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CoCoSpy Review: Best Tracking & Monitoring Software

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve done some research about the perfect spy app or not, you probably haven’t found much about CocoSpy. Well, there is a fair reason for that: this niche has become a lot more profitable in the past years and therefore we’ve been seeing a boom of alternatives.

Moreover, just like any other service or product, we do have those big players who end up taking a huge market share. Of course, when you google spy apps, they are the ones who pop up first, reducing substantially the number of people who actually get to those less known tools.

Well, there are some good aspects about it though. As you’ll learn on our website, several less famous spy apps have developed to a professional level, with a great set of functions and prices a lot more affordable than their premium competitors have. This may be just what you wanted and have been missing out.

But let’s not make any decisions without getting into details. We’ve done a deep cocospy review with practical tests and official info analysis to offer you what you must know before making your mind. Now, if you don’t have time to read that, here is our final thought on CocoSpy.

“All in all, we’re looking at a decent number of functions, especially when the basics are just fine to accomplish your goal. Features are enough for a large portion of spy apps users and they do work, with intuitiveness and efficiency. The price for its premium subscription is really a bargain and likely to be one of the best price-benefit relations in the market. However, you may miss some very informative features in case you’re aiming at monitoring iOS.

Now, let’s get to what made us say that. First, an overlook on what it is and why CocoSpy earned its own review on our noble space.

CocoSpy: Overview


Most people don’t really know what to take into consideration when analyzing a spy apps. Therefore, the first thing we need to state is how we decide whether or not one of these applications is worth reviewing as an alternative for our audience.

Basically, we take a deep look at five aspects. Then we run multiple tests to prove the info gathered matches the practical results. Here’s what we got covered.

  • Credibility → First thing that gets a spy app out of our list is a suspicious background or history. After all, there is no way we can create a transparent relationship with you – our reader – if we recommend something that can somehow harm your device or personal data.
  • Invisibility → This is the most vital factor of any spy app as the name itself presumes. We’ve got to make sure the software is totally undetectable, since the result of being caught spying on someone else phone can be catastrophic.
  • Features → Now we move to the number of features the app offers. We need to ensure our reader will have enough tools to solve at least most situations he may be in the need of a spy app. This also has a lot to do with working features, since there are apps out there promising without delivering.
  • Customer Support → This may not be your specific case, but it definitely is for a lot of us. Many people are beginning their journey with spy apps and questions arise all the time. It is crucial that the company behind the software is capable to solve them quickly and through several channels.
  • Pricing → This one speaks for itself. We don’t want you to waste a penny without a fair reason.

Download CoCoSpy from here

As you can tell, our commitment is to find out whether or not CocoSpy is a good option for most cases. In order to do that, you can rely on our independent experimentation, as you’ll see we’re always ready to point out the negative side of every tool we consider here. And as we always state: you’ll have what you need to decide for yourself if this is the spy app to bring you back peace and safety.

Before we get into the real stuff – what Cocospy can do for you – let’s talk a little bit about its compatibility. This way you can either keep reading it (in case it fits the device you plan on monitoring) or you can just jump to another of our reviews.

CocoSpy: Compatibility

cocospy compatibility

CocoSpy works in Android and iOS, with some differences obviously. When we get into its features, we’ll talk more about it. This is important to know as these are the two most common OS and very likely to be the ones used by the phone you’ll target.

As we’ve anticipated, CocoSpy is not one of the most premium applications and therefore it will fail here and there in delivering everything others may do. Here is the first example: if you’re looking into spying on Windows, Cocospy isn’t for you.

Related to the phone model, CocoSpy will work with all current models, as long as they are running Android 4 or higher. Now if we look at iPhone, all iOS are supported. This is a good aspect that will collaborate to creating a large range of phones possible to being tracked and monitored. Also, it ensures you’ll still be able to monitor that person even if the person changes his or her device at some point.

But keep in mind not every feature will be available on both operating systems, as we’ll see.

Now, it’s time. Let’s see for ourselves what the results showed about all the main features CocoSpy promises to deliver.

