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8 Best Spy Apps For Android Devices

With the upsurge in the market of the mobile applications, spy software seems to be on the apex. The high demand of spy apps is because of the worried parents especially the working ones, doubtful spouse and distressful employers. For better parental control and that of the spouse and employee monitoring here are some of the listed spy applications, follow along!

1. mSpy

mSpy app for android

This spy application is impeccable in its function and the features it is corroborated with. This sterling software befits the best for parental guidance and kids monitoring. Now, you can be well versed with your children’s real time locations with the aid of GPS location tracker. Also get to know their hidden plans made amongst their friends which aren’t known to you through their text messages, Instant messenger chats like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook. Phone call-logs made in the wee hours can also be tracked easily with the specific date and time details.

The keylogger helps you know what your target user is typing on his/her smartphone which can eventually reveal all their passwords as well in the control panel of your website account. And the best part about this application is its round the clock Live Customer Support and the 10 day refund policy with terms and conditions applicable. It caters with multiple subscription packages to suit its clientele's needs and requirements into the core.

Price: Basic Subscription Package is for 1 & 3 months with $39.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Premium Subscription Package is for 1,3,6,9 and 12 months which starts from $69.99 and goes upto $ 199.99.

*Discounts are available on buying bulk licenses.

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2. Highster Mobile

Highster android spy

Are you annoyed with your target’s twiddling on their Android smartphones. Round the clock they’re tapping on their cell phones. Well, Highster Mobile is a best application to be used if your red marked person is fond of chatting/texting. This application is just an apt buy available with the lifetime license in a single subscription package that aid in tracking the target through their messaging application and many more.

Unlike other spy apps this doesn’t cater the phone call recording aspect but all the other features like tracking text messages, IM Chats viz. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype etc., locating GPS locations, tracking browsers history and flipping through multimedia gallery is all served to you in the websites control panel. Just login and view the recorded spy details anytime and anywhere with the good internet connectivity.

Price: Available in just single subscription – $69.99.(Life time license, use as much as you want)

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3. FlexiSPY

flexispy app for android

An another application which is famous for tracking most of the IM chats in comparison to other spy software available online across all platforms viz. Android, Blackberry and iOS. Innumerable messenger chats can be tracked with this marvellous spy app like Facebook, Facebook messenger, WeChat, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, BBM, Snapchat, Yahoo and Google hangouts. Along with the chat tracking aspect it proffer the call interception feature which acts like a blessing in a boon. Yes, you can now eavesdrop the conversation at any time and anywhere. Also get the conversations recorded for later reference in the website’s dashboard.

It is important to note that all the advanced features served by the spy software are effective and workable on the Rooted Android smartphones. Therefore it’s advisable to check with the phones and spy software compatibility and the eventual mobile actions that you wish to monitor of your red marked person and hence accordingly select the below mentioned subscription packages.

Price: Premium Subscription Package – 1, 3 &12 months which starts from $68 – $139.

Extreme Subscription Package – 3 &12 months which starts from $199 – $349.

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4. Mobistealth

mobistealth android spy software

This Spy application proves to be a cost effective monitoring solution on your target user’s smartphone activities like tracking their complete call history along with the date and time stamp. Keep tab on your children’s text messages, WhatsApp, BBM, Skype, MSN and Yahoo chats and email’s whether read, unread or the deleted ones. Protect them from sexting, drug abuse, cyber bullying, visiting lewd or indecent websites, their real time locations, multimedia and much more with this potent spy software.

It’s also very beneficial for the employers who doesn’t want to get cheated by their so-called loyal employees with the aid of Keyloggers and Screenshots installed on their systems. So, with the help of Mobistealth software you can now increase the productivity of your employees and mentor your children to tread on the right path of their lives. The application is available with the below listed packages.

Price: Basic Subscription Package for 2 weeks in $19.99.

Lite Subscription Package for 3, 6 &12 months ranging between $49.99 to $99.99.

Pro Subscription Package for 3, 6 &12 months ranging between $79.99 to $139.99.

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5. SpyEra

spyera android spy

Embellished with the clean user interface, the Spyera is yet another application for Android Mobile monitoring. It allows you to flip through the text messages, IM Chats, Emails – Read, unread or the deleted ones, Multimedia folders like images/pictures/selfies, audios, videos and many more cell phone actions along with live call listening, live call recording, ambient listening, ambient recording . This also allows you to block the obscene applications on your kids smartphones to refrain them from the age inappropriate websites. While having the single license on the Spyera account you can easily monitor on multiple devices. Alike mSpy, it also offer the discounts for the corporate clientele.

Now, with all the peddled perks mentioned above you can dexterously view the spy log all you require to do is to login the website with the username and password that is provided to you at the time of the registration. Divulge to all your target user’s mobile activities with this monitoring application.

Price: Available in packages of 3, 6 &12 months which starts from $189-$389.

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6. TheOneSpy(Not Recommended)

theonespy android spy app

This application is just an appropriate acquisition if you want to protect your children from any nasty situations or save your company from breaching or infringement. Once downloaded and installed on your respective target’s device it extends with the best available features. For example the TheOneSpy Panic Alert aspect works perfectly for the child monitoring. It lets you quickly get informed if your child is stuck somewhere or S/He is in trouble by notifying their GPS locations.

The calls, SMS, websites and apps can be blocked and the time constraints can be set as well for your child’s safety. And the accumulated spy-log like the call history, browsed URL’s, images/photos etc. can be glimpsed through the website’s password protected account or it can be redirected to your personal email account for your convenience. Alongwith the Android smartphones.

Price: Available in packages of 3, 6 &12 months which starts from $55-$140.

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# Bottom Line!

Concluding this article I would say that it’s preeminent to take care of your lovely children and significant other while salvaging your business by keeping tabs on your employees with these monitoring apps is viable enough reason to elect for any of these spy software. All of them works in covert manner without letting your target user know about it.

Although, it’s arduous and difficult to circlet any one of the app out of the the listed apps/software as the aforementioned products are all the finest and terrific ones! Yet, it’s advisable that you should primarily visit the official websites for better understanding of the monitoring app. And in the end consider your economical measures into the account for selecting the appropriate app for yourself.

5 thoughts on “8 Best Spy Apps For Android Devices”

  1. Keke, you can track the text messages of your boyfriend by installing the spy software on his cellphone. May I know the phone your boyfriend is using is android or iPhone?

  2. Trish, it depends upon the phone you want to spy on. If it’s an android phone than physical access of the target phone is necessary. If you want to spy on iPhone it can be done without physical access. Hope that helps.

  3. In your opinion, and without rooting the Android, which app has the less risk of being discovered by the user? I talked to mspy, for example, and if I install I need to disable google settings that look for “harmfull” apps.

    I am, concerned that the user just may change this setting at some point and see a pop up about the app.

    I guess flexispy allows for remote uninstall but the user will get an sms with a command.

    Which is the most stealthy for Android (without rooting)?

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