Flexispy Review: Now The Most Advanced Smartphone Monitoring Software

FlexiSpy, Is in the Forefront for Cell Phone Monitoring Software!

It is an EPIC software which means –

  • E – FlexiSPY EXTREME [Includes All-Powerful and Dynamic Aspects]
  • P – FlexiSPY PREMIUM [Economically Good Inclusive of All major Aspects]
  • I – FlexiSPY iPad Spy Application [An App Exclusively Constructed for iPad]
  • C – FlexiSPY Password Cracker [Can snap the Passwords and Pattern Passcodes]

This software is an old player in the spy club but has come up with all the newfangled and advanced monitoring outlook. The look and feel i.e. the User Interface of the website has certainly improvised along with its refurbished Control Center.

For all my new readers, I would like to explain you about the Control Center or Dashboard. It is a place in your online spy account where you would login with the provided details [Username and Password] to view the recorded spy logs against your target person. Lets read and peruse more about this leading Spy app in this FlexiSpy Review article.

Phones and Devices – Compatible Versions

Compatibility factor is one of the crucial element to consider while selecting the app for your target user’s cell phone. Although FlexiSPY app is congenial majorly with all the popular mobile brands like Samsung, HTC, Apple, BlackBerry and many more that works on the Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry Operating System.

So, Essentially what you need to check is the OS version of the target’s smartphone that must be compatible with the spy software version. Remember the Internet access is mandatory and of pivotal importance to get the app working and recording the data in an efficient manner.

It is obligatory to Jailbreak an iPhone to install this monitoring application or for instance any of the third party application. Whereas for Android devices to access the advanced features you require to Root the phone else for the basic aspects like tracking the text messages, phone call logs, knowing their real time locations, you don’t need to undergo the Rooting process.

Updated March 2021!

Below mentioned are the supported platforms for this spy software –

  • Supports Android Phones and Tablets up to OS version 4.0.3 – 10;
  • Supports iDevices [iPhone and iPad] up to iOS 6.0 – 13.x supports tethered mode only

It is good to ensure that the target’s smartphone is updated with the latest software version but make sure to do it before installing the spy app as the latter will lose its relevance.

Check out Flexispy Compatibility With Your Device Here

Specified Aspects

FlexiSPY caters its valuable customers with two subscription packages –

The Premium subscription package is corroborated with all the fundamental features required by majority of people to monitor their target user. Like flipping through their SMS, BBM, Snapchat, Facebook messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp chats. The phone Call Logs, Address Book and many more features can all be discovered with the aid of Premium package.

Whereas the Extreme subscription package is incorporated with the extra features that are much needed by the importunate detectives. These are like – Cracking the passwords of the target user’s cell phone. Eavesdropping their phone calls or record the calls and then getting them saved in the spy account for later reference, Controlling the microphone for surround listening etc. can all be done with this package.
Keep scrolling to know more about its rate chart described in the pricing section.

Social and Instant Chat Messenger Provision


FlexiSPY is the only spy software that doesn’t only claim but proves that it can track the popular thirteen [13] chat messengers along with the date and time print – WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, FB Messenger, Kik messenger LINE, Skype, WeChat messages, iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Google Hangouts and Twitter.

Another unique aspect is its FaceTime Spy Cam. With this feature you can snoop your target person’s conversations. All you have to do is just make a FaceTime call from the special account on FaceTime. This will silently turn on the mic and a camera that lets you see and hear the surroundings of the iDevice in real time. Don’t worry about getting detected as it will hide your connection in the facetime session.

So, Now you can easily check over your target’s text messages which are done through any of these chatting platforms. No worries if they are deleted from your target’s smartphone you can still have the vision to see the trashed stuff in the control panel of your spy account.

Advanced Monitoring

Snooping the phone calls or recording the calls of the target user is the only service catered by this company. Yes, as mentioned above that you can –

Click Here To Listen To Live Calls or to record calls With FlexiSpy

This all can be recorded at any time for future reference. It is of great importance when you need the concrete evidences against your red marked person. So if listening the conversations of your marked person is your essential need then this is the right choice for you. Also track the VOIP [Voice Over Internet Protocol] call logs. Although you cannot listen to the calls but you can get the details of the VOIP phone calls made through any of the IM [ Instant Messenger] platform.

