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How To Spy On Android Phone Without Rooting?

Apparently, Mobile phones are the widespread technology and pivotal element to our lives. Every individual is spending humongous amount of time with screen media. According to SCAMP [Study of Cognition, Adolescents and Mobile Phones], there’s a profound impact of cell phones on children’s mental health. Therefore, It’s crucial for parents to know what your kids are doing on their Android device. And if you think that you can ask your 11 year-old kid for his/her cell phone to view their stored information like messages, multimedia, phone call logs, emails etc. then you will probably found their phone empty.

Yes, The best children can do to hide their secrets is, delete their entire data on regular intervals. Seemingly, You will not get to know their smartphone actions. Hence, The best way to discover your teenagers mobile actions is to aid yourself with Android spy apps. There are numerous cell phone monitoring software available online which are compatible on cross-platform such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. In addition to mobile monitoring apps you can also keep track of the desktop activities with the help of desktop monitoring applications. Keep scrolling to learn more about the mobile phone spying applications.

How To Spy or Track An Android Phone Without Rooting?

All the popular mobile brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Micromax and many more which are running with Android operating system needn’t necessarily undergo a process called Rooting. An Android phone can be monitored without rooting as well. Yes, It is not mandatory to root your target android phone to get an access for the basic features like the records of phone calls, phonebook contacts, application history and many more. However to access the premium or advanced features you require to root the device. It includes tracing the mainstream IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc..

Below mentioned are the fundamental features which are incorporated in the Basic subscription package for the majority spy applications.

1. Read Their Text Messages

smsYou can view any SMS or text message received by or sent from the target user’s device. Infact the deleted messages can also be read by you as it gets stored on the spy server.

2. Flip Through Their Call history & Contact List

contactsThe call logs along with the date and time stamp can be easily checked by you. So, now you can spot their calls at anytime and anywhere.

3. Track Their Web History and Bookmarks

browsing historyBe informed about your target user’s web channel hopping. You can check what are they browsing while being online in wee hours and also review the bookmarked websites on their device.

4. View Their Calendar, Reminders and Events

saved notesAll the saved notes in the events, Calendars, reminders can be read by logging into the control panel.

5. Go Through Their Emails

emailThe mailbox in Gmail can easily be checked by you.


6. Contemplate Their Photos and Videos

multimediaYou can clearly check over their multimedia folder.


7. Scan Their Installed Applications

Installed ApplicationsBe watchful to your children’s mobile application downloads. Block the indecent games or applications installed on their smartphones.

8. SIM Change Notification

sim change notificationIf the target user would change the SIM, then you can set an alert where you will be notified for the same either through an email or text message.

9. Track Their Location

gpsThe GPS location of the target user can be discovered by you. So you can effortlessly unearth your children, employee or significant other’s whereabouts.

10. Uninstall Alert

uninstall alertJust in case the spy application gets uninstalled then alike SIM notification alert you will be informed for the uninstallation alert as well. This feature is only provided by mSpy .

Therefore for all the above mentioned features the rooting process is not needed. However to know the advanced spy aspects you will have to first comprehend the Rooting Process. So before knowing the steps to completely take control of your target user’s Android smartphone lets first learn the rooting process.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a simple process performed on the Android devices to liberate it from all the set of limitations that are inflicted by the manufacturer. Once the device is rooted then it is enabled to access all the third party applications which are not present in the google apps store.

I hope I have made my readers well versed with the jargon – Rooting. Let’s acquire more information on the advanced features of the monitoring software.

The Premium subscription package is comprised of the entire basic features along with the following listed pro features.

1. Enforce Geo-Fencing – The Geo-fencing helps you set a virtual boundary for the locations that you feel should not be visited by your target user. If your target will enter into the restricted area then you will immediately be notified for the same.

2. Set Keylogger – This feature allows you to view the text entered by the target on his/her mobile phone or tablet.

3. Get Informed About Their Locations – Accumulating the information of all the connected Wi-Fi hotspots will let you know their accurate whereabouts. You can also remotely control all the wireless connections from your secure dashboard.

4. Block The Objectionable Apps & Websites – Review the applications that are being downloaded and installed by your children. You can easily block the applications which aren’t age appropriate.

5. Confine Their Incoming Calls – Alike mobile apps, You can restrict their certain incoming calls as well.

6. Remotely Lock the Device – This feature permits you to remotely lock your target user’s smartphone.

7. Instant Messenger Tracker – You can keep track of many prevalent social networking applications. Following are the applications that can be checked by you.

  • Spy Their Snapchat – Snapchat is one faddish application famous amongst the teenagers. The media data like photos, videos and drawings can be tracked in the chronological order. However, The Snapchat recipient can only view the files for 10 seconds where the spy software will let you view the data at anytime as it gets stored in the control panel.
  • Monitor Their WhatsApp – WhatsApp is another trendy chat platform that majority wants to spy. This aspects lets you read their entire chat conversations.
  • Spy Their Viber and LINE – Children prefer chatting over Viber and Line application. So, flip through the each thread of conversation that they’re doing with their friends and acquaintance.
  • Check Their Skype – Skype is yet another remarkable communication channel that allows you to do video conferencing. And this is the one big reason that it needs to be monitored because the children unconsciously share and showcase their outrageous pictures and videos.
  • Follow Into Their Instagram – Instagram, An online mobile photo and video sharing platform can be watched carefully with the aid of Instagram tracker.
  • Look Into Their Facebook Messenger – Unveil the circled user’s complete chat conversations with the assistance of the monitoring software.

Spy On Android Phone Without Rooting With:

Extra Perks

Apart from the spy aspects you should consider the following points to get yourself the maximum benefits.

1. Competent Customer Support – As there are umpteen spy applications available online hence you should circlet a mobile monitoring app that provides an excellent round the clock support for installation and all other doubts.

2. Free Updates – Check for the spy software that believes in improving their services by providing the regular automatic updates without charging extra amount for it.

3. User Friendly Interface – The control panel of the spy software should be user friendly which should save your time and efforts.

4. Unlimited Device Change – The multiple device change option becomes really helpful if the target user’s changes his/her handset. However at a time the software will work in only one device. Many spy software provide this option without additional charges.

Hence, In addition to all the above perks you should primarily consider your economic measures before selecting from the multifarious spyware that are available online in different subscription packages with varied validity time period.

Analyse your core requirement to monitor the target user and thereafter choose the application that can get you the full range of spy features and significant savings for bundle packages.

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    1. If your target phone is an Android phone than you cannot install spy software remotely. You must have physical access to your target Android phone in order to install spy software onto it. However if your target phone is an iPhone than you don’t need to install any spy app onto your target’s iPhone you just need thd iCloud credentials of your target user snd you are done. You can check this link for more information.

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