Check CoCoSpy compatibility from here

CocoSpy: all main features results

CocoSpy claims to have 12 different tools you can count on. Also, they promise to extend that list as technology gets them more opportunities in the near future. Although this number might seem small when compared to others, such as mSpy or FlexiSpy, the whole set is capable of covering enough ground to get to the truth for most users.

One of the reasons that support it is the efficiency we could notice on every feature. There was absolutely no functionality that ended up not holding its end of the deal. Moreover, some of them had a much nicer and smoother experience than some of the so-called big guys.

No more talking, here is the result we had to all of its functions.

#1 – Call Tracker

Call tracking

This function will grant you access to every register there is on the phone regard calls. In other words, it is of huge help for those suspicious the monitored person has been in contact with someone he or she isn’t supposed to. You’ll be able to:

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Check call duration, timestamps, and frequency
  • Check a full list of favorite contacts

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Jailbreak or Root required

Evaluation: absolutely nothing to complain about here, great compatibility as it doesn’t rely on jailbreak or root, awesome experience as data were quickly synchronized and every detail matched what actually had happened on the phone perfectly.

#2 – Spy on Text messages (SMS & MMS)

Text messages

We all just love when a text message notification pops up on our phone, right? Well, no surprise this is a very common way to communicate nowadays. Although there are some specific apps to do it, the good and old SMS and MMS can’t be ignored by any decent spy app. CocoSpy sure didn’t ignore it. Here is what you can do:

  • Check all incoming and outgoing SMS
  • Check all incoming and outgoing MMS
  • View timestamps
  • View deleted messages

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Jailbreak or Root required

Evaluation: as you’ll see it is usual with CocoSpy, the feature is very well optimized and just doesn’t miss any information, even if there is a large scale of messages going in and out. Captured data is always precise.

#3 – Track Location

Track Location

The ability to discover where the monitored person has been key to find out the truth in several circumstances. A strong feature most spy apps offer. However, CocoSpy is incredibly a step ahead of several competitors, as it does deliver this functionality without jailbreak or root. Here is what you get from it:

  • GPS and WIFI-based locations
  • Entry and exit times to all visited places
  • Complete addresses to all visited places including GPS coordinates

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Jailbreak or Root required

Evaluation: a great addition to its set of tools, tracking location works smoothly. The only thing to be considered here is that we did have a little delay synchronizing info when the monitored phone was on 4G rather than WIFI. Obviously, this has a lot to do with your carrier and its service.

#4 – Geofence


If you’re one of our frequent readers, you know that we find geofence one of the coolest most useful features in pretty much every situation there is. So, having this optimized is a big plus in our opinion. CocoSpy again did a great job.

Geofence, for those who are not familiar with the term, allows you to set up a virtual perimeter in which the phone should remain. Then, if the person leaves that perimeter with the phone, you’ll get an instant notification. You can also set up a perimeter the phone shouldn’t enter instead. Evidently, if that happens, the same notification will be promptly delivered to you.
Here is what there is for you:

  • Use a Google-like web map to determine the perimeter you want
  • Immediate alerts in case the rule is broken
  • Access to track real-time and past locations

→ Supports Android
→ No Root required

Evaluation: Although the tool works just fine as its main competitors, it is a shame they haven’t been able to deliver it for iOS.

#5 – Track Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the largest social media in the world and its own app – Facebook Messenger – is widely used to exchange messages. Having access to it is one of those “must-have” for anyone considering a spy app. Here is what CocoSpy can do for you in this matter:

  • Read all Facebook Messenger messages (sent or received)
  • View group chats
  • View timestamps

→ Supports Android
→ No Root required

Evaluation: one of the must have options unfortunately isn’t available for iOS, which makes us consider some competitors we have reviewed lately for this matter. However, if you’re focusing on an Android device, this tool works quite well.