Beware of all the other companies that profess to provide this feature. Because as of now FlexiSPY app is the unique holder for catering this service to all its valuable customers, Where the others are still striving to include the same in their existing product.

Check out all features of Flexispy here

Does it Work?

I have written this review after testing the entire monitoring features on my testing phone. The product functions well, If followed by the predefined requisites like Jailbreaking your iDevice for installation of the spy app and Rooting your Android smartphone for accessing the advanced features along with the good internet connection. To get the adequate results for recording the calls and tracking the IM chats it is crucial that the target user uses the mobile data plan or WiFi connection to let the spy server upload the required data and information on it.

Now, to listen the saved recordings, I would recommend that you play it on the VLC Media player instead of Windows Media player. For call listening aspect ensure that the three-way calling is enabled on the target user’s mobile phone. Check with the network operator for activating the same.

Other Ingrained Features

Apart from the exceptional and contemporary snooping features, There are the conventional aspects of this monitoring app which also proves to be of great importance for all those people who wish to monitor their loved and dear ones. Such as –

  • Alerts and Keywords – you can fix the alerts either on your own phone or email to notify you when they talk or message on the specific phone numbers. Also scan the certain keywords that you think your child may search like drugs or any cuss words.
  • Block the Apps – Check over the apps that they install on their smartphones and block the ones that you feel shouldn’t be viewed by them. Yes, You can remotely uninstall the application.
  • Keylogger– This feature will capture the passwords, login details and other codes equipped on the target’s device. You can track all the details of their social media and the passwords that are set on their device. This aspect must be used only with the prior notice to the monitored person.
  • Tracking GPS location – The whereabouts can be known to you at any time with the aid of this location tracking feature. The location will be displayed as followed.

How Does Flexispy Works?

how does flexispy works
If not the most popular product, FlexiSpy is surely the most powerful solution for tracking activities from PC, Smartphones and other devices — quite extensively. If you’ve come across this package, you’d be wondering how FlexiSpy works. And, we will have a look into that here.

One thing to be noted here is the easiness of set-up. It does not matter whether you’re an expert or not. It’s a piece of cake to install FlexiSpy on the target phone and start getting tracking logs. The same easiness will be there in case of Android, iOS, Nokia and BlackBerry. There is an installation wizard that is user-friendly. It lets you get started with spying in a few seconds, once the app has been installed on the targeted devices. The best part is that there will be no sign of FlexiSpy on the device, once you have completed installation.

The Basic Tracking

If you are looking for the steps; first, you have to purchase FlexiSpy license, according to desired plan. Then, it’s time to install the tracking app in your Android, iPhone, Nokia or BlackBerry smartphone. In seconds, the tool will start tracking all the information from the targeted phone, which is then uploaded to web servers of FlexiSpy. All the uploaded information can be accessed via FlexiSpy Dashboard. Needless to say, the simple UI is equally productive too. You get to know all types of data — be it call records or IM messages — in single look.

This is how the basic tracking from FlexiSpy works. It’s basically about installing and hiding an app, which has complete access to the phones — including the calls received and passwords that entered. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Now, we will have a look on how some exclusive features of FlexiSpy works.

– Call Intercept

This is one of the most used tracking features from FlexiSpy! This feature lets you listen to the calls received or made by the targeted user. The working process of this feature is equally impressive.

Before you begin, you can create a predefined set of numbers. These may be the numbers you feel curious about or that you don’t want the target to contact. If the target is trying to contact the particular numbers, you will receive a notification. Thereupon, you can simply make a call to the target number. The FlexiSpy app makes sure that your number is not visible.

So, in fact, you are making a conference call. However, for the targeted person does not know that you are listening to the call. Of course, you will have to pay for the calls you make. That having said, FlexiSpy lets you listen to all the calls the target is making.

P.S. Make sure that the targeted phone has support for conference calling. Not just that, the cellular carrier should support the same feature. If Call Conference or 3-Way Calling isn’t enabled, you can’t have benefits of FlexiSpy Call Intercept.

