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7 Best Keylogger For Android Without Root

Being on a relationship is a great thing, no doubt! However it may also be a tough thing to deal with when you start having trust issues with your partner. And as we know, this has become a common scenario especially with the social media popularization. After all, how hard is it to send a private message to someone you find hot or interesting?

If you’re experiencing some fear of being cheated or just want to make sure your beloved partner is worth sticking together, it’s time learn a little bit about what technology can offer in this regard. Good news is you’re about to discover there’s literally an arsenal of tools to help you clear your mind. Well, maybe the outcome will be that undesired one, but at least you’ll be free to move on with your life, right?

As a plus, today’s article is also a perfect solution for parents who care about their kid’s safety. As internet has also allowed strangers to get closer to our children easily, parents have been facing trouble making sure their sons and daughters aren’t in trouble or being a victim of any online harassment. At last, we all are aware kids and teenagers don’t really want to share their online activities and secrets with parents.

Despite which one is your current situation, you’ll be amazed with what the best Android keylogger can offer. Never heard of it? Chill! We brought you everything you need to understand what it is, how to use it and of course what the best options are out there. Ready to reclaim your peace of mind?

Great! Let’s start with the basics.

What is a keylogger?

keylogger monitoring software

We don’t want to put this too technically as our goal is to get you ready to take advantage of our recommendation. Therefore we can say that a keylogger is a software capable of logging every key that someone hits one a certain device. Then, all this information will be provided through a platform to the user who has control over the software.

This is a great way to get to know better your children or partner online habits, since this tool have some specific and powerful characteristics, as we’ll present now.


First of all, hidden keyloggers for Android make it close to impossible for the person who’s being targeted to find out someone else is accessing her/his data. No battery or processing capacity will be noticeable, nor will be any icons or tracks about the keylogger on the target Android device.

Remote access

All captured info will displayed on a specific platform as we’ve mentioned. This means you won’t need to actually take your partner’s or kid’s phone to check what they’ve been writing or who they’ve been talking to. All you need is to have the proper cell phone keylogger installed on their phone and you’ll be able to check their info whenever you want to through any device with an internet connection. It’s that easy!

Trusted apps

When the solution seems too good to be real, many concerns pop up in our heads. But you can relax! Keyloggers are usually inside spy apps, which are software that offer a real vast variety of possibilities in the sense of monitoring an Android device.

These spy apps are not magic, virus or any other fraudulent service. These are companies that can be checked online and that are commonly referred by large enterprises in articles and so on. They work as companies, which means you can contact them, get answers to your questions, count on customer support services and everything else any other business has to offer.

So let’s clarify what the main uses of a keylogger are.

Keylogger: what is it for?

There are several uses of this tool related to monitoring and tracking devices. It’s really up to you what you’ll benefit more from. But usually this solution is mainly applicable to the some certain well-known cases.

Keylogger for Cheating Spouse

keylogger for cheating spouse

As we talked about earlier, internet has made a lot of things easy, including some that were not rally welcome. Cheating has grown since internet became more popular, especially with the addition of social media.

One of the main aspects that may explain this phenomenon is the fact that you can message pretty much anyone you’d like privately. This prevents most people to discover what you’re up to. Therefore, couples going through a tough moment are very likely to end up falling for this.

Keylogger for Kids and Teens

keylogger for kids monitoring

In a sense, the same goes to children. Not that they are inclined to cheating, but they are also easily contacted by strangers through the social media. And as most of us are aware of, kids aren’t really the type that will share with their parents everything that has been going on their lives.

This can be extremely dangerous as a lot of sexual and moral criminals are used to taking advantage of the privacy the internet offer. This is sadly a real threat that has been increasing its statistics world-wide.

Keylogger for Corporate secrets

keylogger for employee monitoring

Another common use for keyloggers has to do with the corporate world. Many current countries have their gold mine in information. However there are employees who have access to them and can be leaking or selling them to competitors.

Keyloggers will keep the company’s devices under surveillance and prevent important data to go out of control. Several millions of dollars have been saved this way by a lot of multinational enterprises.