#6 – WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy

Now, do you know a single soul who doesn’t have a WhatsApp account? We don’t either. That shows how relevant it is to be able to monitor the conversations that take place there. CocoSpy does a beautiful job in this sense. You’ll be able to:

  • Read messages through WhatsApp (sent and received)
  • Read details such as contacts and timestamps
  • View every media sent or received through WhatsApp

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Jailbreak or Root required

#7 – Snapchat Spy

Snapchat Spy

Snapchat is very popular in some countries and not that much on others, but it could easily be used to talk to someone or even to close a deal without anyone else knowing about it. Especially due to its unique characteristic of deleting messages after some time. That ends up making this social media very used to, let’s just say, inappropriate conduct. Check out how CocoSpy will help you in this regard:

  • Read all exchanged messages
  • Check out all contact details
  • Track conversations timestamps

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Root required. Note that although it does work on iOS, jailbreak is mandatory

Evaluation: even though there is nothing wrong with the tool itself, as it delivers good results, once again iOS devices aren’t properly covered as we expect – without the need to jailbreak them. So, it definitely has some room for improvement in this sense.

#8 – Instagram Spy App

Instagram Spy App

Now, another crucial feature. Instagram is simply the most popular social media we currently have. So if we’re talking about spying on someone, this tool can’t be left aside whatsoever. With the help of CocoSpy, you’ll surely get to the bottom of what’s going on. Well, at least if this statement is purely Android-wise.

Check how it can help you:

  • Check out sent and received messages
  • View contacts and timestamps

→ Supports Android
→ No Root required

Evaluation: yes, again we have another powerful and essential feature, well optimized, that delivers what it promises, but it fails to be available for iOS. We believe you’re probably getting the big picture here when considering CocoSpy, right?

#9 – Viber Spy

viber spy

Although Viber isn’t one of the most popular ways to communicate through phones, you should really consider that people will search for less common means to talk their secrets to people they shouldn’t. So, why not keep an eye on Viber as well, right? Check out how it’s done:

  • Read all private and group chats
  • View timestamps to these chats
  • View call records
  • Check contact number and associated data

→ Supports Android
→ No Root required

Evaluation: The tool is good, although we don’t really consider it to be a must have. Again it doesn’t support any iOS, but we guess it isn’t that bad in this case, once Viber isn’t that popular.

#10 – Stealth Mode

stealth mode

Well, even though CocoSpy shows it as a feature, it is more like a characteristic. Actually, a vital one as we’ve previously said. Stealth mode is the given name to the ability the software has to remain undetected, which obviously prevents the monitored person to alter his or her behavior and hide the truth. Here is how it works:

  • Invisibly track GPS locations
  • Discreetly monitor messages
  • Sneak-pick at social media activities

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Jailbreak or Root required

Evaluation: it is as simple as that: stealth mode is the basis of any spy app and if this characteristic is not present, we’re not talking about a spy app at all. CocoSpy gets the job done in this sense and you won’t have any concerns related to getting caught.

#11 – Track Website History

Track Website History

Another cool thing CocoSpy has under its control. With this feature, you’ll get access to every activity on the target phone browsers. This is a great way to get to see what the person has been researched and is interested in. That means you’ll get access to:

  • The list of most-visited websites
  • Read brief site descriptions
  • Timestamps and bookmarks

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Jailbreak or Root required

Evaluation: this is definitely something you’ll want to count with, as what someone’s always researching is a good indication of his or her interests and what that person is up to. CocoSpy’s feature is quite effective in bringing all data precisely.

#12 – Track SIM Location

Track SIM Location

Although CocoSpy gives that name to this feature, it doesn’t really have much to do with location. Actually, this resource grants you access to SIM info, which can be relevant for some cases, especially if the monitored person attempts to change the SIM Card on the tracked phone.

These are the data you’ll know about:

  • View network/carrier details
  • See network-based locations
  • Check the IMEI number
  • Receive notification if SIM Card is changed

→ Supports Android and iOS
→ No Jailbreak or Root required

Evaluation: you need to be warned in case the monitored person changes the SIM Card. This can be an indication he or she uses a different number to do the suspicious activities you’re trying to discover. CocoSpy showed it is perfect at bringing the truth to you instantly.

As advertised, we’re definitely looking at a good spy app with a decent amount of tools to offer a little over the basics for you to monitor a phone, especially if your target is an Android. But, how much would that cost to you? Let’s introduce the options.

Check CoCoSpy features from here

CocoSpy pricing and subscription plans

CocoSpy pricing

The main characteristic that puts all plans apart is related to the number of devices you want to track. That means you get the same functions (those described according to the OS of choice and the respective compatibility) in all of them.