– SpyCall

Another popular feature from FlexiSpy, SpyCall is a way to listen to the surroundings. Here too, FlexiSpy has made the right use of cellular calls. Suppose you want to know what the target is doing. From FlexiSpy, you can make a call that turns on targeted phone’s microphone.

This way, you will be able to listen to everything that happens around the phone. For instance, you can hear sounds around the phone or eavesdrop into meetings. In the same way, you can get to know what happens during some secret discussions.

Or, even better, you can leave a phone at home and know if your baby is crying.

– Password Cracking

It’s another demanded feature in FlexiSpy, given the wide possibilities. This should be done only if you have legal ability to track what the person is doing. This feature works through the concept of a key-logger. If this confuse you, don’t be.

Once you have installed FlexiSpy on the target phone, all keystrokes will be entered. This includes both real and virtual keyboards. Suppose the target is entering something like a username or password. You can find the entered text string on FlexiSpy Dashboard.

Once again, the working is simple and fool-proof. That is, no one except you will know about the tracking.

Simply put, the tracking methods of FlexiSpy are simple but foolproof. And, it’s also perhaps the best tool that makes use of cellular connectivity. So, if the targeted phone does not have cellular connectivity, it is not possible to have tracking options like SpyCall and Call Intercept. Also, we repeat, you should have the proper legal rights to install FlexiSpy — or any other spying package, for that matter — on the device. It isn’t recommended to use the tool for illegal needs of yours.

A Few Other Things

The license you purchase from FlexiSpy is transferrable between devices. Suppose you can track up to three devices in the package, and you were using Android tracking. Suddenly, the target changes his phone to iOS. At this point, you can easily use the same license to track the iOS device. We hope this makes enough sense.

Similarly, don’t get panicked if you cannot understand something about FlexiSpy. There are a few things you can do get support. There is Live Chat, Support and Email. Not just that, you have a collection of Knowledge Base articles, which also help you understand how FlexiSpy works.

We hope all these things are clear and that you now know how FlexiSpy lets you track everything about the targeted phone. We haven’t actually mentioned the working of basic features like IM Tracking and SMS. We hope you get the idea.

Dashboard for Location Tracking

Flexispy dashboard
Set the Location boundaries – If a user enters the area that is marked as a restricted area by you then it will be conveyed to you through an alert message on your cell phone. This setting can be done via the Control Center.

Hence the basic and advanced featured are incorporated with the two acclaimed subscription packages – Premium and Extreme Subscription packs. Learn more about this software to select the most appropriate package for yourself to monitor the target user.

FlexiSpy Pricing

Here is the detailed outlay for FlexiSPY that eventuate in two categories –

  • FlexiSPY Premium Subscription Package;
  • FlexiSPY Extreme Subscription Package.

The Premium version is comprised of all the standard monitoring aspects like tracing the Phone call logs with the detailed information like call duration and time and date stamp. Run through their plain Text messages and large database of Instant messenger chats done on the famous messaging platforms, look over the Browsed Web history and discover their GPS location with the aid of GPS location tracker. All these aspects and many more will let you perceive about your target’s social network and vicinities along with the date and time print in the spy logs.

Whereas the Extreme version clubbed with the Premium Package features along with its distinctive characteristics, Allows you to listen to your target user’s conversations, use the password cracker and some spoofing tools to know the true picture of your concerned person.

Take a look on the Outlay –

Premium Packages

  • Premium Pack for 1 months – $68;
  • Premium Pack for 3 months – $99;
  • Premium Pack for 12 months/1 year – $149;

Extreme Packages

  • Extreme Pack for 3 month – $199;
  • Extreme Pack for 12 months/1 year – $349 (includes free Password Cracker)
Mentioned packages are of the fixed rates and doesn’t include any hidden charges or any kind taxes.

The validity with one month packs are good for newcomers who just want to examine the software’s competence. And the packages with 3 months or one year validity are appropriate, If your core demand is to speculate your loved ones and protect them by staying under incognito mode.

Why Select This One?