Alright! Now you know there is a tool capable of getting you aware of what’s going on with your kids and partners online. But, if you read our title again, we’re focusing on those that don’t require root. Do you know what that it? No worries! We’ll get to it in a bit.

What is root?

android rooting

Generically speaking, this is a process capable of setting your Android phone free from the manufacturer’s limitations. In other words, when you purchase a phone, it comes with some restrictions in order to make sure it matches the manufacturer best interest regard safety and access to certain content.

Bad news is that these restrictions just consider what the manufacturer believes in. That can mean some apps and services that are actually OK to have on your phone won’t be allowed there.

On the other hand, this also means that several unverified apps and other services that can actually harm your device won’t have access to it. In general, this works as a barrier to protect your beloved phone.

Root can be described as an aggressive procedure to your phone and doing it can be tricky and the lack of knowledge may bring bad consequences that you won’t be able to reverse later. So, let’s just say it would be better to bring solutions that don’t require rooting your phone. Later on, if you feel confident about the process, you can just go for it. If not, our suggestions will still work fine as Android keylogger without root.

Now that you know the basics, let’s get to the real stuff. Time to know what the best spy apps and also keyloggers are. We’ve run a few tests to make sure you get accurate info and is able to jump into a safe and effective conclusion to subscribe your favorite spy app.

Best spy apps and keylogger for Android without root

The final choice is up to you, but we’ll show you what each of our suggestions have in order to make your life easier. Then you can pick the best one according to your needs. Sound good? Let’s get to it.

# 1 – mSpy

mSpy keylogger

Our first option is mSpy.

We’re talking about one of the major and more traditional spy apps in the market. This app offers a whole package of functions that will allow you to go further beyond registering every key stroke on the target device.

With mSpy, you can:

  • Have access to every word typed on the target device with a professional keylogger;
  • Have access to all main existing social media on the target device (accounts of its owner);
  • Have access to the target device location through GPS;
  • Have access to all apps installed on the target device;

And much more. Actually, mSpy delivers over 25 different functionalities on monitoring and tracking an Android cellphone.

Download mSpy for smartphone

# 2 – Flexispy

flexispy keylogger

Another great option when picking a spy app. In fact, Flexispy is the best app to spy on cheating spouses Just like mSpy, Flexispy has been around for a long time helping people in several situations. The app is a great all-round option for those looking into finding out secrets on other people phones.

The monitoring process counts on a high-tech keylogger that can update the content captured in real time. All you need to do is log into Flexispy control panel and check everything you need whenever you want.

Some features are:

  • Access to SMS;
  • Access to the target device location with GPS;
  • Access to the main existing social media on the target Android phone;
  • Access to the target phone gallery;

As you’ll notice it is common to all our recommendation here, Flexispy is also capable of delivering a large variety of resources. This sure is a great way to go.

Download Flexispy for smartphone

# 3 – Highster Mobile

highstermobile keylogger

Last but not least, we have Highster Mobile. Safe to say this is one of the most reliable apps you can find out there. A decent amount of resources and its intuitiveness are keys to its successful trajectory.

Main things you’ll be able to are:

      • Turn the target device’s camera on with the function “Stealth Camera”;
      • Check every media received or sent by the phone;
      • Access to internet browsing information;
      • Real time updates;

Stealthiness is taken seriously here. Highster Mobile developers have done a quite professional work making sure your tracking activities remain hidden and are plural in the sense of possibilities.

Download Highster Mobile for smartphone

# 4 – Kidsguard PRO

kidsguard pro keylogger

Although this may not be as famous as the previous ones, it is also a very powerful tool to go with. Kidsguard PRO works remotely and totally undetectable. Besides, the results are great as this software can make a lot of things possible.

Key functionalities are:

  • Notifications available for the use of predefined words;
  • Real-time updates on every data collected;
  • Access to a variety of text messages, such as WhatsApp, SMS, among others;
  • Easy setup even to people not used to this sort of app;

Especially if you’re looking into something simple to install and get working, Kidsguard PRO may be the answer you’ve been wishing for. It doesn’t matter if you want to know more about your partner or kids, nothing will escape from this app monitoring system.

