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How To Track an iPhone With Android?

Discover your child’s whereabouts with the assistance of the monitoring software that further provides an aspect called GPS location tracker. With the aid of this feature you can conveniently be informed about your loved ones real-time locations. Although there are numerous applications available online which are compatible across all the major platforms like Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Symbian etc. but you need to review the congeniality of the target user’s cell phone along with the selected spy software version. Therefore these below mentioned points must be considered before you start using this software to keep tabs on your target user’s iPhone with your Android device.

Checklist for tracking iPhone with Android

track an iphone with android

  • Firstly, check the compatibility of the software with that of the target user’s smartphone.
  • For this you can visit the supported phones page on the spy website.
  • Secondly, it’s mandatory to get hold off the monitored person’s mobile phone for couple of minutes to perform the installation procedure on it. Precisely FlexiSpy takes 10-15 minutes to get equipped with the target’s smartphone.
  • Thirdly, you’re require to analyze your needs and requirements to monitor your target user which means read about the corroborated features and the proffered subscription packages and hence rightly select one for yourself.
  • Lastly, once you get registered with the spy software followed by successfully installing the software onto the target’s smartphone, thereafter you will be directed to the control panel of your online spy account wherein you can check the required data.

How To Check The Recorded Logs?

The recorded data and information can be checked in the control panel of your authorized spy account. The control panel is a place where all the spy log are recorded for your reference. Just login with the username and password that is assigned to you in the registration mail. However the device from where you will login your authorized account can either be Android, iPhone or Windows. Just ensure that the target’s smartphone is internet enabled and also the device which you will be using should have good internet connectivity.

Therefore if you want to track your target’s iPhone with the Android phone then simply install the spy app onto the iPhone by ticking down the above mentioned checklist and then you can check the fetched logs without any hindrance from either your own iPhone, Android or any other smartphone.

Now check over the below enumerated aspects that will be available to you upon successful installation of the software onto the target’s smartphone.

Follow Along The Catered Monitoring Aspects

  • Discover their locations that gets tracked through the GPS tracking feature;
  • Get acquainted with their friends by checking their Phone book contacts and the additional information attached to it.
  • Scan their Phone Call logs along with the details like call duration, date and time stamp;
  • Get to know who all are keeping your target user busy by reading their text messages and IM chats like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, BBM and many more with the help of SMS monitoring feature;
  • Keep track of their internet browsing by reviewing the web browser history;
  • A special monitoring feature is incorporated that is the Keylogging feature which aid in recording the entire keystrokes of the target user;
  • Website blocking is another monitoring feature that comes under the parental control system;
  • Flip through their stowed media gallery to monitor their photos and videos.

All the mentioned features can be used once you get subscribed to the service. There are various subscription packages that are formulated by these spy companies to best serve their customers while keeping in mind their economical measures.

Track an iPhone With:

Why Do You Need It?

The parental control features are predominantly used by the parents to keep tabs on their lovely children. Also to protect them from visiting the unbefitting places and indulging into the unseemly scenarios. Using it becomes imperative by the parent of teens especially if they find that even after rehashing about their safety measures their kids are still going beyond the set limits.

Apparently ranting over your children every now and then is obviously not an good idea to follow. Hence secretly keeping an eye over them is the only best way to hiddenly stay connected with them. And in case they get carried away by the drug peddlers, online predators or start visiting the restricted places then you as parents can always get them on the right track in right time by being aware of their online action and activities through this cell phone monitoring software.

Lastly, If you feel that these monitoring application are the best way to solve the problems with regards to your kids whereabouts and social activities then start using it right away! Also we would love to hear the comments about the software that you’re using to monitor your kids. So do post your comments in the below section!

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