Although the reasons to choose this application is already well justified with its Pro and basic specifications but I would like to highlight the points for better clarity on its reliability and authenticity.

  • This app stays well hidden in your target’s smartphone thus giving NO clue to him/her about being monitored.
  • Unlike StealthGenie which was taken down because of some legal issues, Flexispy is not originated in U.S. Hence and it is very safe and authentic to use, Provided you stay in limits and follow the laws of your country.
  • Even if a user installs an Antivirus on their device, This spy software will not get detected by it.
  • It constitutes a feature that lets you hide the SU[SuperUser app] and Cydia app after Rooting and Jailbreaking the device respectively.
  • It shares an User Friendly Interface along with an installation wizard that easily walk you through the installation process.
  • It doesn’t leave any traces of the back log files or suspicious files that can be viewed by visiting the task manager option.
  • The spy license can be transferred on any cross platform device which means it is not necessary that the OS of the device should be the same as that of the previous mobile device. This particular feature is very beneficial, If your Android target user becomes the owner of an Apple device.

Therefore, I think the reasons are well explained to opt for this device for monitoring your concerned person. Also scroll down to know about its Customer Care Service and Support.

Customer Service and Support

FlexiSPY does not let you go astray right after you splurge your money on the software, Indeed supports you wherever you bump down. Yes!, They are round the clock available to serve its clients’ with the live chat support and email service. You can also educate yourself before purchasing an app with the knowledge base articles and comprehensive video tutorials that tells you the usability and working of the software in an elaborated manner.

The website is available in multiple countries and also has a multilingual site for it to ease their customers. Lets talk about its Refund Policy. They guarantee a ten [10] day Refund policy. Of course with few terms and conditions they abide their protocol for refund policy.

FlexiSPY: The Preview

Without any doubts FlexiSPY is the finest application that can be used to watchdog your red marked person at any time and anywhere. With its multitude Cell Phone and Tablet Monitoring Aspects you can easily keep track of your Children and Employees. From the basic aspects to its unique call Intercepting feature and Password cracking feature, It caters all the desired options to let you monitor the implied person then and there.

Although there is not much difference in the price list of FlexiSPY and mSPY but still it’s hard to comprehend the best one out of these two. It is because it depends upon an individual’s needs and requirements for monitoring while considering your economic measures to crown the best one for yourself.

I hope this review for FlexiSPY has well versed you about the effective operativeness of the software.

So why to wait? When an insightful knowledge on the given software is already been provided.

Click here to visit Flexispy Website

35 thoughts on “Flexispy Review: Now The Most Advanced Smartphone Monitoring Software”

  1. Do you have any software that allows you to listening in on a target cell phone that you have no control over or have not held in your hand?

  2. Hello Peter,

    Thanks for your comment. You need to have the physical access of the target phone in order to install the FlexiSpy after that you can listen to live calls. There is no software available that you can install software without taking the phone in your hand. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi,
    Can spy engage give the exact location of the loved one or does it only provide a rough indication of the locality?

  4. You will get the exact location of your loved ones, once the monitoring software gets installed on your target user. Hope that helps.

    1. Hello Jamie,

      I don’t know any types of free hacks and don’t get deceived by these types of free hacks they will steal your information.

  5. If your target cell phone is iPhone then you dont need physical access to the phone you just need the iCloud credentials and you can use mSpy without jailbreak version. If it is Android then physical access is mandatory.

  6. is it free software or paid?
    i stay in India, MAHARASHTRA. How could i buy it? explain the exact process?
    how could i record other persons calls and watsapp chat by using this software? explain process?
    can this software work on targets anderoid if he/she doesnt have internet data or access for his/her anderoid?

  7. We both have iPhones and iCloud on each of them. I do not want to jailbreak either phone. Will this still work. I need to be able to put it on husbands phone phone without access to it and I need to do do everything from my iPhone because I don’t have access to a PC or Laptop. Can this do that?

    1. FlexiSpy doesn’t provide iPhone without jailbreak solution. For that you can check mSpy without jailbreak you don’t need to jailbreak your target iPhone with that and you don’t need access to the target iPhone moreover you can view all the info from your phone without a PC or Laptop. Hope that helps.