  • Number of devices: 01
  • Price for iOS: $49.99/ mo for one month | $26.66/mo for three months | $10.83/mo for twelve months
  • Price for Android: $49.99/ mo for one month | $23.33/mo for three months | $9.99/mo for twelve months
  • Auto-renewal: Yes to all plans
  • Online payment methods: Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, JCB and Maestro

Now if you need to monitor more than one device, you’re in for a treat with the following offer.


  • Number of devices: 05 for iOS | 03 for Android
  • Price for iOS: $99.99/ mo for one month | $66.66/mo for three months | $33.33/mo for twelve months
  • Price for Android: $69.99/ mo for one month | $33.33/mo for three months | $16.66/mo for twelve months
  • Auto-renewal: Yes to all plans
  • Online payment methods: Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, JCB and Maestro

The last option is quite different according to the OS. On Android, you’ll get a more basic choice while on iOS, you get a business plan capable of monitoring a whole bunch of devices at once, as it follows below.

Basic (Android)

  • Number of devices: 01
  • Price: $39.99/ mo for one month | $19.99/mo for three months | $8.33/mo for twelve months
  • Auto-renewal: Yes
  • Online payment methods: Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, JCB and Maestro

NOTE: the features offered here are only 08 (Call Logs, Location, Browser History, Photos, Text Messages, Contacts, Bookmarks, Videos Preview)

Business (iOS)

  • Number of devices: 25
  • Price: $399.99/ mo for one month | $233.33/mo for three months | $83.33/mo for twelve months
  • Auto-renewal: Yes
  • Online payment methods: Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, JCB and Maestro

NOTE: This plan is only for iOS and there is no similar option (with 25 monitored devices at once) for Android.

Alright, so tell us in the comment section how did you like CocoSpy now that you know what it is and what it can actually deliver. We’ll assume you did like it since you came all the way down to here, which leads us to show you how you can purchase and install it on the phone to be monitored.

Check CoCoSpy pricing for iOS devices from here


Check CoCoSpy pricing for Android devices from here

Purchasing and Installing CocoSpy

If you’ve been reading our content on other spy apps, you already know that the purchasing and installation processes of them all are quite alike. Also, in many cases, they differ from Android to iOS, which makes us put the info in these two categories. Let’s start with Apple.


Purchasing is a quick procedure. All you need to do is click on our link (which redirects you straight to the official website with no intermediaries). Then, you basically have to choose your subscription, inform personal and payment data and wait for your welcome email.

Regard installation, iOS has a trick. It isn’t necessary to have physical access to the iPhone to be monitored. On the other hand, you’ll need to inform CocoSpy of the iCloud credentials associated with that iPhone. It is imperative that the iCloud automatic backup is activated.

Easy and very familiar to anyone who has read a little about spy apps.


The procedure to buying CocoSpy for Android is the same as above mentioned. No secret. Just make sure you select the correct OS when purchasing it.

Installation is different though. For Android, it is mandatory that you have physical access to the phone to be monitored. On it, you’ll need to access its browser and use the link you have on your welcome email and download CocoSpy on the phone. A few taps and it is installed and running.

So, now that you probably have your thoughts on CocoSpy, it is time for us to say our impressions about it. Then, you’ll have everything you need to make your decision calmly and well informed, which is our goal here.

Our final impression about CocoSpy

cocospy review

In our humble but fact-based opinion, we believe CocoSpy is a great way to try out the world of spy apps, especially for Android. On iOS, it still has a reasonably long way to go. A decent number of functions, extremely easy to use, and a large variety of subscription offers are key to make it a solid choice for several cases.

If you’re after finding out the truth about your husband’s behavior, or willing to protect your kids, company, family, and so on, there is just a great match to your needs. Surely, there are features enough to bring the truth to you in most cases.

Now, if you’re dealing with a more deep situation, maybe someone who’s aware of the possibility you’ll use a spy app at some point, you might want a more pro-choice. For that matter, we recommend you to check out our FlexiSpy and mSpy reviews.

There you go. Take your time and use our links to finally have all the peace of mind and safety you’ve been wishing for with a spy app. Maybe, CocoSpy is the one.

Download CoCoSpy from here

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