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Highster Mobile Review – Things You Need To Know Before Buying

Highster Mobile BoxHighster Mobile App is a wondrous Mobile Spy Application that helps in diminishing all your grievances and worries. Whether it be a parent or a CMD[Chief-Managing-Director] of an organisation, Highster Mobile doesn’t leaves you puzzled! Compatible with almost all the Genx Mobile platforms, it manages to resolve all kind of combats.

This spy application is incorporated with all those features that will provide you, Undoubtedly, serenity in life. Let's check more about the review of this phenomenal spy software.

Compatibility Aspect

Highster Mobile Spy App is compatible across all the extensive platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry and many more. Yet it’s crucial to check the operating system version on the Smartphones and Tablets that you wish to monitor. The software version of the target’s device should be compatible with the spy software’s version.

  • Android Phones and Tablets – up to OS version 7.x
  • iDevices [iPhone and iPad] up to iOS 10.x

HighSter Mobile Compatibility

Updated March 2021!

For detailed information on review of highster mobile you can even visit the official website, The wide list of the latest smartphones are mentioned there. So, Find out your mobile model and then initiate the monitoring process. In case you don’t find your mobile model then simply drop an email or chat live with their customer executives to get ensured about the congeniality factor.

It is advisable for you to check that your target’s device is upgraded with the latest OS version. Because upgrading the cell phone after you install the spy app will be of no use as the spy software will automatically be deleted from the device upon successfully getting updated.


It is mandatory for any iDevice to be Jailbroken first to get started with this spy app, Whereas for Android devices the basic features will work perfectly fine without Rooting the device but Highster mobile provides just one package which is comprised of both the Basic and Advanced features. Therefore it’s advisable to Root your Android device to access the complete package catered by them.

How To Install Highster Mobile

The process of installation is not burdensome at all. Read below mentioned various ways to download and install the software onto the red marked person’s device.

1. OTA (Over-The-Air)

Click on the web browser and then directly type the website’s name on it. Look for the Buy Now button and purchase the app to get started with it.

2. Scan the QR code of the spy app with the help of barcode scanner app that is installed on your smartphone.

3. Use an USB cable and transfer the files with the particular link from your desktop to the mobile phone.

4. Try using the bluetooth connection.

An Insight To How Highster Mobile Spy Works

highster mobile working

Once you buy the software, thereafter you will immediately receive an email that holds a – download link, username, password and a license key. Subsequent to the successful installation procedure on your target user’s cell phone, You can now view all the spy logs by login into the website with the provided credentials.

Enter the username and password from any device like – desktop, tablet or laptop etc. and there you get the access of your account’s control panel where you can view all the required logs. The data and information is uploaded on the spy server, even the deleted messages, mails and other information can be tracked by you at anytime and anywhere just with the good internet connectivity.

Click here to view how it works

Why To Buy Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

Highster Mobile App is a proficient spy application that serves you all the imperative and much needed aspects like –

  • Go through text messages, emails, phone call logs, instant messaging conversations, media and GPS locations and many more;
  • The aforementioned features are provided in just one package that too with one-time payment;
  • The application proves to stay clandestine in the target user’s cell phone which means the app remains hidden once installed in the marked person’s mobile phone;
  • The installation process can be easily carried out without any complications in couple of minutes aided by an email that holds a complete process to be followed step by step;
  • Even then if a user encounters any kind of problem while installing it then S/He may contact the customer support through an email.

Although the reasons to select this spy app is well justified with all the above mentioned points but I would suggest to keep reading and learn more about this application to start monitoring your children for their better future prospects and get benefitted in business by monitoring your employees to get the maximum productivity.

Competent Features Of Highster Mobile Spy

The numerous features proffered by Highster Mobile covers all the points that are extensively required for Child Monitoring or Employee Monitoring. Lets check with the specifications one by one to completely comprehend the efficient working features of the spy software.

1. Snapping the Textual Conversation – Communicating through Text Messages has gained much popularity, Hence you can track your target user through his/her own messages. Yes! Highster Mobile lets you check over their – read/unread and even deleted messages along with the date and time print.

