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Phone Spy Software Comparison – Highster Mobile vs FlexiSPY vs mSpy

Feasibility of number of cell phone spy software have left the users perplexed on choosing them. So, here in this article I will be juxtaposing about the monitoring features catered by the top spy companies like Highster Mobile Spy, FlexiSPY and mSpy. As, there have been different plans offered by the spy companies hence people are completely baffled to select a best spy app for themselves.

It’s entirely difficult to circlet any of the above mentioned software as the best because it bank upon the features that you wish to spy for!

Top Rated Phone Spy Apps (2021)

The table below shows the spy apps that I have personally used over a long period of time. These are the best cell phone spy software from trusted vendors and I feel confident to recommend for you guys.

The above ratings are based upon my personal experience and use of each software. But you have to choose the software according to your needs.

Price Comparison of Spy Software

The table below shows the price comparison of each recommended cell phone spy software – I keep it updated with the new prices or any other changes. But you have to keep an eye on their website for any special offer if they are running or not.

Below are the comparison made amongst the three colossal mobile spy software which are leading the catalogue these days. Just take a little ‘look-see’ for the stated features in the given chart to better understand the functionality of the software offered by these big shot companies.

comparison review

Slip down through the tabulated data and get to know the features which are compatible with these software.

Mentioned below are the salient features provided by the spy software companies. It is important for you to understand what all do you want to spy on your target’s cell phone and then you should choose the featured pack accordingly. Hence this table will guide you better to select the best one as per your requirement. Along with this information I would still recommend you to check my reviews and other spy websites as well before purchasing the software. Be wise in opting the spy app beforehand!

Main Features

$91 month
$91 month
  • Hidden?
  • Call Recording
  • Surround Rec
  • Call History
  • Text Messages
  • View Contacts
  • Photos/Video
  • Email
  • GMail
  • Web History
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geo Fencing
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • iMessage
  • BB Messenger
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • Line
  • WeChat
  • Trigger Words
  • Stealth Camera
  • View Apps
  • Block Apps
  • Lock Phone
  • Wipe Phone
  • Control via Web


$263 months
$263 months


$444 monts
$444 monts

Hence, the Basic package does not include all the features, for add-on aspects you need to opt for the Premium/Extreme package proffered by the spy company. Be sure about the features you want to spy and choose the package accordingly because once you buy the software package it’s not refundable unless some genuine problem occurs.

Although, these three spywares have similar features provided in the Basic version but each software has some distinctive features to make it a better option for you in accordance with your needs and requirements. The competent companies are always trying to transcend each other with anew and different features which is all a good news for the consumers or end users!

FlexiSPY Versus mSpy

FlexiSPY and mSpy have a cut-throat competition as they share many features and are closely battling for the price range of the Basic and Pro versions. Both these cell phone spy software are the famous and strong horses in the field of spy racecourse.

Tracking the WhatsApp chats is one of the pivotal feature provided by both of them. This feature works efficaciously in tracking all the chat threads of the target user with complete date and time stamp. With the provision of good internet network you can easily view all the chat conversations and shared multimedia anywhere and at anytime.

The WhatsApp tracking feature is creditworthy by both the software. Unless peeping into your target’s cell phone this spy action works fastidiously and ensures that your monitoring doesn’t make you look crass in front of your target user. This feature is catered with the Premium/Pro subscription package and is available across Android and iOS platforms.

Note: Special feature catered only by FlexiSPY!

Listening and Recording the Calls – It’s the pivotal feature which is only provided by the FlexiSPY. This feature works proficiently and gives the complete information of the target user by recording the call on the online control panel of the website, provided there is a good internet connection. Check out FlexiSpy Review here.

Click here to visit Flexispy Website

The call recording feature is tested by me and the software justifies the action of the feature fairly. It doesn’t have any problems but I would like you to know that if there is any rupture in the connection then it will fail to record the conversation. This situation can only arise when you are in a area with weak connectivity. The feature is applicable on both the Android and iPhone smartphones and comes in the Extreme subscription package only.

Add-on features:

FlexiSPY offers a prime feature to know the whereabouts of your target person through Geo Fencing. With the aid of this feature you can see their whereabouts on a map and can also check their route history on regular intervals by accessing the control panel of the website. Get known to their locations even at the time when the regular GPS is not available.

mSpy offers an App blocking feature which is very fruitful for parents whose kids are slipping out of their hands. This feature helps you control your teenagers by blocking some adult websites. Check out mSpy customer reviews here

Click Here to Visit mSpy Website


Although both the companies have somewhat similar price range to offer for the two versions but with different time span.

mSpy offers 1 and 3 month package for Basic license and 1,3,6,12 month package for Premium licenses that starts from $39.99 to $199.99.

Where FlexiSPY offers the 1, 3 and 12 months package for Premium subscription pack. And the Extreme subscription pack starts with minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 months package. The price range is between $68 to $349.

It’s upto you to decide which one is a better deal for you.

Highster Mobile Spy versus mSpy and FlexiSPY

Highster Mobile Spy is one of the finest and true-blue spy software. It’s the most economical app in the market. This software has gradually and tremendously improvised its features. Undoubtedly, Highster Mobile is offering many monitoring features which works adequately as compared to both mSpy and FlexiSPY.

Unlike Flexispy, it doesn’t offer the call recording feature. So, just in case if your target user is more of text person which means who likes to text more rather than calling than Highster Mobile spy software is just the right thing to select for. Also the features that Highster purvey are all served under the single subscription package which is just $69.99. It is a perfect buy as it is low priced in comparison to other software yet works efficiently. Hence it makes sense to choose this program to monitor your target user.


It proffer the inexpensive package at $69.99 with the lifetime license. It is absolutely worth buying if you don’t require the call recording feature.

Click here to visit Highster Mobile Website

So, Which One Is The Best?

The most frequently asked question! As I said in the beginning of the article that it is difficult to say which is the best one because you ought to consider some factors before crowning the best to any one of it.

Factors to be considered

  • Get yourself clear on what you need to monitor;
  • Check the Target’s mobile device compatibility with the spy software;
  • Be clear about your Economic Measures;
  • Finally, your desires come first.

So, with the nitty-gritty stated above about the Basic and Premium/Pro/Extreme packages and compatibility, it is clear that the additional features come along with the Premium/Extreme subscription package. Brim these factors and check out the Demo versions on the spy software company websites. Taking the demo tour of the spy software will brief you about how their online dashboards and reporting works and look like.

Also, check out the mSpy’s new versions:

  • Spy an iPhone without jailbreak – This is a monitoring app for Apple devices – iPhone/iPad etc. which is different from the existing mobile phone spy apps. Monitor your kids smartly without Jailbreaking an iPhone. Find the main reviews at the top right hand side of this website – do read them too!
  • mSpy’s Desktop monitoring version – It is a monitoring application which aid in keeping tabs on the marked person through their own desktop. This is especially designed for employee monitoring. The subscription package is for 1,3,6 and 12 months and the price range is between $19 to $59.

Check Out mSpy Without Jailbreak Here

Hope this article will help you save your valuable time and money!

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