Download Kidsguard PRO for smartphone

# 5 – Hoverwatch

hoverwatch keylogger

Time to talk about another huge app in this field. Hoverwatch gathers all the main functionalities one could wish for in a very intuitive manner. It is fast, reliable and also very resourceful as you’d expect it to be, since it’s on our list.

Key functions are:

  • Get to know every key stroke on the target phone;
  • Get to know the browse history on all browsers used on the target phone;
  • Block apps from being installed on the target phone;
  • Block websites from being accessed on the target phone;

Hoverwatch is a perfect tool to establish limits to what the monitored device can or cannot do. Of course, all of that without getting caught. The application is very robust, but simple enough to make sure everyone can take advantage of it without problems.

Download Hoverwatch for smartphone

# 6 – uMobix

This is one of the less known on our list, but this definitely does not mean it is not worth it. The uMobix solution is quite powerful and provides several possibilities. The app has also one of the most straight forward installation processes.

Main possibilities are:

    • Check every single contact on target phone’s address book;
    • Call log with contact name, date, duration;
    • Monitor the internet connections the target phone has been using;
    • One of the most effective keyloggers on the market;

Monitoring has been made easy with uMobix. It really doesn’t matter what app or website your monitored device is using or what they’re up to. You’ll get access to everything in real time with reliability.

Download uMobix for smartphone

# 7 – iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor keylogger

Our list is already very robust, but we just can’t leave iKeyMonitor out of the best options. Simple to use and capable of delivering results above expectations, this software is definitely a great choice for most cases.

Some of what you’ll be able to check is:

      • Call recording;
      • Access to Skype, Viber and other programs in this niche;
      • Easy-to-use interface;
      • Geofenfing: set an area the phone shouldn’t leave or go into and the app will send you a notification every time the user breaks the limit you set;

There’s not much to say other than this is another great solution to reclaim your piece of mind despite the situation you are. Perfect for monitoring kids and possible cheating partners.

Download iKeyMonitor for smartphone

It’s relevant to state that despite the choice you make, as long as it is one of our recommendation, you’ll end up with a complete monitoring tool. Here in our website you can compare prices and take advantage of safe links to buying the best of these apps for your specific case.

This is very important since there are a lot of links and websites that will redirect you to fake landing pages, where a lot of problems may occur, such as data loss or worse. Plus, as we’ve mentioned, these apps were submitted by our quality test in order to make sure you’ll finally be able to get the information you need to relax.

Before you make your mind, we’d like to finish this content with some answers to common questions, so we make sure you have everything you need to make the best choice. Let’s go for it.

Keyloggers For Android FAQ

Q. Will these apps work despite the model of my target phone?

A → Basically, yes. When you pick the one you liked the best, you’ll be redirected to the official website of the chosen app. You’ll be able to learn more about compatibility over there. However, it’s very unlike that you have a phone these apps won’t work on.

Q. Is the use of these apps legal?

A → The use of these apps is legal in most of the countries. If you’re not certain if it is legal where you live, please check your local legislation.

Q. Do I need physical access to the target phone when monitoring?

A → No. But you’ll need it when installing the app of choice. No worries: we’re talking about a couple of minutes in most case. After installed, every information will be displayed on a remote interface only you can access through any device with internet connection and a browser.

Q. How much do these apps cost?

A → It will depend on the app of your choice as well as selected plan. All in all, there are several different options and prices according to the functions and period of time you want to have them. You can check more details on every app we’ve listed here on our website.

Q. Is the use of a spy app and its keylogger safe?

A → Yes. All data collected will only be available to you. Moreover, your personal data will remain protected at all times.

Take your time browsing through our recommendations and use our links to check them out. If you still have any questions, leave a comment and we’ll try to answer it as soon as we can. After purchasing and collecting the first results, do tell us how your experience was.

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