2. Run Through their IM [Instant Messenger] Chats – Not only the plain text messages but the conversations done on the social media center and on instant messenger chats can be tracked as well. Such as WhatsApp messages, Viber, Facebook messenger spy, Skype, BBM, Twitter etc.. One can read the entire chat threads and view the shared media like photos/images from your online spy account.

3. Undergo their Phone call logs – Monitor their phone calls whether incoming or outgoing calls. Get to know whom are they frequently talking with and for how long (with the help of call duration), date and time stamp. The details will be recorded in the dashboard of the website in a textual format.

4. Live Control Panel – In comparison to other spy applications, Highster Mobile is known for its simple yet powerful design concept. It has a user friendly interface which let its users easily operate the control panel of the website. One can set the time triggers, adjust the display options and view all the mobile actions that are recorded with the detailed specifications.

5. Discover their Whereabouts – With the aid of GPS Location Tracking, you can know the locations of your target user. Get known to their location history by using the maps in the control panel of the website. Control your loved and dear ones, in case they’re treading on the wrong path of their lives.

6. View the Browser History – Know what are they browsing through their smartphones. See the web history of the surfed content by visiting the links that have been accessed by them. The saved bookmarks and other URLs can be checked especially to ensure that your children aren’t viewing any objectionable content in lieu of their school project that must be Internet aided.

7. Analyse their Photos – The saved as well as the shared media content can be viewed just by login into the website account. The pictures/images/selfies along with the date and time print is uploaded on the spy server that can be checked by you at anytime and anywhere provided you’ve a good internet connectivity on the device that you’re using to view logs.

8. Check with their Emails – Monitor the emails that they’ve been receiving or sending in their nexus. Even the deleted mails can be scanned by you, as it gets uploaded on the server before a user deletes it from their smartphone.

9. Look Into their Phonebook Contacts – The contacts saved in the smartphone can all be known to you. The additional information attached with it such as the birth dates, house address etc. can be tracked with the help of this contact detailed log feature.

10. Remotely Uninstall the App – While you cannot remotely Install the application but you can easily uninstall the app at any time. If you ever feel dubious, then you can remove the spy software from your target’s cell phone that too without grabbing their devices and before they get any idea of being monitored by you.

11. Lock/Unlock the Target Phone – You can even lock or unlock some of the application of the smartphone. This feature is of great importance when your mischievous kids does not pay any heed to your instructions. You can relentlessly block the applications that you find abusive or objectionable to help protect your kids from indulging into any nasty situation.

Click here to view all features of highster mobile

Highster Mobile Spy Pricing

Unlike other spy software, Highster Mobile cater its customers with just One Subscription Package. With this design concept of just one valuable pack they’ve actually eased their customers’ problem when it comes to select the best one from multiple packages. Many spy companies have the price kit that is comprised with different features and comes in categories like Basic and Advance/PRO along with the different time span of 1,3,6,12 months.

Whereas with Highster’s One Price Kit that is corroborated with all the monitoring features entirely aids you in protecting your loved ones by knowing the true picture of them. Also, NO extra cost or hidden cost is incurred once you buy the software. And the subscription is valid with a lifetime licence for spy app.

● Highster Mobile Pro Edition with lifetime access is available at just – $69.99

Check here to view highster mobile package

Does It Work?

The aspects of this monitoring software is tried and tested by me. As the software working and User Interface of the application is very simple and easy to use, thereby the software’s efficacy is nowhere to be questioned. While following the pre necessary steps, one can conveniently get the fruitful results for spying their target user. This app is constantly improvising its services to best serve its clients.


This software is an appropriate buy for all the distressed Parents and worried Employers. With the use of this application one can effortlessly monitor their targets mobile activities. Being a parent it’s crucial to keep up with your children and ensure that they’re not being into any unethical deeds. And also for those employers who are draining their money without having any productivity in their business. Also the application is not a terror to your pocket as it is designed keeping in mind the economic measures of their customers that can best serve the monitoring needs and requirements of its consumers. If you have and comments or suggestion about this review of highster mobile you can share it by commenting below.

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