cross check is the compatibility of the software with the target user’s device. Keep scrolling to learn more about it!

Cell Phone Compatibility

cell phone compatibility

Despite the fact that these spy software programs majorly cover all the Genx platforms like Android, BBM and iOS, What you actually need to check is the Operating System version of the target user’s smartphone. The popular FlexiSPY and mSPY works well on all the Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone. Where Highster Mobile works greatly with the Android and Apple devices.

Although, The process of installation is little different for various platforms but the mechanism is almost same by all the spy software companies. Primarily, The software needs to be purchased with the Subscription package of either Basic features or Advanced/Pro features. Thereafter, It needs to be downloaded and installed directly onto the target user’s cell phone.

The guide to the installation procedure for different Operating System versions viz. Android 5.x.x or iOS 8.x etc. is mentioned on the spy websites. It’s advisable to check beforehand with the monitored mobile phone’s current Operating System that should be congenial with the spy app’s version. For example – If your target phone is a Samsung Galaxy Y or HTC One running Android Lollipop 5.x then just choose the appropriate download version to start with the spy app.

How To Look For Your OS Version?

  • To locate the Version for Android Devices
    Click on the – Settings option > About Phone. Now, Scroll down to see the OS version of the Android device as shown in the image below.
Find OS in android
Find OS in android


  • To locate the Version for Apple or iDevices
    Click on the – Settings option > General > About. Keep scrolling to see the OS version.
find os in iPhone
Find OS in iPhone


  • To locate the Version for BlackBerry Devices
    Click on the Options >About. Just scroll down to view the OS version.
Find OS in BlackBerry
Find OS in BlackBerry


Now that you know the Operating System version of your red marked person’s device; So go ahead and install the viable app on the device.

Visit The Website – You can also look through the list of the Supported phones page on the spy websites. There you can check the manufacturing details and the model of the smartphone which is enumerated along with the pictures to ensure yourself with the correct installation action. Perhaps, the names and the mobile model can be varied in some part of the countries as it becomes onerous to list each and every model that gets launched at a very fast pace.

Get In Touch – To get assured of the OS Version of the target’s device you could also drop an email regarding your query or chat with the customer support executive which is generally available for 24 hrs.

Spy On Tablets, Desktops and iPads Too!

Not only the smartphones, But spy software are workable on the Desktop and Tablets as well. The Android and Apple tablets which are flaunted by the children can be under your observation with the aid of these monitoring programs.

The mSPY offers a range of all-powerful Computer/Desktop Monitoring features. It includes the following aspects with which you can track the activities of the various monitoring sections like the Employee Monitoring. Equip the device with the Keylogger to know what are they typing and browsing. Also the username and passwords can be known to you with the help of the keyloggers. Take the Screenshots of their desktop, Leaf through the user activity logs and much more can be traced with it.

This is absolutely a proficient way to watchdog the computer system of the Employees or that of your own children. Available with the cost effective prices buying this program is a win-win offer for you. To operate this, Again the requirements remain the same as that of the smartphones. You need an internet connection to install the app onto it and a compatible OS version.

Learn More About The New OS Versions

Whenever a new operating system is launched in the market for either Android or Apple devices, Then it generally takes a little while for the monitoring software companies to release their supported spy version. Also, Remember that when a newer version comes up, You shouldn’t immediately let the target user upgrade its device’s OS as the spy app gets erased or cut out through that smartphone. It is recommended to wait for couple of days to upgrade or enhance your device with the newer version, Else you won’t be able to plant the spy app on it.

Finally, if you feel the urge to know the true colors of your loved ones, Then hit the nail on the head with any of the above mentioned wondrous Spy program.