      1. So that I’m clear, to actually listen to/record incoming and outgoing calls, the iphone must be jailbroken? Also, I saw once that jailbreaking is as simple as going to a particular website from the iphone. Would you know the web address?

        P.S. will recording the voice calls make detectable difference in the data usage. Will there be any spikes?

        1. Hello Marian,

          Yes the iPhone must be jailbroken in order to install the FlexiSpy and to listen and to record calls. FlexiSpy team will perform the jailbreak process for you for a small fee of $37.99 so that you don’t have to go through this complex process of jailbreaking the iPhone. And there will be no extra data usages when the call gest recorded. Hope that helps.

  8. Also how much is this and do I get a refund if it does not work for me? How many days do you have to get a refund?

    1. Dear Bonita,

      It starts from $29.99 for 1 month and goes to $199.99 for 12 months depending upon the what type of features you need. You can see the mSpy packages and mSpy offers the 10 days refund policy. If the software doesn’t work for you.

    1. You have to install the Flexispy on your target user cell phone in order to listen to live phone calls and to read the text messages. As you said your girl friend lives in Nigeria then it seems difficult because you don’t have the access to her phone.

  9. It’s a paid software. Don’t get trapped by the free software. generally free spy software are viruses. You can buy it with your credit card or PayPal. Flexispy have so many payment options. You have to install the FlexiSpy in your target person cell phone in order to record calls and WhatsApp chat. The internet must be working on your target cell phone for any spy software to work. Hope that helps.

    1. Yes, FlexiSpy monitors Snapchat on Android but you have to root the Android phone to get it worked.

    1. Jon it is an spy app not a language translated app. The verbal and recorded phone conversation will remain in the same language.

  10. Do any of the monitoring systems send out a daily msg to target phone letting them know they are being monitored….and/or are all of them completely discrete

    1. Chrissy, none of the monitoring software listed on my website sends a message to the target phone letting them know that they are being monitored. All of them are completely hidden.

  11. My child, the target phone, has an iPhone 6s. I can gain access to it to install the software. Is the app detectable by the target user? For example, is there an icon on the phone, or is there history of the download in the App Store under purchased items?

    1. Mark, before installing spy software on iPhone you need to jailbreak the iPhone. Because spy softwares are not available in the App store. You have to buy it directly from the spy software website and then download it and install it on your target phone. As you said your child has iPhone 6S then you must jailbreak it. If the iOS version of your child iPhone is 9.3.2 then you cannot jailbreak it since there is no jailbreak available for iOS version 9.3.2. You can try mSpy without jailbreak. With this app you don’t have to jailbreak your child’s iPhone to install the spy app infact you don’t have to install anything in your child’s phone you just need the iCloud id and password and make sure that thr iCloud backup is turned on. You can check more info about mSpy without jailbreak at this link https://www.spyengage.com/mSpywithoutjailbreak

      1. Hi, What of if the target phone disables the internet connections? Does it mean that Flexispy can nolonger track it.

        1. If the target phone internet connection is disabled then FlexiSpy will be still working in the background and as soon as it gets the working internet connection it will send all the information to the server so that you can view it on your computer. Hope that helps.

  12. If the target phone disables the internet connection even then Flexispy will be working in the background and as soon as target phone gets the internet connection Flexispy will upload the data on the server.

  13. Hy I’m working abroad n my boyfriend is in other country I think he have affair with someone coz his number is busy all the time.i can not do physical access to phone.how can I use this software to spy on my bf. It is possible to use this spy eithout having physical access to the phone.

    1. Hello Asha,

      If your boyfriend lives in Abroad and using iPhone then you need his iCloud credentials in order to spy on your boyfriend iPhone without accessing it. You will get the following features when you don’t have access to iPhone

      Call logs
      Text messages ( including iMessages )
      Browser history
      Wi-Fi Networks
      Installed applications

      Check this link https://www.spyengage.com/mSpywithoutaccess

      But if your boyfriend is using the Android phone then you have to root the Android phone to install the app and get the information which is not possible in your case as you cannot get physical access to his phone.

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